Monday, May 31, 2010

Y'all Should All Get Lynched

Interesting video. Interesting images both graphically and metaphorically.

He indeed calls out many forces that need to be called out.

Ironically the only element in the video who IS verbally lynched by the Black community already is Clarence Thomas. Thomas is the only one who has the audacity to believe that "Black people are equal human beings under the law". For this he must be lynched - in the minds of some. Justice Thomas, unlike the Street Pirates has never allowed a Black man to die absent going through a detailed judicial process.

For those who still lament that "despite the detailed judicial process.......some innocent men are on death row" need to consider the fact that when the Street Pirate acts as judge, jury, jailer and executioner he has a far, far, far greater record of killing innocents than does Justice Clarence Thomas and the criminal justice system he is made to represent.


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Anonymous said...

That's being too damned hard on a "brother".
Judge Thomas is nothing more than a modern day Uncle Tom!

Anonymous said...

UTB says......

It hits home to many. My question is, how did Blacks sink to an all time low? The depravity and criminality of the overall community, is beyond comprehension!
Justice Thomas and other good men of his ilk, is to be admired. Most non-thinking idiots have never even read any of his writing, so how can they make a judgment?