Monday, May 31, 2010

The Inherent Inferiority Of The Fight Against "Black Kids Being In School All By Themselves" / Resegregation

USA Today: The next fight: Resegregation

The misappropriation of the historical struggle of the Black American continues among certain individuals who seek to misstate the facts of history for their own agenda.

The May 19th, 2010 article penned by David Person does this, serving as a reference model for such hijacking.

"Separate But Equal" spoke to the de jure policy by which Blacks are not allowed to attend certain public schools because of their rate.  The fact that they otherwise qualified by their residence was of no consideration.

Mr Person makes the case that "Brown V Board" was a fight against segregation alone.  This is not the case.  Back then a "Black school' in the very same school district as a "White school" was receiving a fraction of the funding as their counterpart school.  The combination of racial segregation by law and denial of equal resources within the same school district was the key issue.   Not that everyone was in it for these reasons alone but these were the relevant issues.

In 2010 certain people who transact upon "Black Inferiority" have the notion that a public school that 95% Black is an "Inferior School".   It matters not that this school receives equal funding as all other high schools in the same district.  The lack of WHITE FOLKS in the school is a danger to the receipt of quality education for BLACK FOLKS.

Clearly the promotion of the inferiority of Black people.

I categorically reject such thinking.

The fact is that with residential housing patters as they are a growing number of Black people will never enjoy the "benefit" of attending school with a White kid.  (Their words, not mine).

Shamefully few people step back and make note of what they are arguing.  As I take it - White folks have some magical characteristic that, when put in a classroom with Blacks result in benefit to Black people.

I would be remiss if I failed to note the view from Julian Bond on the issue.  In his view, expressed about 10 years ago on "America's Black Forum" he stated that with White kids in the classroom the school system is less inclined to deny resources to the school, thus the Black children benefit from the presence of the White kids.  

We only need to look at the massive school spending cuts that are taking place this year due to large shortfalls in tax collections to see that this theory does not stand.  In fact in many metro areas that have county-based school systems the "majority Black" schools receive more per pupil spending than the other districts.

The goal of the "Racism Chaser" is to make all of these points a function of race.   This allows him to walk past the accountability that he has in regards to:

  • Discipline within the Schools
  • the Efficacy of Academic Programs
  • the Coordination of the Mission with the Adults In The Community
when RACISM is injected as the main reason then the parents, the students, the administrators, the politicians and the activists all can unify together to fight against RACISM.

Shamefully, even when they obtain control over a school system and/or city and place their favored operatives in place - RACISM - remains the primary assault upon the community because of the "White Flight" that injured their dignity.  This "White Flight" also allowed them to obtain power per their promises that their takeover would lead to the promised academic improvements. 

Y'all Should All Get Lynched

Interesting video. Interesting images both graphically and metaphorically.

He indeed calls out many forces that need to be called out.

Ironically the only element in the video who IS verbally lynched by the Black community already is Clarence Thomas. Thomas is the only one who has the audacity to believe that "Black people are equal human beings under the law". For this he must be lynched - in the minds of some. Justice Thomas, unlike the Street Pirates has never allowed a Black man to die absent going through a detailed judicial process.

For those who still lament that "despite the detailed judicial process.......some innocent men are on death row" need to consider the fact that when the Street Pirate acts as judge, jury, jailer and executioner he has a far, far, far greater record of killing innocents than does Justice Clarence Thomas and the criminal justice system he is made to represent.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saving Africa's Witch Children - The Same Molestation Of Christianity As Was The Slave Trade

My view that Black people are 100% equal to White people has served me well in life. Not only are we capable of achieving whatever advantage we believe are exclusive to White folks, we also suffer from the very same human flaws and evils that we so often call out in them.

The sight of this child and human rights abuses in Nigeria made me see that African people are no less inclined to exploit people for power and profit than any European that we can condemn in history. Seeing this film brought me to tears in my mind.

The combination of ignorance, cold-heartedness and the lust for power over a scapegoat allowed these beautiful children to suffer from attack.

Video: Saving Africa's Witch Children Part 4

2010 Update Video

Consider "Group Behavior 101" as seen in any community around the world. The "in crowd" members are so happy that they are not being pointed to as a "witch" that they say nothing in defense of the innocent child. Instead they pile on, amplifying the attack upon these terrorized children.

Someone in Nigeria, someone in the church need to stand up and fight against the evil spirits who are working in the name of Christianity. Those who are fabricating these notions of witchcraft have no knowledge of the spirit of Jesus Christ any more than the "slave traders" of hundreds of years ago who used Christianity to cover their tracks in a similar way.

As a Christian I challenge all who are inclined to point to this molestation of the Christian faith as further proof that organized religion is the cause of massive human suffering to instead use their capabilities to lean upon the organization of Christian believer who see their religious calling as "walking in the footsteps of Christ" to go into this place and snatch their religion from those who are hijacking it for the destructive purposes.

Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday - Boys II Men

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Black Community Appears To Like The Police Presence Within More Than Street Pirates

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Black Diaspora's Vision For Our People

Here is the full text of a blogger named Black Diaspora as lifted from the Field-Negro blog.

Black Diaspora:
What we blacks have in common here in this country is our black experience. We don't even have a distinct black culture to bind us.
Yet, we've done our best to create one, but it doesn't have the singularity that comes with thousands of years of customs that are uniquely our own, as with the Jews and the Chinese, to name two.
To make up for this lack, we reached out to Africa, its traditions, and its vestures, and from that tradition we created Kwanzaa, and we donned dashikis-- once more popular than they are now.
We reached out to Mother Africa, and although she wasn't indifferent, her touch was nevertheless foreign, and strange.
That's when we knew, beyond cavil, we were children of another mother, sired by a father driven by one implacable goal: to relentlessly remind us of our inferior origin.
Those who owned us used the power of time and the whip to strip not only the skin from our backs, but from our hearts, our pride, the joy of life, and our hope to be free--free to be men and women united by families, and united by a common purpose.
From my early years, I learned one indelible lesson: If I wanted to survive in a hostile environment, I had to be adaptable.
I'm always amazed that we blacks have survived as much intact as we have, living as we are in the midst of a predominantly white society, enclosed as much by spatial barriers as attitudinal ones, attitudes that essentially state that we don't measure up, physically, intellectually, or spiritually to white superiority.
I applaud the resiliency of our people when they find themselves facing, daily, assaults upon their humanity, and their worth to the larger society--assaults that are subtle at times, and hostile at times.
I applaud our determination to build a world within a world, a black consciousness within a larger white consciousness, a black culture within a larger white culture, a black social relevancy above the station we've been relegated to, by a society that arrogates to itself all that is pure, good, and holy.
I applaud our strength in maintaining the "good fight," in holding tight to our sanity, and the integrity of our self-image, especially when that image is purposely distorted, and used to justify cruelty, and hatred.
True, our struggle for self-definition, and self-determination has resulted in pathologies--colorism and Tomism being two of them.
As disgusting as these pathologies are, they would be a lot worst, were it not for the daily affirmations of blackness that we have also cultivated within our own midst.
We are a strong people. That's why we've survived this long, beating back Jim Crow, and white resistance to black progress.
And many of us have excelled despite these obstacles.
We are a determined people. That's why we persist, although at times the burden our color brings weighs heavily upon us, and the obstacles seem insurmountable.
We are a resilient people. That's why we were able to adapt. We adapted in slavery, lest we perish.
We adapted to some of the harshest of realities imaginable.
We lived so that our progeny might live. We lived that we might carve out a culture, one unique to these shores, born from a common experience.
We lived so that a Marcus Garvey could live, that a Malcolm X could live, and a Martin Luther King.
We lived and hoped. We lived and hoped with an audacity of hope, that one day we'd overcome, that whites would overcome, and that with that overcoming, we would forge a new nation upon these shores, and a new people--True Americans, those dedicated to the American dream of freedom and justice for all.
Yes, I'm a dreamer.
But I have lived long enough to know that dreams do come true.
I have lived larger than I have dreamed, and, despite the obstacles, my life lived is the greatest dream of all.

I posted that for no other reason than to place a marker in the ground.   While I would have said certain things differently and would have placed more emphasis on others - I do not disagree with the words said by my frequent debate adversary Black Diaspora.

I only get into trouble when I try to add VERBS and a MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK to the analysis that people like Black Diaspora render about our PAST.

"Black People Had Our Culture Stolen From Us In Africa" - True
This does not mean, however, that the various cultures in Africa, if left unmolested, would have mutated into a culture that today would be a model for human rights, women's rights and workers rights.

You see, few people would ding my friend Black Diaspora for having the "Magical Pre-Colonization Africa Syndrome".  In as much as no present society or culture today is without some critical flaws as all of them are man made - this does not appear to demand any sort of temperance in the total acceptance of Black Diaspora's views.  Instead with racial pride and unity we should accept these views, unchallenged.

"Black People Have Endured White Supremacy In This Nation And Have Survived" - True again!!

Dare I say, however - White folks did not try to put us all into ovens and kill us.  The murders and assaults of one were often used to send a message to the others, lest they try and raise their heads up high, on a level equal to the White man.

Yes indeed we are still alive as a genetic phenotype.  The genetic seed that was planted having endured the societal level oppression that we endured.   We should not mistake this survival of the assault by racial profiling for evidence that the active HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT that our own people put upon those who live within our community is of an optimal state to allow us to achieve any of our permanent interests.

Here in resides the main points of conflict with Black Diaspora and others.

They are waging a fight against the SYSTEM
I am fighting (or at least I believe myself to be fighting) a struggle to bring consciousness to the FREEDOM that we have right now.  The emphasis being that this freedom is merely a clearing in a field that used to have vines that had been suffocating us via its firm grip upon our neck.  Failing to implement an EFFECTIVE "Human Resource Management" regime by which these potential resources are turned into components that each serve a critical function then freedom or enslavement - the outcome will be nearly indistinguishable with regard to our permanent interests.    In one case our community interests were denied because some outsider suppressed our "self-determination", commendering it for his own purposes.  In the other case it was the force of friction that lead to no net forward movement.  This friction coming from the internal collisions as "free radicals" who were left to chart their own course bumped into each other.  The energy used that was potentially used for propulsion instead being released as heat.

In today's society as we make note of young Black males that should be pillars of the community having morphed into a "Street Pirates" their present state is blamed upon the residue of the loss of our culture.  When I view this situation it is clear to me that these young men are victims of benign neglect.   Their one shot to have their world view framed into a more productive end was squandered.  In this void has grown this destructive behavior.

Misplaced Focus
Every investment product comes with the notice "past performance does not guarantee future results".
It warns the consumer that they should not make any particular assumptions about the future.  Their job is to apply sound fiduciary management practices as they are ultimately responsible for their own money.

The frustrating part about those who spend more time focused upon our past and use our people's "survival" as proof of racial strength - far too often this is accompanied by a void in a workable management plan that we can leverage for future success during our period of freedom and self-determination.

Even more to the point - as I observer people who hijack the "Black Agenda" for their own ideological and partisan purposes (and I am NOT specifically talking about Black Diaspora) I am frustrated as too often their plan is not directed toward the benefit of the Black Community but instead in support of Black people remaining unified behind their particular ideology and party.  The grievance about the past has more power to keep them unified and struggling against certain external enemies.

This trumps any notion that our best investment as a people is for us to make sure that we have developed the infrastructure that is needed to develop competencies within our communities as a people.

I keep hearing people asking for "solutions" rather than "criticisms" yet they seem to walk right past the obvious ones.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Houston Charter School Teacher Who Beat Up Bully Deserves To Be Heard

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After listening to the entire context of this teacher who was caught on tape giving the little "Street Pirate In Training" a dose of his own medicine I am not quite ready to render a total indictment against her.

The school as a whole has discipline problems and the administration appears to put the teachers in an untenable position.  

The boy that was roughed up by the teacher teased a special needs child, degrading her for his own aggrandizement. The teacher was working to knock him down a few notches.  I think that she was initially wanting to challenge him as she squared up against him.  She had him pinned and then started dragging him.   Had she stopped right there I doubt if we would be talking about this.  She went too far as she struck him.

I am not sure if those strikes to the boy's head where slaps or closed fist blows. She did cross the line. However the general response by which she stood up to him should be supported.

We cannot turn the tables on her without making sure that he too is disciplined for his actions. Failing to do this will teach this boy that if he acts up to the point of provoking the authority figures to act out against him, he will eventually escape accountability as the society cracks down on those who "should have known better".

When will HE be expected to "know better"?

The cell phone video of a Texas teacher beating a 13-year-old student shocked the nation, but the teacher involved said in an exclusive interview that while nothing excuses her actions, there's far more to the story.

"I don't want anybody to think that I am actually here to excuse myself concerning that video," teacher Sherri Davis told "Good Morning America" today. "But there is so much more to what is going on concerning the kids, concerning the teachers and the day-to-day activities there [in the school]."

Davis, formerly a teacher at Jamie's House Charter School in Houston, said she was attempting to defend another student and, perhaps due to lack of training and adrenaline from breaking up a fight earlier that day, lost control. The boy she is shown in the video attacking, she said, had a violent history with teachers and students alike.

"These kids are just, basically, laying around on the floor, just being hostile. And this young lady was in the middle of the floor. The door was locked shut and the kids were there, kind of mimicking her. This particular young man, Isaiah, was bouncing around in a threatening, bullying position," Davis said. "I have adrenaline that is already building up with the fight that just happened minutes before."

Davis said she "lost her emotion" and attacked the boy. For nearly a minute she slapped and kicked 13-year-old Isaiah Johnson and no one, including faculty, stepped in.

"Clearly I do not justify my own response, but what needs to happen -- there needs to be a system designed that protects the kids," Davis said. "I should not be the protector for the child that was in immediate danger."

Portuguese Return To Their Former Colonial Territory Of Angola For Job Opportunities

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Interesting to see how the post-colonial Portugal has crashed and burned economically. The standard of living that this socialist power has outstripped the government's ability to fund it. Absent the receive of ill-gotten gains from their colonial holdings in Africa and South America they were forced to go it alone.

Today many Portuguese are forced to depart their homeland and return to Angola for their individual need of a job and also to lend technical support to the development of Angola.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lionel Richie Gives Back To Tuskegee

Lionel Richie Has Big Plans for Alma Mater Tuskegee

*Lionel Richie announced several plans to donate services and materials to his alma mater, Tuskegee University, during the school’s 125th Annual Commencement Exercises held last Sunday (May 9).

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, who graduated from Tuskegee in 1974 with a bachelor’s degree in business, addressed the more than 500 graduates, plus thousands of their families and other spectators via a live interactive satellite broadcast on a massive high-definition TV screen that served as the backdrop for the ceremony. The presentation showcased the university’s new capabilities, made possible by Richie and other supporters.

“I want to bring this technology to Tuskegee in an expanded form, making it a virtual learning facility as well as an expanded brick and mortar reality,” he told students. “Students everywhere can learn first-hand from instructors here and from around the world. We need to bring more of this exciting University—Tuskegee— to the world and more of the world to Tuskegee.”

Richie also announced plans to make Tuskegee’s Lionel Richie Museum the “final destination” for all of his memorabilia and artifacts. The school is also building the Lionel Richie Center for Communications and the Performing Arts to be built on campus.

The University conferred degrees to more black Ph.D. candidates in materials science and engineering than any other institution in the U.S., according to the University’s College of Engineering, Architecture and Physical Sciences.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Transaction Of Black Inferiority By Snarling Foxes

So frequent are the attacks by White Liberal Elite Snarling Foxes upon "the South".
When the "South" is brought up the image is of the White racist Redneck.  He doesn't have much education - thus his affinity for the Republican Party, the guidance given to him by his evangelical preacher and for conservative values in general.

In as much as these attacks are upon White conservatives there are Black Progressive-Fundamentalists who can be heard joining in on the attacks of "The South".  All of this despite the fact that the balance of the Black population in this nation reside in the South..

Even still - when I confront these Black Progressive-Fundamentalists, challenging them to make more granular analysis of their indictments -it will be shown that Black people far little better at the "zip code" level of granularity regardless of the region in question.

The video below is from a recent episode of "Democracy Now".  I can tolerate this show far more than other left-wing shows mostly because they are committed leftists rather than "Democratic Party operatives".  Thus I find them far more consistent than in their criticism than is the party operative.

As they discuss the Democratic primary race in Arkansas the one political analyst tells of the lack of sophistication of the people in Arkansas.  Despite the fact that the "Netroots" movement - a set of left-wing, Internet connected operatives seeking to purge out conservatives or any Democrat who rocks the boat - are heavily involved in the race to oust Senator Lincoln their impact has been limited in this "unsophisticated state".

I was waiting for the guy to attack the Redneck White people of Arkansas.  Instead he noted the number of BLACK VOTERS that the state has.

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This type of elitism angers me more than ever.  The test of the "ignorance" of these voters in Arkansas is mostly a factor of their will to do what these elite and enlightened outsiders want them to do.

They know what is best after all.

A close transcript of what was said toward the end of the video.
The difference in Arkansas is that unlike Pennsylvania you don't have this big, college educated kind of White blog reading Democratic base like you do in other states.  So even though the Netroots are invovled, you kinda have national progressives invovled that's not a big share of the Arkansas electorate WHICH HAS A LOT OF AFRICAN AMERICANS, which is very rural and working class.  So it maybe not quite enough.

Ultimately we have to keep her below 50% tonight and then win the run off. 
 Please understand - I am not angered over what is likely an accurate description of the demographics of the state.  Everyone does not have a doctorate degree in Arkansas.

The point that pisses me off is that this Snarling Fox TRANSACTS in the assumed IGNORANCE OF BLACK PEOPLE. 

Since these people are not "reading the sophisticated blogs - they don't know what is going on in the outside world.   We must get into a runoff and then make sure the outsiders work to win the run off".

Now of course when the White Racist system was the oppressor, denying Blacks their right to vote in the South the enlightened White liberal came to town and "helped fight against the oppressor".  

In 2010, in the Democratic Primary - could someone tell me who the oppressor that must be fought against by these White Snarling Fox Liberals?    

Answer:  It is no longer about any oppressor.  This is now purely about hoisting a progressive-left political movement upon the "ill-informed" (per their view) so that a strategic win can be had by the National Progressives.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Former Edu Sect Rod Paige Blames Black Leaders For Educational Achievement Gap - I Blame The Black Rank And File

Education woes due to leadership

I hear what you are saying about the education gap Dr Paige but I don't agree with you about the source of the problem.

Those "Black Leaders" that you speak of serve at the will of the "Black Rank and File".  The fact that the community has not shown the same hostility to these leaders as they appear on stage as they did to George W. Bush when he visited the King Center in Atlanta several years ago shows a bit of complicity and satisfaction to me.

The real point is that at the present period there is no purpose assigned for our coordinated actions as a community.  Indeed a greater amount of competency could be built up in our communities if the maximum number of our people where to strive to receive a quality education.  This would be the source of the "professional service agents" that our communities need to retain a high standard of living that is desired.

So many of our institutions and language used for our migration forward as a people have been based upon the "civil rights struggle".  Today the same rituals that were formed in this movement don't appear to work when a "Black person" is:
  • Your school teacher
  • Your principal
  • Your school superintendent
  • The majority on the school board
In as much as we still have a "grievance based movement", the presence of a "friend" in office proves to be a nullifying challenge.  Simply put - we were not prepared to act once we "won".

We have a Human Resource Management problem, Dr Paige.  From this comes the "leadership problem" that you speak of.   Until there are new messages streaming out of the Black community as the balance of us grow "sick and tired of being sick and tired".........and we see that  MANAGEMENT focused upon DIRECTED OUTCOMES is the only option as RIOTS and RALLIES are counter productive.................... we should not expect to see radical change.

 The Achievement Gap Between Melanated People

Dr Paige I work in "corporate America".  I get to see a wide array of people both inside of the company I work for as well as many corporate clients.   I can say without question, at least within the areas of the business that I associate with, that "Indian/Pakistani Is The New Black".    These melanated people are obtaining the high profile, managerial appointments far more frequently than Black Americans are being appointed to.

If we live in a nation that discriminates upon skin color how does one explain the fate of the Indian/Pakistani?  They are achieving against the odds.

I would prefer that you and the National Urban League shift your focus.   Instead of making "White people" your reference for achievement I suggest that we make the "Indian/Pakistani" the reference.   The typically White/Black evaluation will normally degrade into charges of racism and resource deprivation. 

With an evaluation of two sets of "melanated people" we are forced to make note of the relevant issues that allow one group to get beyond the challenges that the other group claims is stultifying their ascent.

Group Unity Over Effectiveness - This Woman Captures My Sentiments Exactly

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Please watch the video above.
It is the viewpoint of the one Black person on the "Texas Textbook Review Committee". They are charged with tweaking the content of the history text books used throughout the state.

This woman is commenting about the antics of the conservative members of the board who she so frequently stands against.

Take the framework of her words and apply them to the antics that are used by the "Black Establishment" and you will fully understand my frustrations.

"They want UNITY of a voting block over the consideration of what the real world data provides in the way of 'constructive feedback' which would force them to change and obtain EFFECTIVE results."

Some people fail to see how they are the mirror image of their adversaries.
In both cases bigotry and the will for power cloud reason.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Only In Atlanta

Yesterday I fulfilled my obligation to work as a proctor for a CISSP examination session.  I had to wake up early in the morning and drive to the northside in order to watch over the candidates as they took the arduous 6 hour examination.  The CISSP is an advanced security certification.  The exam is an endurance race, testing a career's worth of knowledge that the candidate has in coming up with the correct answer to he 250 multiple choice questions.

When I walked into the conference room I saw two males and female.  Upon seeing me one of them said "testing won't begin for another 20 minutes, we need for you to wait outside".  I responded - "I am working as a proctor today".

No this is not a story about "racism chasing".  Instead it is a story about how thoroughly Black Americans are represented in various professional organizations in Metro Atlanta.   For you see the man who said the words to me was Black.. The female who stood beside him was Black.  The other male who was the examination director was "Indian/Pakistani".  He was as brown as the rest of us.

Few other cities, with the exception of Washington DC would have this scenario where Black Americans are certified in these roles and thus have the numbers in this population subgroup by which all three proctors turned out to be Black Americans.  If you attend any local area seminar on real estate, stock trading or even "Pre-Paid Legal" Black Americans will be over-represented as compared to our national population numbers.  Atlanta has an abundance of educated Black Americans who are progressive in their desires for financial independence and education.

About 3 years ago I sat in the very same room for an entire week of a "boot camp" to prepare for the test.  The more accurate word is "to be indoctrinated with regard to the test material".  The questions appear to be all brain teasers.  One answer looks like the next except for one small point of fact misstated.  I was happy to stand as a proctor rather than a test taker.

Many of the people who come through to take the test are US Military or Government employees.  In this particular group of 11 test takers 5 were Black.  This is a tremendous bit of representation for this prestigious certification.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Various "Take Back Our Streets" Efforts Amongst Black People

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Sometimes the painful truth that surrounds your own home forces certain individuals to step up, push back against certain forces that are working against their interests while cultivating the new generation.

Philadelphia: The Men Of Tustin - Stepping Up To The Challenges In The Community

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Are The "Trusted Narrators" Who Feed You Messages Themselves Compromised?

Before you click on the two video links in the window below I need for you to place a picture in your mind.   The picture is that of the KLAN making some home movies about the consciousness that was in place as they executed their assaults upon Black people.

If the narrator of these videos is a product of this "Klan" environment and, instead of fully repudiating this lifestyle they continue to utilize the "street cred" they have earned from this environment to maintain their standing today - would you accept this person or rebuke him?

These are the gross ironies and hypocrisy that is staring us in the face as a community.  How do we repudiate our "killers" on the one hand and allow those who have killed us to become media stars in our name?

Ultimately there must be a sense of ownership that streams through our community as we reject anyone who propagates hateful and violent messages for the purposes of their own aggrandizement.

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From these messages flow the following dysfunctions:

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