Monday, May 17, 2010

Only In Atlanta

Yesterday I fulfilled my obligation to work as a proctor for a CISSP examination session.  I had to wake up early in the morning and drive to the northside in order to watch over the candidates as they took the arduous 6 hour examination.  The CISSP is an advanced security certification.  The exam is an endurance race, testing a career's worth of knowledge that the candidate has in coming up with the correct answer to he 250 multiple choice questions.

When I walked into the conference room I saw two males and female.  Upon seeing me one of them said "testing won't begin for another 20 minutes, we need for you to wait outside".  I responded - "I am working as a proctor today".

No this is not a story about "racism chasing".  Instead it is a story about how thoroughly Black Americans are represented in various professional organizations in Metro Atlanta.   For you see the man who said the words to me was Black.. The female who stood beside him was Black.  The other male who was the examination director was "Indian/Pakistani".  He was as brown as the rest of us.

Few other cities, with the exception of Washington DC would have this scenario where Black Americans are certified in these roles and thus have the numbers in this population subgroup by which all three proctors turned out to be Black Americans.  If you attend any local area seminar on real estate, stock trading or even "Pre-Paid Legal" Black Americans will be over-represented as compared to our national population numbers.  Atlanta has an abundance of educated Black Americans who are progressive in their desires for financial independence and education.

About 3 years ago I sat in the very same room for an entire week of a "boot camp" to prepare for the test.  The more accurate word is "to be indoctrinated with regard to the test material".  The questions appear to be all brain teasers.  One answer looks like the next except for one small point of fact misstated.  I was happy to stand as a proctor rather than a test taker.

Many of the people who come through to take the test are US Military or Government employees.  In this particular group of 11 test takers 5 were Black.  This is a tremendous bit of representation for this prestigious certification.

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