Monday, May 31, 2010

The Inherent Inferiority Of The Fight Against "Black Kids Being In School All By Themselves" / Resegregation

USA Today: The next fight: Resegregation

The misappropriation of the historical struggle of the Black American continues among certain individuals who seek to misstate the facts of history for their own agenda.

The May 19th, 2010 article penned by David Person does this, serving as a reference model for such hijacking.

"Separate But Equal" spoke to the de jure policy by which Blacks are not allowed to attend certain public schools because of their rate.  The fact that they otherwise qualified by their residence was of no consideration.

Mr Person makes the case that "Brown V Board" was a fight against segregation alone.  This is not the case.  Back then a "Black school' in the very same school district as a "White school" was receiving a fraction of the funding as their counterpart school.  The combination of racial segregation by law and denial of equal resources within the same school district was the key issue.   Not that everyone was in it for these reasons alone but these were the relevant issues.

In 2010 certain people who transact upon "Black Inferiority" have the notion that a public school that 95% Black is an "Inferior School".   It matters not that this school receives equal funding as all other high schools in the same district.  The lack of WHITE FOLKS in the school is a danger to the receipt of quality education for BLACK FOLKS.

Clearly the promotion of the inferiority of Black people.

I categorically reject such thinking.

The fact is that with residential housing patters as they are a growing number of Black people will never enjoy the "benefit" of attending school with a White kid.  (Their words, not mine).

Shamefully few people step back and make note of what they are arguing.  As I take it - White folks have some magical characteristic that, when put in a classroom with Blacks result in benefit to Black people.

I would be remiss if I failed to note the view from Julian Bond on the issue.  In his view, expressed about 10 years ago on "America's Black Forum" he stated that with White kids in the classroom the school system is less inclined to deny resources to the school, thus the Black children benefit from the presence of the White kids.  

We only need to look at the massive school spending cuts that are taking place this year due to large shortfalls in tax collections to see that this theory does not stand.  In fact in many metro areas that have county-based school systems the "majority Black" schools receive more per pupil spending than the other districts.

The goal of the "Racism Chaser" is to make all of these points a function of race.   This allows him to walk past the accountability that he has in regards to:

  • Discipline within the Schools
  • the Efficacy of Academic Programs
  • the Coordination of the Mission with the Adults In The Community
when RACISM is injected as the main reason then the parents, the students, the administrators, the politicians and the activists all can unify together to fight against RACISM.

Shamefully, even when they obtain control over a school system and/or city and place their favored operatives in place - RACISM - remains the primary assault upon the community because of the "White Flight" that injured their dignity.  This "White Flight" also allowed them to obtain power per their promises that their takeover would lead to the promised academic improvements. 

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