Monday, June 28, 2010

Michael Jackson & Slavery Still Make Money Long After Their Deaths

In the one year since the death of singer Michael Jackson his estate made an estimated $1 billion.  This from people who were interested in reconnecting with their sentiments of this great performer.

As I work with other members of my family on our upcoming family reunion in South Carolina I learned that the institution of "slavery" also generates revenues posthumously. 

The present debate is about what to do as a group outing on day 2.   The consensus is that we charter several buses and leverage our proximity to the Atlantic coast to go on a "Black History Tour".    Upon hearing this label I immediately asked for clarification:  "Are you saying 'Black History' Or 'SLAVE History', because there is a difference?"

The same people who will correct anyone who calls the finale eating event a "picnic", telling them that "picnic" has racist origins ("Pick a Nigger"), suggesting that they use "cookout" instead are the same ones who desire to have us go and visit "plantations" to see where the "slaves" lived and worked.

Another senior relative chimed in and told us how my great-great-grand father was sold to work on one of the plantations that we will visit but was still allowed to travel to visit his family on another plantation.   This has about as much appeal to me as if someone invited me to visit a prison where he was holed up for 50 years as a tribute.

I told my brother, off line, that I want to see places in the area that Black folks are responsible for building up without the duress of slavery.  A plantation is a monument of the holdings of the slave master.  If our family is said to be the largest Black holders of land in the county back in the day I would rather see these plots of land than some plantation where their predecessors were kept in bondage.  On top of that we have to PAY the bus driver and tour guide money for them to bring their bondage back to life.

Since the balance of the people on the call wanted to go to see their "slave history" it sounds like the trip will go as planned.  I may choose to sneak off and visit the offices of Alvin Greene - the Black senatorial candidate or Tim Scott the Black congressional candidate.  We will see.

I Refuse To Invest In "Slave History"

The statement which says "those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it" fail to make note of the fact that Black people's history is far, far greater than "Slave History".   When you base your founding upon slavery there is little chance that you will ever be anything other than a "descendant of slavery". 

I sample the consciousness of many people and I tire over the embellishment of slavery's influence in today's life.  The truth is that we have a human resource management problem today.  Those who should be constructing a system of management that can marinade into the consciousness of all of our people continue to make use of Slavery as the force that is still killing us per its deadly radiation through time.

I am amazed that the same people who claim to be physicians and can tell us that Slavery still ails us don't seem to be able to prescribe a cure, despite their strong and growing influence over the key institutions that will shape the lives of the new born Black babies of today.

I will not contribute my financial resources any longer to "Slave Museums".  These artifacts are used too frequently by operatives within our people who don't know how to develop our people for the future.  Instead they use this history to explain away our present grief, affording some perverted measure of acceptance but most assuredly having our blame focused on those "who did this to us".

I will invest money into a "Black Future History Museum".  This would be a timecapsule that will be opened in 2060 that will document the great achievements that were made within the Black community over time that allowed the then present Black people to stand where they are.

We as a people have a say in what this "history" of 2060 will be.
Those who keep "saying" to our present young people about the slave past of their ancestors have nothing that they can change among the actions of dead men who are now dust in their graves.

I am not calling for the abolishment of history.  I am saying that not everyone uses this history for the proper development of our people, preparing them for the future.

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