Monday, June 28, 2010

Michael Jackson & Slavery Still Make Money Long After Their Deaths

In the one year since the death of singer Michael Jackson his estate made an estimated $1 billion.  This from people who were interested in reconnecting with their sentiments of this great performer.

As I work with other members of my family on our upcoming family reunion in South Carolina I learned that the institution of "slavery" also generates revenues posthumously. 

The present debate is about what to do as a group outing on day 2.   The consensus is that we charter several buses and leverage our proximity to the Atlantic coast to go on a "Black History Tour".    Upon hearing this label I immediately asked for clarification:  "Are you saying 'Black History' Or 'SLAVE History', because there is a difference?"

The same people who will correct anyone who calls the finale eating event a "picnic", telling them that "picnic" has racist origins ("Pick a Nigger"), suggesting that they use "cookout" instead are the same ones who desire to have us go and visit "plantations" to see where the "slaves" lived and worked.

Another senior relative chimed in and told us how my great-great-grand father was sold to work on one of the plantations that we will visit but was still allowed to travel to visit his family on another plantation.   This has about as much appeal to me as if someone invited me to visit a prison where he was holed up for 50 years as a tribute.

I told my brother, off line, that I want to see places in the area that Black folks are responsible for building up without the duress of slavery.  A plantation is a monument of the holdings of the slave master.  If our family is said to be the largest Black holders of land in the county back in the day I would rather see these plots of land than some plantation where their predecessors were kept in bondage.  On top of that we have to PAY the bus driver and tour guide money for them to bring their bondage back to life.

Since the balance of the people on the call wanted to go to see their "slave history" it sounds like the trip will go as planned.  I may choose to sneak off and visit the offices of Alvin Greene - the Black senatorial candidate or Tim Scott the Black congressional candidate.  We will see.

I Refuse To Invest In "Slave History"

The statement which says "those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it" fail to make note of the fact that Black people's history is far, far greater than "Slave History".   When you base your founding upon slavery there is little chance that you will ever be anything other than a "descendant of slavery". 

I sample the consciousness of many people and I tire over the embellishment of slavery's influence in today's life.  The truth is that we have a human resource management problem today.  Those who should be constructing a system of management that can marinade into the consciousness of all of our people continue to make use of Slavery as the force that is still killing us per its deadly radiation through time.

I am amazed that the same people who claim to be physicians and can tell us that Slavery still ails us don't seem to be able to prescribe a cure, despite their strong and growing influence over the key institutions that will shape the lives of the new born Black babies of today.

I will not contribute my financial resources any longer to "Slave Museums".  These artifacts are used too frequently by operatives within our people who don't know how to develop our people for the future.  Instead they use this history to explain away our present grief, affording some perverted measure of acceptance but most assuredly having our blame focused on those "who did this to us".

I will invest money into a "Black Future History Museum".  This would be a timecapsule that will be opened in 2060 that will document the great achievements that were made within the Black community over time that allowed the then present Black people to stand where they are.

We as a people have a say in what this "history" of 2060 will be.
Those who keep "saying" to our present young people about the slave past of their ancestors have nothing that they can change among the actions of dead men who are now dust in their graves.

I am not calling for the abolishment of history.  I am saying that not everyone uses this history for the proper development of our people, preparing them for the future.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Ancestors Were Cheerful Despite All Of The Inhumanity That They Were Delt

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"Stop your blubbering" - 'Aunt Rachel' was told by her "slave master" as he struck her and then proceeded to pick off each of her children, selling them off elsewhere beyond her contact.

Despite this experience earlier in her life "Aunt Rachel" used the present time to project her bright personality positively upon all others. In as much as she is a real world person and not a character like those from Harriett Beacher-Snow's book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" appears to less inclined to project misery upon others about her past than some people alive today attempt to channel the misery, exploitation and inhumanity that she suffered into their present resentment today.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Delivering Results For The Community II: New Faces In Power - Same Ole Injustices

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Ironically we are standing exactly where the elements of focus have delivered us.
The quest was for "Black faces in high places".
Mission Accomplished!!!!

The implicit results that sold us into remaining "unified" and not asking too many questions lest we upset this strategy was that: "Once we get favorable people into power - things are going to be better for our community because they will care about Black people and have our best interests in mind".

I maintain that the Black Rank and File did their part. In as much as we were asked to vote and support these candidates who were favorable - (note I am not talking about race exclusively. Ideology trumps race for many people) - the "Mission Accomplished" sign is now planted into the ground.

The second part of the equation can only be initiated by the "Rank and File". Those who have power are merely looking to retain and grow their power. We see that they don't like being questioned.

It is my contention that these elusive ends that we are so frequently "struggling" to acquire are not obtained through election victories but instead through RESOURCE MANAGEMENT in a highly coordinated manner.

The videos above show the example of how the Black Community is impacted as those who now run these institutions "mess up" - just as their predecessors do. This shows the EQUAL HUMANITY of these figures as compared with anyone else. The key flaw is when the "Black Establishment" overlay demands that we "defend the indefensible" for the sake of "Supporting the Race" we can only ever have a bunch of compromised Permanent Interests because of this distortion.

The fundamental challenge is to figure out if you prefer a "Black Face" in power or your "Permanent Interests" obtained. While these are not mutually exclusive - the reactions displayed when one's "permanent interests" are violated in defense of one's "permanent friends from within" indeed show that there is a difference in the priorities of these two points.

Delivering Results For The Community: Civil Rights Leaders/Farrakhan vs Investigative Reporters

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My argument:
The "compromised state" of the Black Establishment often nullifies their effectiveness at delivering actual results for our community. He is often charged with "protecting Black Elected Officials" that have been designated as "franchise players".

The Investigative Journalist, by comparison, is more of a free agent. He has "Permanent Interests" rather than "Permanent Friends". They are going to muckrake about the community, putting a camera and a microphone upon those who have been promoted by the community to deliver the goods.

It is my opinion that there is a drastic difference between breaking down doors which in the past had prevented Black people to assume a certain office and the process of MANAGING them as those who control our key institutions. Again in my opinion those who are "Political King Makers" are also too often incompetent in achieving community "Permanent Interests" via the machine that they control. They value the machine over the people's interests. Their main objective is to have the people believe that "AS THE MACHINE WINS - THEY WIN".

It is when the MACHINE is the last man standing, in control over all of the institutions and yet the people's interests are still not met that some people who are more open minded realize that a change in strategy is necessary.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

African Soccer Talent Often Lured To Europe With Hopes Of Professional Dreams That Don't Come Through

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In the wake of the accomplishment of having the World Cup games hosted on the African continent for the first time ever it is important to bring awareness to another situation that is happening in the region.

"European Journal" frequently reports about Africans that seek to immigrate to European nations for employment opportunities. Their plight is eerily similar to relationship between Mexican immigrants and the United States - minus the deadly Mediterranean Sea that consumes so many lives.

The plight of the African soccer players are not as well known.

Various unsavory men come along and sell them on the promises of making it big in the European football leagues.  These local stars often scrape together money from their extended families in pursuit of their dreams.

As this story shows - the "African coyotes" often demand more money as the soccer player reaches Morocco.  Upon finally reaching Europe they learn that it was all a scheme.

Neighbor's Need Addressed By Outside Company - Kudzu Removed From House

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In a community within Atlanta a woman's tranquility was impacted because of the overgrowth of kudzu from a vacant home next door. Seeking relief she reached out to the local government of the City of Atlanta.

The code enforcement division of the government punted the issue, saying that they were not allowed to go onto this private property and cut the weeds. They don't have the legal authority to do so.

A business man who had been lobbying the mayor for a city contract in support of the upkeep of distressed properties stepped up and had his employees to come forth and clean up this overgrowth of kudzu.

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

For many people there is nothing wrong with this.
The lady had a need, now the need has been addressed.  What's the problem?

Where was the community of neighbors who live around this lady?
Why was there no talk of private individuals gathering together and doing a community service project to clean up the potential rats nest in their community?

Look at the laborers who ultimately came to do the job.  They were engaged into action off of this woman's need.  They were compensated by their employer as he was interested in obtaining greater advantage in a bigger picture.  In both cases neither the laborers or the financier live in that community that needed to have this potential rat's nest removed.

The other day someone talked to me about the need for more "opportunities" to be created in "underserved" communities.  I rebutted the claim, noting that there are abundant potential opportunities.  The problem is that there is a misalignment of financing and "opportunity management" in support of the community's goals.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ron Clark Academy Graduates Its First Class - Congratulations

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This is an example of so many points that go against the grain:

  • Kids from impoverished backgrounds can learn
  • Alternative Learning Environments are critical to chipping away at the problems that we face
  • School and Corporate Partnerships can work to address the challenges in our communities

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Children living in areas where homicides committed have lower reading, verbal test scores

The findings of this study is not the issue that we should be debating. Surely they are plausible.

Instead I fear that many people will read this study which says that a violent community is not a place that is conducive toward academic attainment and will make use of this point to argue for a handicap and special consideration to those who suffer such a fate.

Instead they need to focus upon the primary need for "Human Resource Management" and "Directed Outcomes For A Community". This report should be a reference to the COST of failing to put forth such a management regime.

The words said by my preacher earlier this week ring true. The problems in life are going to come. How one interprets these problems and chooses to deal with them makes all of the difference in the world. (He called it "Attitude")

It is clear that the harm of the bullets that fly too often in our communities injure more than those who receive the direct bullet wound.

"These findings make clear the impact violence can have on children living in the area, regardless of whether they witness violence directly or are personally victimized," said Sharkey, an assistant professor in NYU's Department of Sociology. "The results suggest that children may carry the burden of violence with them as they take part in daily life within the neighborhood or school settings."

To conduct the study, Sharkey combined data on reported homicides occurring in Chicago from 1994 through 2002 with a survey of children and families interviewed through the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods (PHDCN) that was conducted over the same time period. He then replicated his analysis using another independent survey of youth in Chicago—the "Three City Study of Welfare, Children and Families," a longitudinal survey of low-income families living in Chicago and two other cities.

To measure the impact of a local homicide, Sharkey compared the test scores of children who were assessed directly after a homicide in their neighborhood with other children in the same neighborhood who were assessed at different times. He took into account three geographic areas of increasing size: "block groups," which are small sets of city blocks that have about 1,500 residents; "census tracts," which are slightly larger and have about 4,000 residents; and "neighborhood clusters," which have about 8,000 residents. Because all comparisons were made among children living within the same neighborhoods, the analysis can be thought of like an experiment in which some children are randomly picked to be assessed in the days following a local homicide while other children are picked to be assessed at a different point, further removed from the date of the homicide.

Sharkey examined separately the potential impact of a local homicide on African Americans and Hispanics. Whites and other ethnic groups were excluded because they were almost never exposed to local homicides in the samples Sharkey used for his study.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"When This Starts Happening To White Folks In The Suburbs.......Then THEY'LL Make It Stop"

Ah the ubiquitous "White Suburb" that resides as the land of perfection in many people's minds. 

When some people consider how "THEY" treat Black Americans unjustly some people say that the solution to the Black community's problem with such mistreatment will come when "White people in the suburbs" feel our pain as they too are mistreated.

This occurs on the subject of:
  • Drug Policy
  • Police Brutality
  • Public School Funding
The theory is that "White folks won't stand for this type of treatment!".  From this all Americans will receive the benefit of White people having been made to feel this insult.

With this nation streaming toward the day where there is no one racial majority group I wonder what will happen when some people's "Go To Guys" are no longer in the balance of political power.

Worse, in the places where many of the incidents that trigger such a comment take place - the traditional "White Conservative Adversary" has already been purged from power.
  • The array of judges that YOU elected are enforcing drug policy via their sentencing
  • The array of policemen that you say are harassing you all report to the mayor that you put into power
  • And that School Board?  Just look at the list of "slate candidates" that were on the sample ballot that the organization that you are apart of (which says they are 'non-partisan', wink, wink, wink) sent to you as detailing those who "love Black kids and have our community's best interests in mind".
In summary I have to ask - "Why do you keep looking outside of your community for WHITE FOLKS to act as the standard bearers for YOUR 'social justice' when it is already the case that you have a favorable array of people controlling your key institutions?"

It is clear to me that this type of reasoning that is so often hear is not a MANAGEMENT strategy.  Instead it is as I heard my preacher say this morning.   (Wait one minute while I go get my notes out of my car.  Be right back)

Problems vs Promise - The Blame Game

Without repeating the entire sermon the notion that some people look to blame someone else for their problems without ever learning how to properly dispense of their own issues was on point with this debate that motivated me to write this post. (Regarding a video showing a Black man suffering from abuse by the police).  I assure you that the "assault" that was captured on video was the final events of a long running conflict in that particular community between the "hard working citizens", the police that are working to protect them and the "Street Pirates" who "don't give a what" about either of the previous two.  While the notion that "the police can do no wrong" is hardly what I believe I do see that they often have a thankless job.  They are the only force that stands between civility and chaos.

This is not how things were supposed to be now that WE run things.

The notion of "Problems vs Promise" demands that the entire community become more consciously aware of the community that they wish to live within.  From this point they "reverse engineer" all of the behaviors, cultural enforcements and boundaries that are put forth upon the people to bring that which they desire forth. 

The opposite of this type of "management toward directed outcomes" is OUTSOURCING.  The reference to that which is done in the "White suburbs" is merely outsourcing, particularly when the control of the community is arrayed as it is at present.

Some people believe that their community problems are too great to solve, that the people within being victims of history are too "damaged" to agree to believe in a set of common principles that govern their INTERNAL actions.  Instead that "stolen culture" out of Africa was the magical elixir which had the Africans from which we are descended all working in conflict-free accord. 

As the preacher said today "Interruptions are a part of life".  These are the problems that come into our lives that add challenge to our untested theories.  Upon struggling through these series of challenges one typically has:
  • Purged from their person the excess baggage of unrealistic dreams and inmaturity
  • Bonded together as a family so that the unified "one" is stronger than the individuals
  • Clarified the details of what they are all working for
  • Done the day to day repetitive tasks that will one day allow them accomplish that which they set out for.  
  • When these tasks become routine then they become a part of the people's culture
  • When these cultural elements are passed onto the next generation they become enduring
Take a listen to the "solutions" that some people have toward their community's problems.  It is no wonder that they are stuck where they are.   They functionally are waiting for the great life raft of life to come along and scoop them up.  In their present perfect condition, as life has 'unfairly' come along and attacked them - they see little in themselves that they need to reform.  

Friday, June 11, 2010

My "What Would You Do Moment" That Clarified Our Present Economic State

Today I visited the offices of a client of mine who's firm is shutting down the operations of one of its 3 operating companies due to the present economic downturn. They made substantial investments in their production plant just prior to the recession a few years ago. This debt put them in peril as the slow down in construction eroded their revenues in the building services business.

Over the last year a steady stream of individuals had lost their jobs at the company as they attempted to stay afloat. As they started releasing people who I thought were indispensable I knew that they were in trouble.

Today it was my job as the "computer systems guy" to close out access to the computer accounts for the terminated workers. The assets and customer lists were sold to their long time competitor. This was the last day on the job for some people who I had worked with for several years. "What are the options for a '57 year old plant manager today'?" asked one man who was pondering his future the other day.

All of a sudden my long struggle to get my wife and kids to stop "taking money out of my wallet" by spending money unnecessarily (and turn off the lights and television when they leave the room) seem insignificant.

As I left the offices I decided to restock on some food for the house from the nearby farmers market. After I was done shopping I stood in the checkout lines. They were surprisingly busy for the middle of the day. I cant' stand waiting in lines.

A new line opened up to the one beside me. An elderly woman who was behind me responded to the cashier's call of "I can take the next person over here". She was quicker on the draw than I was despite her cane. I have a bad habit of vacating one line only to get behind someone that I dread the most - those who have a stack of coupons or those who pay by check. I decided to move over to the new line and take my chances.

I noticed all of the chicken, turkey legs and fresh vegetables that the old lady in front of me had in her basket. I told her "With all that food I'm gonna have to invite myself to dinner over your house. You look like you're about to throw down". She laughed.

The cashier proceeded to ring all of her items up. "Mama that will be $57.13" she said. The woman pulled out a debit card, swiped it into the machine and then punched the buttons. She pressed "NO" to "Cash Back" and then mistakenly hit "No" to "Is This Amount Acceptable?". The cashier said "You just canceled the payment. Try it again". The second time she did it correctly. Then the terminal said "Declined - Over The Limit".

I wasn't sure what that meant. "Over the limit"?  What limit?
Was this an "EBT Card" and she could only spend so much per day?
If this was a bank card - it would say "NSF" or "Balance Exceeded", I figured.

The woman handed the cashier 2 items back and the balance was now "$51.07". I figured that if she had a limit it would be  at "$50" and they should go below that.

Once again the lady swiped her card and it was declined. It was debt card from "Bank Of America". The lady did not have the money in her account.

She handed back one of the packs of turkey wings and some spices. The total came out to $44.34. Once again it failed to process.

I recalled that I had seen a "hidden camera" show called "What Would You Do?" (or whatever the name was) which captured the reactions of shoppers in response to an elderly woman and a young woman who were purchasing an expensive prescription drug for about $125 when they only have $35 to spend. The elderly woman drew more support as others paid for her pills. The young woman was seen as irresponsible and no one bothered to help her.

I did not want to see another round of unloading of this woman's food and then another attempt at approval from the bank. I said to the cashier: "Hold on. Don't take out any more of the food. I'll pay for it.".  I would have felt like a selfish, unempathetic, creep had I not stepped in.

"Why thank you young man. I appreciate it", the woman said.

I had just received a check from a credit card with a positive balance that I had posted in my joint account. (I shredded the card so I can't use it and I forgot to stop paying on it via my bill payment service). I would rather have this lady purchase food than my wife spend this money out of our joint petty cash account. :-)

"Thank you again, young man" she said as she walked out.

I have no idea about this woman's background.  She seemed like a person on a fixed income struggling to get by.   I figure that there are many other people like her that are running on financial "fumes in their gas tank".

I did not do pay for her groceries for notoriety nor am I posting this for any acclaim.

For me this was an example of the harsh economic times that are being faced by many people, especially those who have lost their jobs recently.  "There by the grace of God go I" I was thinking.

I won't miss this money. There are 1000 + 1 other things with their hands in my wallet trying to take money out. This money had no particular "name" on it.   I was happy to have it available to me.   I am blessed to have a few different channels that are filling up my bucket. (Still trying to win that PowerBall though).

These economic times are going to force an increasing number of people to "take out some meat" from their shopping carts and live a far more modest life.

It is clear that this country and the global economy is in the middle of a massive realignment/ correction.We have not seen the last of this recession. 

"The Government" is not going to be able to spend debt money in order to allow people to retain the standard of living that they are used to. There needs to be more direct community action to help people out. This is where those collection of individuals who desire to "reach back" and care for another will have to do so with direct channels instead of believing that their having voted for a "tax and entitlement spending increase" is evidence of their Christian faith. This is not the case.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Impact Of Drugs & Imprisonment On A Black Population - A Comparative Study To Confirm The Veracity Of Michelle Alexander's Theories

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The video above shows the desperate situation in Capetown South Africa for the "coloreds". These are the mixed race people who, in their view, are now marginalized. The "Blacks" control the government after having put the "Whites" out of power. This has left the mixed-race people feeling left outside of the mix.

Fighting Jim Crow In The South, 1890-1908

Rob Riser's book delves into activism between 1890-1908

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Coach John Wooden - A Life Coach That Just Happened To Use Basketball As A Platform For His Lessons

When I first saw the Coach John Wooden "Pyramid Of Success" I realized that his long winning streak in the sport of basketball was no accident.

The people who develop frameworks that attempt to model the real world, charting the pathway to some "directed outcome" are those who typically have the greatest amount of success.

Coach John Wooden died the other day, just shy of his 100th birthday.   He leaves behind him a long legacy of accepting in "boys" into his basketball program at UCLA and transforming them into men.

A Melanated Person Has Won The Scripps National Spelling Bee 8 Of The Last 12 Years

Spelling bee winner part of Indian-American streak

Congratulations to Anamika Veeramani, 14, of North Royalton, Ohio on your awesome victory in the Scripps National Spelling Bee this week!!

This is a major accomplishment that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Like it or not - you are yet another building block in the racial profile that is forming based on what people see when they see you, making certain assumptions from the observable patterns.

Miss Veeramani is about my complexion yet she is not from the "African-American" cultural or genetic tradition.  (Note: some say she is not a "descendant of American Slavery".  I don't use this term in that I refuse to place my origins upon "American Slavery".  The consequences of doing so leaves us perpetually and inescapably bound to this brief period in time with respect to the entirety of our existence on this Earth).

Despite her skin color Miss Veeramani is likely considered "Asian" on the US Census.

I increasingly see people who look like Miss Veeramani in the corporate work places that I frequent.  This is the case in my own company as well as the various customers that I call upon.  I have said repeatedly, based upon my observations that "Indian/Pakistani Is The New Black".

It appears that America, though fits and starts, has several venues where an "equal human being" can be placed into a competition which has little to no subjectivity placed upon a judge's biases thus allowing the most competent person to rise to the top.   To be clear - in a pool of highly gifted people there is no hard and fast rule that defines who will win.  Instead it is more accurate to say - after a certain threshold is passed - the more "entries" you have in that pool the more chances that you have to be represented in the winner's circle.

Of course there is "racial profiling" in America and around the world.  The day that humans stop making initial inferences about a person that they don't know based solely upon the physical characteristics of that person is the day that we all look alike.  In short - it is never going to happen.

For me personally the victory by Miss Veeramani affords me the opportunity to slay a sacred cow.   This one incessantly details for us Black people what is not possible for a "melanated person" to do in this "racist nation" which doesn't fairly share its resources.

Though this spelling bee was indeed an objective competition with affirmative evaluation not subject to preference based judgments Miss Veeramani won this competition based upon what she did while "away from the ball".   Just as the movie "Akeelah And The Bee" showed - the months of preparation that is invested is how these competitions are won.

I long for the day where anyone who proclaims themselves to be a leader makes note of such a requirement and has the mass movement of a people be based upon what they do "when they are away from the ball" rather than having them chasing after a carrot that someone else is ultimately in control over based upon their actions that the people are made to respond to.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Its Not That They Don't Understand The Problems.....Their Solutions Are Askew

Watch the clip from the TV One special with Judge Mathis entitled "Mean Streets". In fact go and watch the entire episode that is composed of 7 clips on YouTube. After you watch all of them take a step back and digest the words and then the messages that you have heard.

This is what I did.

As I listened to this piece I was stunned by several points:

  1. In Oakland as well as Newark the "Mission Accomplished" sign in the "American Political Domain" has been posted on every light post around the city.  Despite this the people on the street are still grieving about the basic painful facts about their city which those who are now in power ascended into power with the promises of a fix.
  2. In response to the questions of their political leadership nearly all who were suffering within the malaise where willing to grant this leadership "more time" for a fix.  They liked the mayors personally.  They liked each of their plans.   Yet no one bothered to put a proportionality filter upon these solutions.  It is one thing to "like" a solution set.  It is yet another to make measure of the problem and confirm that these solutions are to scale.   Regardless of the effective results that are had - these people are going to "keep trying"
  3. "Corporate Abandonment".   Never heard of the concept before.  It makes the case that after the community supported the corporations for so long they took off in pursuit of more profitable arenas.  In addition others mentioned that the existing corporations that remain have the obligation to open up their corporate coffers and fund much of the rehabilitation of the city (in that case Newark).   For some reason these same people are blind to the part that they played in the relationship.  It comes as no surprise to me that these among the progressive activist community saw their enemies and it was indeed the corporate "consumers of labor".  They protested against the exploitation in pay, the work rules and environmental damage, I am sure.   Now that the adversary has departed for a place where they are not the bad guy - those who stood against them while they were present accuse them of "corporate abandonment"?
  4. In listening to Mark Curry I was impressed that he "got" the problems.  It was listening to his solutions that were problematic.  What good is it for young people to know these who struggled against the "SYSTEM" in Oakland?  Does Curry expect them to stand against Mayor Ron Dellums today?   Of course not.   Curry and others have little clue in how to operate in a time and place when "They now run things" and are "all alone by themselves, required to field a set of solutions that work for the people".

From all of these points I heard resolve in their words and a bit of frustration in their tone.  I did not hear a basic willingness to put everything upon the table and starting from scratch.  With this "Truth Commission" those establishment powers that drove the policy for the past 50 years that have them standing where they are today should have these facts about their policies duly noted.  The elements of their solution set that failed should be banished from the "version 3.0" strategy that they are pondering.

I struggle to understand how an admitted "Killing Field" for Black people where dreams are either slayed or stolen at gun point this oppression and terrorism of the community is not confronted using the same resolute passion as when the terrorist was external.   Indeed different tools are necessary due to the proximity (and hue) of the assailant.  More than anything else, however is the need to seek out new themes and messages, primarily by purging those who brought forth the present set of themes and messages.

Judge Mathis:

  • WHO are the "THEY" that don't want to educate Black kids?  Possibly the people who are running the school systems - just as the people voted them into place?
  • WHO are the "THEY" that cut school lunches?   Does the community have any particular responsibility to feed their children per their need? 

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Guidance On Giving "Constructive Feedback"

In following up on an article that I read which asks "Have you 'Googled' yourself?", I looked up the term 'Constructive Feedback'.

I learned a number of valuable points of guidance in regards to giving 'constructive feedback'

How Do I Give Constructive Feedback Without De-Motivating Someone?
"How do I criticise someone's performance without de-motivating them or harming the relationship I have with them?" Whether you have been managing for 6 days, 6 months or 16 years this may still be something you shy away from, feel uncomfortable about, or despise doing. In the category of "tough conversations" this is, undoubtedly, in the top ten!


1. If you can't think of a constructive purpose for giving feedback, don't give it at all.
2. Focus on description rather than judgement.
3. Focus on observation rather than inference.
4. Focus on behavior rather than the person
5. Provide a balance of positive and negative feedback
6. Be aware of feedback overload.

Step 1: State the constructive purpose of your feedback.
Step 2: Describe specifically what you have observed.
Step 3: Describe your reactions.
Step 4: Give the other person an opportunity to respond.
Step 5: Offer specific suggestions.
Step 6: Summarize and express your support