Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saving Africa's Witch Children - The Same Molestation Of Christianity As Was The Slave Trade

My view that Black people are 100% equal to White people has served me well in life. Not only are we capable of achieving whatever advantage we believe are exclusive to White folks, we also suffer from the very same human flaws and evils that we so often call out in them.

The sight of this child and human rights abuses in Nigeria made me see that African people are no less inclined to exploit people for power and profit than any European that we can condemn in history. Seeing this film brought me to tears in my mind.

The combination of ignorance, cold-heartedness and the lust for power over a scapegoat allowed these beautiful children to suffer from attack.

Video: Saving Africa's Witch Children Part 4

2010 Update Video

Consider "Group Behavior 101" as seen in any community around the world. The "in crowd" members are so happy that they are not being pointed to as a "witch" that they say nothing in defense of the innocent child. Instead they pile on, amplifying the attack upon these terrorized children.

Someone in Nigeria, someone in the church need to stand up and fight against the evil spirits who are working in the name of Christianity. Those who are fabricating these notions of witchcraft have no knowledge of the spirit of Jesus Christ any more than the "slave traders" of hundreds of years ago who used Christianity to cover their tracks in a similar way.

As a Christian I challenge all who are inclined to point to this molestation of the Christian faith as further proof that organized religion is the cause of massive human suffering to instead use their capabilities to lean upon the organization of Christian believer who see their religious calling as "walking in the footsteps of Christ" to go into this place and snatch their religion from those who are hijacking it for the destructive purposes.

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