Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Transaction Of Black Inferiority By Snarling Foxes

So frequent are the attacks by White Liberal Elite Snarling Foxes upon "the South".
When the "South" is brought up the image is of the White racist Redneck.  He doesn't have much education - thus his affinity for the Republican Party, the guidance given to him by his evangelical preacher and for conservative values in general.

In as much as these attacks are upon White conservatives there are Black Progressive-Fundamentalists who can be heard joining in on the attacks of "The South".  All of this despite the fact that the balance of the Black population in this nation reside in the South..

Even still - when I confront these Black Progressive-Fundamentalists, challenging them to make more granular analysis of their indictments -it will be shown that Black people far little better at the "zip code" level of granularity regardless of the region in question.

The video below is from a recent episode of "Democracy Now".  I can tolerate this show far more than other left-wing shows mostly because they are committed leftists rather than "Democratic Party operatives".  Thus I find them far more consistent than in their criticism than is the party operative.

As they discuss the Democratic primary race in Arkansas the one political analyst tells of the lack of sophistication of the people in Arkansas.  Despite the fact that the "Netroots" movement - a set of left-wing, Internet connected operatives seeking to purge out conservatives or any Democrat who rocks the boat - are heavily involved in the race to oust Senator Lincoln their impact has been limited in this "unsophisticated state".

I was waiting for the guy to attack the Redneck White people of Arkansas.  Instead he noted the number of BLACK VOTERS that the state has.

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This type of elitism angers me more than ever.  The test of the "ignorance" of these voters in Arkansas is mostly a factor of their will to do what these elite and enlightened outsiders want them to do.

They know what is best after all.

A close transcript of what was said toward the end of the video.
The difference in Arkansas is that unlike Pennsylvania you don't have this big, college educated kind of White blog reading Democratic base like you do in other states.  So even though the Netroots are invovled, you kinda have national progressives invovled that's not a big share of the Arkansas electorate WHICH HAS A LOT OF AFRICAN AMERICANS, which is very rural and working class.  So it maybe not quite enough.

Ultimately we have to keep her below 50% tonight and then win the run off. 
 Please understand - I am not angered over what is likely an accurate description of the demographics of the state.  Everyone does not have a doctorate degree in Arkansas.

The point that pisses me off is that this Snarling Fox TRANSACTS in the assumed IGNORANCE OF BLACK PEOPLE. 

Since these people are not "reading the sophisticated blogs - they don't know what is going on in the outside world.   We must get into a runoff and then make sure the outsiders work to win the run off".

Now of course when the White Racist system was the oppressor, denying Blacks their right to vote in the South the enlightened White liberal came to town and "helped fight against the oppressor".  

In 2010, in the Democratic Primary - could someone tell me who the oppressor that must be fought against by these White Snarling Fox Liberals?    

Answer:  It is no longer about any oppressor.  This is now purely about hoisting a progressive-left political movement upon the "ill-informed" (per their view) so that a strategic win can be had by the National Progressives.

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