Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Former Edu Sect Rod Paige Blames Black Leaders For Educational Achievement Gap - I Blame The Black Rank And File

Education woes due to leadership

I hear what you are saying about the education gap Dr Paige but I don't agree with you about the source of the problem.

Those "Black Leaders" that you speak of serve at the will of the "Black Rank and File".  The fact that the community has not shown the same hostility to these leaders as they appear on stage as they did to George W. Bush when he visited the King Center in Atlanta several years ago shows a bit of complicity and satisfaction to me.

The real point is that at the present period there is no purpose assigned for our coordinated actions as a community.  Indeed a greater amount of competency could be built up in our communities if the maximum number of our people where to strive to receive a quality education.  This would be the source of the "professional service agents" that our communities need to retain a high standard of living that is desired.

So many of our institutions and language used for our migration forward as a people have been based upon the "civil rights struggle".  Today the same rituals that were formed in this movement don't appear to work when a "Black person" is:
  • Your school teacher
  • Your principal
  • Your school superintendent
  • The majority on the school board
In as much as we still have a "grievance based movement", the presence of a "friend" in office proves to be a nullifying challenge.  Simply put - we were not prepared to act once we "won".

We have a Human Resource Management problem, Dr Paige.  From this comes the "leadership problem" that you speak of.   Until there are new messages streaming out of the Black community as the balance of us grow "sick and tired of being sick and tired".........and we see that  MANAGEMENT focused upon DIRECTED OUTCOMES is the only option as RIOTS and RALLIES are counter productive.................... we should not expect to see radical change.

 The Achievement Gap Between Melanated People

Dr Paige I work in "corporate America".  I get to see a wide array of people both inside of the company I work for as well as many corporate clients.   I can say without question, at least within the areas of the business that I associate with, that "Indian/Pakistani Is The New Black".    These melanated people are obtaining the high profile, managerial appointments far more frequently than Black Americans are being appointed to.

If we live in a nation that discriminates upon skin color how does one explain the fate of the Indian/Pakistani?  They are achieving against the odds.

I would prefer that you and the National Urban League shift your focus.   Instead of making "White people" your reference for achievement I suggest that we make the "Indian/Pakistani" the reference.   The typically White/Black evaluation will normally degrade into charges of racism and resource deprivation. 

With an evaluation of two sets of "melanated people" we are forced to make note of the relevant issues that allow one group to get beyond the challenges that the other group claims is stultifying their ascent.

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