Thursday, June 17, 2010

Neighbor's Need Addressed By Outside Company - Kudzu Removed From House

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In a community within Atlanta a woman's tranquility was impacted because of the overgrowth of kudzu from a vacant home next door. Seeking relief she reached out to the local government of the City of Atlanta.

The code enforcement division of the government punted the issue, saying that they were not allowed to go onto this private property and cut the weeds. They don't have the legal authority to do so.

A business man who had been lobbying the mayor for a city contract in support of the upkeep of distressed properties stepped up and had his employees to come forth and clean up this overgrowth of kudzu.

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

For many people there is nothing wrong with this.
The lady had a need, now the need has been addressed.  What's the problem?

Where was the community of neighbors who live around this lady?
Why was there no talk of private individuals gathering together and doing a community service project to clean up the potential rats nest in their community?

Look at the laborers who ultimately came to do the job.  They were engaged into action off of this woman's need.  They were compensated by their employer as he was interested in obtaining greater advantage in a bigger picture.  In both cases neither the laborers or the financier live in that community that needed to have this potential rat's nest removed.

The other day someone talked to me about the need for more "opportunities" to be created in "underserved" communities.  I rebutted the claim, noting that there are abundant potential opportunities.  The problem is that there is a misalignment of financing and "opportunity management" in support of the community's goals.

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