Sunday, June 13, 2010

"When This Starts Happening To White Folks In The Suburbs.......Then THEY'LL Make It Stop"

Ah the ubiquitous "White Suburb" that resides as the land of perfection in many people's minds. 

When some people consider how "THEY" treat Black Americans unjustly some people say that the solution to the Black community's problem with such mistreatment will come when "White people in the suburbs" feel our pain as they too are mistreated.

This occurs on the subject of:
  • Drug Policy
  • Police Brutality
  • Public School Funding
The theory is that "White folks won't stand for this type of treatment!".  From this all Americans will receive the benefit of White people having been made to feel this insult.

With this nation streaming toward the day where there is no one racial majority group I wonder what will happen when some people's "Go To Guys" are no longer in the balance of political power.

Worse, in the places where many of the incidents that trigger such a comment take place - the traditional "White Conservative Adversary" has already been purged from power.
  • The array of judges that YOU elected are enforcing drug policy via their sentencing
  • The array of policemen that you say are harassing you all report to the mayor that you put into power
  • And that School Board?  Just look at the list of "slate candidates" that were on the sample ballot that the organization that you are apart of (which says they are 'non-partisan', wink, wink, wink) sent to you as detailing those who "love Black kids and have our community's best interests in mind".
In summary I have to ask - "Why do you keep looking outside of your community for WHITE FOLKS to act as the standard bearers for YOUR 'social justice' when it is already the case that you have a favorable array of people controlling your key institutions?"

It is clear to me that this type of reasoning that is so often hear is not a MANAGEMENT strategy.  Instead it is as I heard my preacher say this morning.   (Wait one minute while I go get my notes out of my car.  Be right back)

Problems vs Promise - The Blame Game

Without repeating the entire sermon the notion that some people look to blame someone else for their problems without ever learning how to properly dispense of their own issues was on point with this debate that motivated me to write this post. (Regarding a video showing a Black man suffering from abuse by the police).  I assure you that the "assault" that was captured on video was the final events of a long running conflict in that particular community between the "hard working citizens", the police that are working to protect them and the "Street Pirates" who "don't give a what" about either of the previous two.  While the notion that "the police can do no wrong" is hardly what I believe I do see that they often have a thankless job.  They are the only force that stands between civility and chaos.

This is not how things were supposed to be now that WE run things.

The notion of "Problems vs Promise" demands that the entire community become more consciously aware of the community that they wish to live within.  From this point they "reverse engineer" all of the behaviors, cultural enforcements and boundaries that are put forth upon the people to bring that which they desire forth. 

The opposite of this type of "management toward directed outcomes" is OUTSOURCING.  The reference to that which is done in the "White suburbs" is merely outsourcing, particularly when the control of the community is arrayed as it is at present.

Some people believe that their community problems are too great to solve, that the people within being victims of history are too "damaged" to agree to believe in a set of common principles that govern their INTERNAL actions.  Instead that "stolen culture" out of Africa was the magical elixir which had the Africans from which we are descended all working in conflict-free accord. 

As the preacher said today "Interruptions are a part of life".  These are the problems that come into our lives that add challenge to our untested theories.  Upon struggling through these series of challenges one typically has:
  • Purged from their person the excess baggage of unrealistic dreams and inmaturity
  • Bonded together as a family so that the unified "one" is stronger than the individuals
  • Clarified the details of what they are all working for
  • Done the day to day repetitive tasks that will one day allow them accomplish that which they set out for.  
  • When these tasks become routine then they become a part of the people's culture
  • When these cultural elements are passed onto the next generation they become enduring
Take a listen to the "solutions" that some people have toward their community's problems.  It is no wonder that they are stuck where they are.   They functionally are waiting for the great life raft of life to come along and scoop them up.  In their present perfect condition, as life has 'unfairly' come along and attacked them - they see little in themselves that they need to reform.  

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