Sunday, April 04, 2010

Without Vision A People Perish, Without Professional Service Providers To Correct Their Vision A Community Suffers From Astigmatism

The two videos below show the abundant need for professional service providers who are trained in providing medical and vision care to those who have accepted the label "the Least Of These".

As I type this message there is a PBS documentary playing in the background called "The Jewish Americans". .  It is the story of the American Jew.  At the time in the early 1900's their people live in decrepit conditions in the tenements of New York City.  The large influx of European Jews into America causes a massive strain upon the community's ability to maintain a certain standard of living in health, in housing, in employment, in education.  Absent a government safety net - those among them who valued their own people and who sought a higher standard of living

The "Visiting Nurses Service of New York" was created from this need.

More than merely making such pronouncements such as "Health Care is a RIGHT and should be free" - they saw the need to order their:

  • Financial Resources
  • Educational Resources
  • Community Support and Cohesion 
all for the purposes of bringing their vision to this heightened standard of living into fruition.

It appears that this segment of the American population did the same type of process reformation that was seen with the Japanese in the form of Sony, Honda, Datsun/Nissan and the South Koreans via Hyundai and Kia.   

In all of their cases their initial stigma as "junk" or inferior people or goods were transformed into "best in class" because of their continuing process refinement.  

There is NOTHING that is genetically intrinsic about the process of "refinement" it is purely the product of effective HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT.

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