Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Closer Inspection Of the "School Segregation" Case In Mississippi

Recently there was near universal outrage displayed on the notion that a school district in Mississippi in the year 2010 was allowing WHITE FOLKS to depart from a majority Black school to attend a majority White schools in the same school district.

Joseph C Phillip - Race Is The Least Of Our Problems (In Walthall County MS)

Upon further inspection the situation is not as cut and dry as some might make it in their indictment.  In truth there is little correlation between the segregated situation of the past and what is shown in the Walthall County Mississippi Schools.   Then entire school system should be ashamed of itself because the schools are rated as "2", "3" or "4" per the "Great Schools" web site regardless of the racial make up.  These scores are often seen with failing urban schools.

There is outrage over the INDIGNITY of having White students seeking to exit a majority Black school to be with their "own kind" in a White school.  I would love to see if there has been a migration of Black schools away from the mostly White "Salem Attendance Center" to Tylertown High School in order to be with "their own kind"?

We have already established that there is no academic advantage for a student to transfer from one school to another.  Both are near equally incompetent in instructing their students.

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