Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Group Unity Over Effectiveness - This Woman Captures My Sentiments Exactly

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Please watch the video above.
It is the viewpoint of the one Black person on the "Texas Textbook Review Committee". They are charged with tweaking the content of the history text books used throughout the state.

This woman is commenting about the antics of the conservative members of the board who she so frequently stands against.

Take the framework of her words and apply them to the antics that are used by the "Black Establishment" and you will fully understand my frustrations.

"They want UNITY of a voting block over the consideration of what the real world data provides in the way of 'constructive feedback' which would force them to change and obtain EFFECTIVE results."

Some people fail to see how they are the mirror image of their adversaries.
In both cases bigotry and the will for power cloud reason.

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