Friday, June 18, 2010

Delivering Results For The Community II: New Faces In Power - Same Ole Injustices

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Ironically we are standing exactly where the elements of focus have delivered us.
The quest was for "Black faces in high places".
Mission Accomplished!!!!

The implicit results that sold us into remaining "unified" and not asking too many questions lest we upset this strategy was that: "Once we get favorable people into power - things are going to be better for our community because they will care about Black people and have our best interests in mind".

I maintain that the Black Rank and File did their part. In as much as we were asked to vote and support these candidates who were favorable - (note I am not talking about race exclusively. Ideology trumps race for many people) - the "Mission Accomplished" sign is now planted into the ground.

The second part of the equation can only be initiated by the "Rank and File". Those who have power are merely looking to retain and grow their power. We see that they don't like being questioned.

It is my contention that these elusive ends that we are so frequently "struggling" to acquire are not obtained through election victories but instead through RESOURCE MANAGEMENT in a highly coordinated manner.

The videos above show the example of how the Black Community is impacted as those who now run these institutions "mess up" - just as their predecessors do. This shows the EQUAL HUMANITY of these figures as compared with anyone else. The key flaw is when the "Black Establishment" overlay demands that we "defend the indefensible" for the sake of "Supporting the Race" we can only ever have a bunch of compromised Permanent Interests because of this distortion.

The fundamental challenge is to figure out if you prefer a "Black Face" in power or your "Permanent Interests" obtained. While these are not mutually exclusive - the reactions displayed when one's "permanent interests" are violated in defense of one's "permanent friends from within" indeed show that there is a difference in the priorities of these two points.

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