Thursday, June 17, 2010

African Soccer Talent Often Lured To Europe With Hopes Of Professional Dreams That Don't Come Through

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In the wake of the accomplishment of having the World Cup games hosted on the African continent for the first time ever it is important to bring awareness to another situation that is happening in the region.

"European Journal" frequently reports about Africans that seek to immigrate to European nations for employment opportunities. Their plight is eerily similar to relationship between Mexican immigrants and the United States - minus the deadly Mediterranean Sea that consumes so many lives.

The plight of the African soccer players are not as well known.

Various unsavory men come along and sell them on the promises of making it big in the European football leagues.  These local stars often scrape together money from their extended families in pursuit of their dreams.

As this story shows - the "African coyotes" often demand more money as the soccer player reaches Morocco.  Upon finally reaching Europe they learn that it was all a scheme.

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