Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Black Community Must Stop "Voting Our Race" And Instead Focus On "Managing The Outcomes For Our Community"

The video above is placed here for the purposes of supporting my argument and nothing more.
It is not about Charles Sherrod, the speaker who is enforcing his style of "Blackness" upon others. I had never heard of the man prior to the recent dust up that involved his wife.

Instead my post is about a mindset that is present within Charles Sherrod and others.
On the subject of the crackdown on illegal immigration I read a Black person's views in which he said "we are on the verge of a MAJORITY MINORITY nation and should not allow the divide and conquer strategy to work against us". This is an example of this very same mindset.

The mindset has us conditioned to be in a constant fight against some outside threat. The major benefit of this mindset is its unifying effect. It is a failure when it comes to developing organic competencies. The fact that the external enemy is such an important component of the unified group's actions and consciousness means that they are 'beside themselves', unaware of what they should do next when they slip up and find themselves victorious but all alone.

As I listen to people who tell us to "vote our race" I can't help but notice that those who are making this pronouncement are always within the "correct consciousness" and are fully vetted. Thus their call for voting as a racial bloc is merely a demand for unity and the forward projection of the prevailing viewpoint.

With this unity comes a certain amount of repression of divergent opinions and much worse - questioning of the prevailing agenda.

This agenda is ubiquitously leftist in nature.
The stance is against the power structure which they say is oppressing them. They seem unable to note the need for transition when "their guy" is now in power in city hall or in the White House. "Their guy" need not be Black. Instead he/she is a leftist progressive of any color who shares the same theories on government.

The main flaw in this drive is that they are unable to fully leverage the equal human resources that are abundant within the Black community. After placing the favorable person into power locally these activists and political groups that have assisted in this end exhibit a low level of proven ability to actually translate this potential into actual benefit. As the grievances continue they merely ramp up their activism against some external adversary, demanding that they receive the funding to allow them to be successful.

I have stated many times that our hierarchal order of government was developed on a franchise model. A city is provided with a charter from the state. This affords this new local entity to operate the state's obligation to provide educational services to people living within the borders. The city was assumed to be a viable concern, able to collect taxes so that these services can be provided. There is both power and responsibility that is afforded in this franchise.

In the wake of this take over of these local institutions those who are in power and the people who promoted them into place return to the state government (or feds) and demand that they be given funds in order to allow them to operate at a certain standard of living that all Americans should be afforded - or so they say.

Yesterday I exchanged words with a poster from New Jersey. His argument is that the new Republican governor, in failing to extend the one year tax hike on the rich that the previous governor had erected provided the wealthy with a tax cut at the expense of the poor. At no point in time did this same person make note of how the loss in local economic productive power in the various cities in New Jersey has brought the state to the point where they now look toward the rich as the key funding source to replace that which has eroded away.

Simply put - we can't continue along with the consciousness that is so focused on the DEMAND SIDE and its associated social entitlements that they abstract the tough economic choices that go along with the SUPPLY SIDE - the producers of capital wealth.


The entrenched views that are retained by certain ideological bigots that would have us "voting our race" are ultimately unresponsive to the full needs of our community.  On the question of our standard of living we don't only need the resources that are supplied to "feed" these living standards.  There is a fundamental need to have the equal human resources within to be developed so that they are the key providers of these goods and services, with the community receiving the economic benefit there in.  This second component is the fatal weakness of the present strategy.  "Feed a man fish" is far more important than the "fishing lesson".

With this supply and demand consciousness in mind our communities need to be governed in accordance with this balance.  Such a consideration would purge the extremists out of power because our new charter demands results over unity.   With an overlay management order that is enforcing this new mandate for our communities to be the suppliers of our demands new leadership and practices would have to be developed in order to retain the long run advantage for our people.

The more rationale forces that are present within our community are fully aware that of the shortfalls of the present system.  Despite the fact that many of them assisted in erecting the present order (gave us the prescription that we are addicted to) - they now are among the people who are still seeking solutions for our communities.   The present need is for them to forgo a bit of their own ideological biases in order to support the OVERLAY SYSTEM through which we will govern our communities toward a more directed outcome.  They have achieved the victory that they set out for with their ideology.  It now has unchecked control over our communities and yet we still grieve.

It is time for us to hoist our permanent interests up as the guiding principle and make the methodologies that purport to deliver us toward this end as the components that are swapped out if they fall short.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Match Making Women Scheming On The Brothers

Now that I am in the loop with my wife and her girlfriends (and relatives) I had no idea how much women scheme on snagging a brother via their coordinated efforts.  I get to listen to them as they sit on my couch going through the inventory of men that are available.  When asked about my friends that might be available I tell them that most of them are married but if you can keep a secret...........  :-)   That is usually sufficient to have them back off of their questions.

I got a call from my wife for me to talk to her girlfriend who lives in the UK to tell her about one of our family friends that is a single Black male - with a job and a house of his own.   She is in her late 30's and is looking to settle down.  Based on the character reference that she has heard from my wife - she is interested in visiting the USA and getting to know this eligible bachelor.  I just linked them up via conference call.

This marks the 3rd female that this crew has presented to this stud.  The other love connection, a cousin, is not interested in having any children (at this time) so she is out of the running and they are in the "friends zone".

Still another single friend of the family who also recently purchased a home in the state has to beat this scheming crew back.  He told them that he has a girlfriend back in New Jersey and is not interested in pursuing any of them at this time.

Is it really this bad out there on you sistas?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Snoop Dogg Brings Football To Chicago To Increase The Peace

Snoop Dogg Brings Youth Football League to Chicago

View more news videos at:

I have mixed feelings about the news that potty mouthed rapper Calvin Broadus will extend his football league from his home town into the city of Chicago, having been prompted by the recent problems with violence in the Windy City.

Of course some will ask "Well what are you doing besides judging?  At least he is doing something.".

Indeed this seems to be the case - at least at the surface.

Yesterday in my rented car I pressed the CD eject button and what did I see to my surprise?   I hip hop CD left in the player.   For the second time in about 3 weeks I got a chance to listen to the lyrics of the music that some young people listen to.  These particular performers talked about:

  • "We're thugs, we're killa, were M.F.'in Niggas"
  • Talked about a scenario where he is strapped in the club and is going to cause some bleeding
  • Talking about all of the women that he has screwed
With the present uproar about "sarcastic letters that are racist" being sent to Black organizations I still can't understand how the commercial products put out by the "Hip Hip Voice Of The Street Pirates" does not trigger as much scorn as when White people gather together and call themselves a "Tea Party"?

With this line of thinking I am forced to look at Calvin Broadus and the product of his work which brought him fame and fortune.  While I am happy that he has chosen to do a good deed by sponsoring a football team - it is also true that his main line of work does more damage that the good that his football league does.

There must be a conditional acceptance of the gifts from Snoop Dogg and other "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates".  Though one might argue that his material is for adults - the scene at the elementary school that I spoke at 2 years ago showed that his song "Sexual Attraction" enjoyed popularity among young people.  Not just the radio version "Sexual Attraction" but also the x-rated version "Sexual Eruption".

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Systematic Black Inferiority

In reading the content written or focused upon by a person a light is shed upon their consciousness, their mind is exposed.

In reading the views of some Black people I am convinced that they are indeed damaged individuals. Their quest is to project their own individual deficiencies upon the 'Black race' where we all can share in their individual mental hangups.

A blog that was brought to my attention by the "Field Negro" blog is a worthy candidate for classification as "Systematic Black Inferiority". The "Will Caper's Blaque Ink" Blog is a documentation of one Black man's psychosis.

Would you allow a man who's "About Me" comments are as such to EDUCATE your children?  They will likely be indoctrinated and damaged rather than educated.

1. If I'm in a group of others who look like me, that is a cause for some kind of suspicion.

2. In order to not cause suspicion, I must be in the company of (mostly) whites.

3. If I move, I can be sure I will likely end up in poor neighborhood whether I want to or not.

4. If I move into a white neighborhood, it will be enough to arouse suspicion with my neighbors.

5. When I go shopping, I can be sure I will arouse suspicion and be followed around.

6. I will be sure that when I turn on the TV, I will most likely see others who look like me as ball players, criminals, clowns or overall failures of society.

7. When I turn to the local news on tv or in a newspaper, I can be sure most of the crime reported will have faces of suspects who look like me.

8. I know that my history is celebrated during the shortest month of the year and will likely not be celebrated any other time.

9. I know that most of the history taught is of history of mainly white people.

10. I can be sure that most of the stories I have to read for class are stories written by whites featuring white characters.

While Mr Capers' list is hailed as a masterpiece by many of his fellow Black Progressive-Fundamentalists that traffic upon Black inferiority - I can't help but see it as a "joke list".

Note in the first 10 items that there is no hint that we as a people - a free people - can do anything about the fate that has been documented.

He does not mention that it was Carter G Woodson who selected the month for "Black History Week". He mentions nothing about utilizing his blog as an outlet from which Black history could be garnered 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

The purpose of Mr Capers' blog is not to address the inferiorities that he has listed.
Instead its purpose is to document them.

Compare the value of Mr Caper's "List of Black Inferiority" with the model that has been captured on this blog:

The Community's Permanent Interests

  • Safe Streets - So that the fabric of the community can be strengthened as individuals congregate together without fear
  • Quality Education - So that our young people can be trained into becoming the professional service providers that our community needs to retain a high standard of living
  • Thriving Local Economies - to allow goods and services to be exchanged, providing for economic sustenance and skills development of our people
  • Healthy Lifestyles and Relationship Outcomes - insuring that our people live long, loving lives that are fulfilling
  • Comprehensive and Enduring Solutions 
  • A Preference For Organic Solutions That Develop Our Competencies
The people who are more interested in expressing grievances over adopting a framework for a solution to be built upon make lists like the one that Mr Capers has posted.

Sadly even more established Black media operatives voice the views of Capers, dressed up in a more formalized cloak.

The  How To Tell If Our Leaders Are Brainwashed:

You know black leaders are brainwashed when ...

1) ... they fear that talking about racism may hamper their success.

2) ... they roll over at the slightest hint of retaliation.

3) ... they allow avowed enemies to define their agenda.

4) ... they quickly retreat from already weak positions.

5) ... they swiftly throw another black person under the bus to appear less racist.

6) ... they are more concerned about status among whites than defending black people.

7) ... they equalize racism, making it a black and white thing.

8) ... they legitimize, tolerate or excuse white groups, pundits or individuals who race-bait.

9) ... they allow whites to redefine the meaning of ''racism.''

10) ... they accept the ''post-racial'' illusion as our reality.

Tom Burrell is a marketing communications pioneer, founder and former CEO of Burrell Communications, and an Advertising Hall of Fame inductee

Is there any qualification of "the Black Position" or "defending Black people" beyond anything other than POPULARITY? What about results, Mr Burrell? When a set of theories fail does your list call for them to be inspected and changed? Or should we stay loyal and 'try harder'?

Monday, July 26, 2010

With Slavery Accepted So Intimately With Black Americans We Will Never Grow To Our Full Potential

If there was a time where I'd hoped that the Black Establishment Media would be upset about the use of "slave references" to identify Black people - this blurb by Democratic operative James Carville would be it.

This is a snapshot of a slide from "".  It was within a deck entitled "The Blackest White Folks We Know"

Republican Operative Lee Atwater was attacked for asserting that Black men are criminals per his choice to tie convicted murder Willie Horton around the neck of Democratic competitor Michael Dukakis. For some reason the same Black Establishment has no problem with Democrat James Carville making the SLAVE correlation with Black people. Instead of receiving an attack he got complimentary placement. His temper was said to be that of a "Black man and a slave".

Which of these projections is more fundamentally injurious to our consciousness as a people?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Are You Sure That It Was "Politics" That Produced Prosperity And Destruction?

I received the following pictures and words via an e-mail distribution list that I monitor.

64 Years Ago The City Of Hiroshima Looked Like This After The Bomb Dropped By The USA

Today Hiroshima Looks Like This - Apparently Fully Healed And Prosperous Beyond All Measure

The final series of pictures focused upon the city of Detroit Michigan today - 64 years after the bomb upon Hiroshima:

Then the e-mail ends with the question:

What has caused more long term destruction - the A-bomb or U. S. politics?

This question is stunning in its tone deafness.
Based upon the previous works of the author of this piece (or at least the person who forwarded the message my way) - when they say "US Politics" they are talking about the EXTERNAL political forces that were projected upon the city of Detroit.  Detroit was a victim of "corporate abandonment" - the new word coined in a documentary of Newark and Oakland.

These same people who think as such have no concept of how the popular ideologies and assumptions that were held by masses of people who placed the new leadership into power might have had anything to do with the crash and burn of Detroit and other once great American cities.

When one is a VICTIM - they were walking down the street - doing all of the right things, preparing themselves for the receipt of their bounty.   Some mal-actor came along and mugged them of all of their dreams.  This external assailant is to blame for the current predicament.

Few people are willing to consider how their own power play might have triggered a response from another party that has their own legitimate interests that they purse in a democracy.  It is their own ability to indict this other entity that allows them to retain their claim of righteousness while calling out the devil.

When will the results that are produced be factored into their views?
While Detroit's workers were "exploited" by their corporate oppressors - the city bustled in its population.  After the forces of justice and honor took over the city - the people living within began their historic demise.

WHO should be held accountable for the "economic bombing" of Detroit?
Who lost no power despite the great amount of losses that have been piled up?

What about the city of Hiroshima allowed it to rise from the ashes and surpass Detroit in its quality living standard?  

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Model Of The Misplaced Focus Within The Black Community

Sadly - None of this is anything new.

This piece from 100 years ago is called "The Ignorant Vote".
It details how easy it is to trigger a response in some people in which they act against their interests.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Why "Competency Development" Is A Manditory Constraint In The Evaluation Of Public Policy

Yesterday I captured the ideas that are being put forth as "The Black Agenda" per the "Progressives who are Black" that had the microphone over on TVOne's "Washington Watch With Roland Martin". 

In their view the "Black Agenda" is defined by what they as progressive Democrats can being home to the Black community after having built up a machine of support from the Black community to place "right thinking people" in office to represent the "Black Interests".

The various representatives mentioned the present status of Black unemployment being double that of White Americans as a reason to keep fighting and the present need for health care benefits for Black people as an example of why "Obamacare" was so important to Black people. With this consciousness at hand they see themselves as building up a local power base of progressive Democrats at the local level and a network of favorable progressives throughout the rungs of government that tip policy in a manner that is favorable to Blacks.

At no time in this dialogue did I hear anything about the ACCOUNTABILITY that INCUMBENCY brings in the way of measuring the present state of problems that we have in our community.  For example back in 1963 the "March On Washington For Jobs & Justice" was a response to a deficit for both of these key interests within the Black community.  As we fast forward 50 years the fact that the Black community is fully represented by these favorable people did not cause anyone to make note of their continued struggle to obtain these basics.

As I see it the present reason for the high comparative unemployment rate is because - LOCALLY - where people need jobs that are proximate to where they live - the forces that have been most destructive of job creation per their hostility to the "consumers of labor" have been growing in power.  Their vision of job creation has them focused on centralized command and control of the economic distribution system.   The present imbalance of jobs is due to the market economy which uses discrimination and will to exploit the work force as a means of resource allocation.   They are loathed to note that these forces also tend to avoid places that are hostile to their economic interests and liberty.

Unfortunately these "Black Agenda" operatives are not made to see that it is THEIR policies that are actually hostile to the interests of the Black worker over the long run.  Look at the carnage that has taken place in Detroit, Trenton and Buffalo as a result of their economic policies being the "last man standing".

Without A Measure Of "Competency Development" An Unchecked Ideological Chase Will Perpetuate

I am not even sure why it is necessary for me to state the obvious. 

Those who put forth an idea must have their idea check with reality.  Failing to implement such checks and balances leads to a situation where a steam roller effect takes place.   The present apparent "Black voter nullification" that forms as a gap between the economic outcomes in our community and the promotion of the leadership that presided over it despite these injuries to our interests will persist.

We need to have the progression of time under the leadership of this ideology also producing ENHANCED COMPETENCIES among the human resources within.   With this as the case our unemployment figures will normalize because more employment opportunities will come into these same communities, taking advantage of these skilled resources.

To address the "So you think Black people are stupid and incompetent?" crowd.   Please tell me how with outright racism in hiring put in check via an array of laws - these facts remain?  The tendency to point to some study that says "Degreed Black males in NYC are less likely to be hired than a White ex-con" fails to make mention of two important facts:
  • The Black person with a college degree has an unemployment rate that is better than the national unemployment rate.
  • That White ex-con has more employment opportunities within his own community because they are producing more jobs.  Any residue of "hiring your own kind" that remains is a function of the proximate availability of employment and the network of familiarity that exists
Now if you want to show me a time where after due INDICTMENT all vestiges of racism is removed - I would love to see it.  This the strategy of indictment as a means of forbearance against a critical look at the policies that govern the Black community is a failed strategy.

The Missed Opportunity On Education

Even with the operations of the schools in the hands of favorable people we still are treated to the claims of RACISM as the key indictment of the differentiated outcomes.  School funding imbalances leading the way.

Again "competency" provides an important check and failure a choke point on the need for change.

Indeed if local taxes and property taxes are the largest source of educational funding then please tell me what about our present leadership that has the confidence of our people make them unable to formulate polices that maximize the INVESTMENTS in education as a means of making that transition from spending on incarceration and such?

They seek to put the indictment on outside forces and make the conspiracy theory that prisons get funding and then "Negroes" are sought out to fill them, thus taking needed educational funds away.   Sadly this ignorant way of thinking stands unchallenged.

This allows them to continue their siege mentality, always wanting to fight against those who would prefer to have it illegal for the Negro to be taught how to read, while never having to stand and account for their incompetencies and imbalanced policy approaches that chose external indictment over good governance over the institutions that they now control.

We are now living through a battle for the consciousness of the Black community.   If the Black rank and file fails to see the costs of allowing those who they favor to also set all of the terms, thus avoiding management scrutiny we are going to find ourselves 60 years in the future, still struggling over the basics and not able to showcase the consciousness of independence and self-sufficiency that we so desparately need.

The key distinction between this upcoming 60 years and the last is that the massive debt monster that the USA now has is going to make the central government less able to feed everyone than ever before.

Bookmark: Kids Who Were Murdered From Violence In Philly

This is a personal bookmark.
I will read the links in the Philadelphia Inquirer report and comment later.

Kids, Guns and a Deadly Toll

My first observation, however, is that a gun is merely a more surgical means by which to carry out violence. It is not the source motivation of the violence.  Our mission is to mitigate the source of this violence from matriculating into more of our young people.


On/Of Light Switch with A Motion Detector To Keep A Constant Eye On The Movement Of Racists For Good Measure

Racism As A Binary Switch

It is either "on" or "off". There is no serious attempt at assigning graduation to racism as an opposing force in the context of all of the other forces of freedom and liberty that one has today. This is because in rendering the indictment of "racism" the person who holds the power to indict can also absolve himself from accountability for the shortcomings that should rightfully fall on his own shoulders.

When a person is walking down the street, following all of the rules for the society and yet is mugged by another who has violated the rules the victim obtains a measure of sympathy from the society because of these forces that are aligned against him.

The goal of those of us who are a bit more circumspect should be to mitigate the glaring instances of racism, note that there will never be a point at which all racism is gone and call out those individuals who profit off of their ability to "racism chase". There is no organic development from such a strategy.
Racism As A Negating Force In The Context Of A Number Of Other Forces

The Force Of Racism As A Potentiometer Who's Intensity Is Held In Check By Countervailing Forces

A more accurate model of the negative force of racism is that of a dimmer switch. A group of people, left unchecked can be inclined to focus upon their selfish interests at the expense of another group's rights.

As institutions and standards are developed by which these rights are enforced the countervailing force of racism is mitigated as a primary force against the people in question. While the tendency to favor one's group will never go away, those who are seriously interested in developing an effective solution for the historical victims of racism will document the attenuated force of racism in with the other forces that are bearing down upon the individual.

We should judge the veracity of one's commitment to finding a fix for our community's problems based on their willingness to provide open and transparent models of how they see the world and the threats that stand against them.

It is often the case that those who desire to remain as bigots, entrenched in their own world view, are the one's who have responses that amount to the famous parental-authoritarian phrase: "Because I Say So And That's The Way It Is".

My goal is to construct a model to help in the understanding of the world that the members of the Black community live in today with the hopes of providing some necessary tweaks to allow more effective results to be rendered.

The notion of RACISM is today used as one of the biggest indictments possible against someone else.  It puts the other on the defensive, forcing him to disprove a negative.  ("No I am not a racist" or akin to "When did you stop beating your wife".)  

This is not to say that there are no people who are indeed "racists", violating the present day's rules of public discourse as they show they don't give a damn about anything beyond their provincial interests.

We must also call out the "perpetual victims" of racism, who see the power of such an indictment and keep an eye open to call it out as frequently as possible.   From where I stand this watchful eye on racism also has the negative effect of failed management focus on the inside of the group in question.  

By common agreement they can claim that RACISM is the primary force that stands against them today AND which has put them in the ditch that they are now climbing out of, their adversaries having moved forward a great distance ahead of them.

What some people fail to see is that their own mis-focus away from the human resources that are developing under their tutelage and the failure to primarily focus upon the development of skills and competencies within the young people that constantly stream from the eco-system that they control they set the stage for the next generation of inferior positioning.  With this focus a series of process refinements are inculcated into the culture within which they live.  

Unfortunately today their efforts at strengthening their own are less than their activities at indicting others.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Damage From Making Animals "In Receipt Of Food Benefits" Is Clearly Understood By Humans

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Why is it that what is so clearly understood about the harm done to wild animals that were created to forage for their sustenance when humans choose feed them out of a perverted sense of empathy for them does not carry over to the human being?

I can't help but wonder if the destruction done to the human being is not purposeful. A dependent human being is one less competitor to have to worry about in commerce and in war.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Poor In India Than Africa - What Systems Are Being Developed To Make Them Un-Poor?

'More poor' in India than Africa

When I read this story I understood the information that was put forth. I failed to understand the "news" contained within this factoid.

Per my view that "Poverty is the defacto state of man and systems are needed to allow him to express his competencies and thus build up his standard of living" - in as much as they mentioned nothing of this sort I concluded that this was merely a "India sucks more than does Africa when it comes to poverty" story.

Deprivations of:
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Assets 
  • Services
In reading this brief account I am made to wonder if those showing concern for India and the various nations in Africa would even distinguish between these poor souls being made "in receipt of" these deprivations or if they saw the intrinsic necessity to setup a framework by which the organic competencies of the people, operation in regards to directed outcomes - could obtain the standard of living that is agreeable? 

Quick definitions (deprivation)

noun:  act of depriving someone of food or money or rights ("Deprivation of civil rights")
noun:  the disadvantage that results from losing something ("Losing him is no great deprivation")
noun:  a state of extreme poverty

Article from BBC

Eight Indian states account for more poor people than in the 26 poorest African countries combined, a new measure of global poverty has found.

The Indian states, including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, have 421 million "poor" people, the study found.

This is more than the 410 million poor in the poorest African countries, it said.

The Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) measures a range of "deprivations" at household levels.

Developed by Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) with UN support, it will feature in the upcoming UNDP Human Development Report.

The measure assess a number of "deprivations" in households - from education to health to assets and services.

"The MPI is like a high resolution lens which reveals a vivid spectrum of challenges facing the poorest households," said OPHI director Dr Sabina Alkire.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Candidate For The Denmark Vesey Eye For Art Program - Sista Soldier Sheds A Tear

Courtesy of Ebony Magazine - August 2010

I have commented previously to my friend Denmark Vesey of the "Denmark Vesey blog" about his talent for displaying images of females as art.  His motivation is based on respect and honor.

I have to credit the photographer from Johnson Publishing who snapped this picture that is within the same light.  The picture is full of symbolism.

I hope that I have saved Denmark Vesey the time it would have taken him to scan, resize and then crop the picture and that he will mount this one on his right hand picture frame of talent. 

"What Have You Done For Black People?" vs "What Competencies Have You Built Up Within The Black Community?"

Two questions that are targeted at Black Establishment Leadership.
Two questions that attempt to grasp a set of facts that are a world apart.

What Have You Done To Help Black People?
This is by far the most popular question asked by politically active Black people to "disqualify" their ideological adversaries.

Since there is no VALUATION dimension to the question - those who:

  • Hand out $2,000 grants from government taxation into the hands of individuals
  • Formed the longest soup line in history in North Philly
  • Gather together Black business professionals to offer free seminars to aspiring Black business owners
ALL have equal footing, despite the fact that only ONE of them planted an ORGANIC SEED in our community.

Those who use this as their primary selection device often fail to see how much such an unqualified perspective is a violation of the notation that the two way transaction of value that must be made for the two EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS in the transaction of value to remain as peers on the same level.   Fredrick Douglass, Booker T Washington, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X are indeed spinning in their graves over the acceptance of "help" without consciousness about the "self-consciousness" that is handed away each time.

It is assumed that "those who help Black people" have enlightened views on the fairness that the society should offer everyone, without regard to skin color.  This is indeed true. 

However those who have a nefarious motivation for their 'help of the Negro' also are lumped into the "Friends Of The Blacks" category:
  • Those who help Blacks because they believe them to be too incompetent to help themselves if left all alone
  • Those who help Blacks because they know that this dependency will bring the same loyalty and pattern forming as the squirrel at the back door that awaits its daily feeding of peanuts thrown out by the homeowner
  • The horse owner who expresses great love for his beast, caring for it as it was his romantic partner yet never, ever, never assuming that this beast has the equal intellect or should be afforded the same accord as a human being.  
  • Or lastly - those who, in helping "The Least of These", are themselves drawn closer to their God who sees them as a great provider.   As such he works to expand the evidence of his grace by doubling his soup line ever year.
In short - the evidence of "HELP" does not connote the fact of having one's fully balanced best interests.

What Competencies Have You Developed Within The Black Community During Your Run Of Control Over Its Institutions?  

This question will make someone very unpopular among a certain segment of Black folks.
Those who you often hear the words "Blaming the victim" coming out of their mouth don't quiet appreciate the enforcement of the two way transaction.

The truth is that they do transact on a constant basis.  They transact the INFERIORITY OF BLACK PEOPLE.  Our "victim status", being "History's Injury Case" provides us with a resource that is worth more than a bag of gold dust that a "49er" had at his disposal as he came down from the mountains and used it to purchase his food, housing and booze.  

Leaning upon the claim that a "20 year old Black man, born in 1990" is a full victim of "Slave history and Jim Crow" the people who transact such a claim are NEVER, NEVER, NEVER going to allow their valuable asset to diminish in value least they lose their leverage in this fateful transaction.

The three circumstances that could deleverage their negotiating power are:
  1. Their negotiating adversary is no longer proximate and thus the transactor of inferiority is on his own
  2. The negotiating adversary, though nearby, refuses to value the damaged state of the said victim and ignores the claims of his being a "racist" that will surely follow
  3. A new generation of conscious individuals WITHIN the ranks of those who had executed the victimization strategy make note of the damage that it has done and they refuse to participate in such graft
I choose to talk about #3.   I see myself as being of this mindset.

Last night I watched a documentary on left-wing attorney William Kunsler.   In the past 60 years he was the defense attorney for all of the people - from the SOCIETY'S VIEW who were the "Dregs Of Society".   In as much as he saw the injustice of the society during the 1960's, for example, and knew that "if not HE who stood up than who else?"  I had no choice but to respect him as a man of his time.  The system was patently unjust without recourse otherwise.

In my view those who attempt to continue with these claims today, despite having a "favorable person" in the seat of the "racist, intolerant judge" of the "Chicago 9" case are as guilty of "Turning Back The Clock" as are the intolerant individuals who are resistant to change.  Ironically the very people who demand that the ex-felon that served his time are not willing to grant the same reprieve to the SYSTEM.  The very system that they routinely serve their indictments against.

I notice:  Take Away Their Ability To Indict And So Too Falls Their Fortress

In truth we should see a shift in their tactics as society establishes open judicial processes and more "favorable people" are allowed inside to administrate the system.

When I put forth a new question:  "What COMPETENCIES have you built up WITHIN the Black community" it forces the person who otherwise seeks to provide cover to the Black Establishment and all of its (mostly left of center) contracted partners to think about the transactions that they engage in in the name of Black people to transition their thoughts from PROTECTION of the Black community over to GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT therein.  

Protection and Growth are two different attributes.
One can be engaged in the protection of a vulnerable entity and yet never afford it any growth in its own competencies. 

When it comes to "Growth and Competency Development", however, incumbent in both of these is the need to grow strong in the ways that the entity in question can defend itself from threats - outside and in.

I find it rather ironic that some individuals who are latched to their ideology perpetually pursue the course of action by which they seek to gain elite university admittance for Black students who have survived the K-12 system that they now administration.  The onus for change and acceptance of the mission of diversity is transferred off of the backs of those who administrate our community over to those who must accept the "damaged" end product that is still standing despite his matriculation through the harsh environment that has been maintained within.  

In constantly seeking outward correction via the aggregation of political power, people with this consciousness fail to see that the expansion of their plague of problems despite the growth in the power of the entity that they have latched onto is a direct result of their inattention to the management of the human resources that they have been charged with developing.

They will soon find themselves seeking to save face regarding the continued existence of problems.  Thus with the power base that they have built up over the media sources - they will lament that the reason for their continued grievance is the continued presence of their enemy.  In as much as the rank & file has accepted the terms of the argument, without serious scrutiny - they too will join in on the constant external struggle.

The demand for competency development in proportion to the relaxation of hostilities and the growth in power is a necessary check upon those who wish to use our confidence in them to exploit our loyalties for their own interests.

Fail to demand COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT at your own peril.

Note: The diagram to the left is entitled "Industrial based Competency Model".  I have yet to research what it means.  I found it using the Bing Image Search.  It had enough action words within the context of a framework to interest me into further investigations. 

The Debate About The High Suspension Rate For Black Males In High Schools

The main point for my posting this is to disagree with the gentleman who argues that discipline policies are responsible for denying education to kids that are punished. He logically argues that the school administrators should consider the value of their education over the need to correct their behavior.

This is 100% backward.

The solution to this problem is to insure that all of the parties who stand to benefit from education to be made fully committed to upholding their own part in the process. If indeed education is the valuable "game changer" as many say it is the challenge is to have those who presently provide the behavioral challenges to submit to the greater will for education. All other policies must flow from this.

No classroom teacher should have to suffer from the "confiscation of her instruction time" by having to deal with more discipline problems than education. The system breaks down once it reaches such a tipping point.

As with so many other issues the problems in the schools are merely expressions of some other dysfunction that has not been managed within the HUMAN RESOURCES in question. I will not use this time to make any cheap shots upon ideological adversaries. Instead I will say that there is a need to PRIORITIZE the "directed outcomes" and then manage these resources in accord with this set of priorities.

The more that frayed societal theories are allowed to be inserted into the issue............The more that theoretical liberties are pursued at a time when community based controls are needed - the more likely that these problems will continue.

There needs to be far more involvement from the responsible adults in the eco-system to control those within, having them fall in line behind these initiatives that produce a legitimate directed outcome.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Who Will Update The Ebony Story On "Black Labor Story 1865-1972" To Include 1973-2010 And Beyond?

I ran across this story in the December 1972 edition of Ebony Magazine entitled "The Making Of America - The Black Worker".

The Ebony Magazine archive is now apart of the Google Books collection.  Please follow this link to read the article in total.  (Unfortunately you can't print it but the on-screen fonts do scale for easy reading).

For the record I ran across this article after being made aware of a NAACP statement that was critical against organized labor.  None other than the nemesis named Glenn Beck tuned me into the following quote:

The NAACP address an open letter to the American Federation of Labor and other groups of organzied labor:

For many years the American Negro has been demanding admittance to the ranks of union labor.

For many years your organizations have made public profession of your interest in Negro labor, of your desire to have it unionized, and of your hatred of the black "scab".

Notwithstanding the apparent surface agreement, Negro labor in the main is outside the rnas of organized labor, and the reason is, first, thatn white union labor does not want black labor, and secondly, black labor has ceased to beg admission to union rans because of its increasing value and efficency outside the unions.

We face a crisis in inter-racial labor conditions; the continued and determined race prejudice of white labor, together with the limitation of immigration, is giving black labor tremendous advantage. The Negro is entering, the ranks of semi-skilled and skilled labor and he is entering mainly and neccesrily as a "scab". He broke the great steel strike. he will soon be in a position to break any strike when he can gain economic advantage for himself.

On the other hand, intelligent Negroes know full well that a blog at organized labor is a blow at all laobr, that black labor today profits by the blood and sweat of labor leaders in the past who have fought opprssion and monopoly by organization. If there is builtup in America a great black bloc of non-union laborers who have a right to hate the unions, all laboers, black and white, eventually must suffer.

Is it not time then that black and white labor get together? Is it not time for white unions to stop bluffing and for black labor to stop cutting off their noses to spite their faces?
Though I appreciate Mr Beck for bringing this awareness about the previous conflict between Black labor and White labor unions - my agenda differs significantly from his.   My goal is to show that that despite the conflict between  White labor and Black labor having been put in check - the interests of the Black laborer is no more assured today as it was back then.  Today we stand with an 15.4% Black unemployment despite this integrated union movement.

The Black Economy - Multitudes Of Black Labor Without Enough Consumers Of Our Labor Supply

I am going to use Mr Bennett's article as a means of analyzing the events that have transpired in the 40 years since it has been written.  More specifically I will depart from a debate on the interests of "Black labor" and instead ask the question "What happens when the Black Establishment Institutions must CONSUME ITS OWN LABOR SUPPLY?"

The reason why this is an important question to ask is because so much of our political activism is oriented toward Blacks as SUPPLIERS of labor into the market.

Just imagine if the great Marcus Garvey had been allowed to continue his development of the organic productive capacity that extracted the productivity for Black people and nurtured our community interests in the process?  Would the prevailing disposition of the Black political consciousness ultimately stood against Garvey's efforts as the owner of production akin to US Steel or would the presence of such holdings forced more of a balance in the political leanings within our community?

Unemployed Human Resources In Apartment Complex Not Deployed To Help Themselves

The video below depicts a situation that is common in our society which expresses such a gross contradiction in terms: Those who said to be low skilled and unemployed are 'serviced' up to a given standard of living in their residences instead of engaged for their expertise so that they can play a direct part in their own prosperity. As such a change that implements a "public and 'rank & file' partnership" is needed to insure conditions can improve in the areas that they call home.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Upon seeing the first portion of the video most people would conclude that these are indeed horrible conditions that no human being should be made to live with. Raw sewage, water leaks and roaches. I agree with this unconditionally.

As a follow up report that is showing in today's news (the above video was captured from the Saturday news), the apartment management says that they don't have the funds necessary to do the necessary fixes and upgrades. They receive their funds from government subsidy. The spending cuts from the government has tied their hands on the matter.

Developing The People
In this country we have the luxury of holding the authorities accountable for coming through on issues pertaining to the upkeep of property that the residents have some complicity in the its present eroded state.  Again I do not expect that the residents will obtain a backhoe and fix the sewer drainage problems.   I think that it is entirely reasonable for them to be engaged for pest eradication, implementing a program for the upkeep of the common areas and for certain individuals to be trained on how to do dry wall and minor pipe repairs. 

On the chair that is next to where I am sitting is a "Special Assessment " from my homeowners association.  Though I paid my $650 dues for the year the board gathered back together a few months ago and blessed us with this new letter demanding another $400 to do some emergency repairs for the common areas and the pool.

I don't expect those who are accepting of being called "the Least of These" to ante up $400 each from their own pockets in an effort to make improvements of their living space.   The one thing that they do have to offer, however, is their time and talents to make their own proximate area more livable.

In as much as some people would suggest that this is "blaming the victim" they should also accept the cultural damage that is being done to people who have this abstraction introduced between their own actions and the standard of living at which they are able to live.

Crack Cocaine - The Cotton Gin Of Our Age

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

I have to apologize in advance for violating my own policies about making use of Slavery analogies and metaphors. While using such references to slavery is akin the cheap and easy attack as is labeling someone a 'Nazi', there is a powerful justification for seeking crack (and other highly addictive drugs - Meth) in the same light as the cotton gin.

The Legacy Of The Cotton Gin

The cotton gin came at a time when slavery in the American South was proving to be less profitable than the network of oppression and the string of lies that were told to keep it alive .

At the time preparation of cotton for the marketplace was a time consuming process.  Removing cotton seeds from the fibers was laborious and impacted the profitability of the cotton commodity for the slave holder. 
When the cotton gin came along it changed the economics of the slave holding business which exploited human beings. 

The machine automated the process of removing the cotton seed from the fiber.  In doing so the acreage of cotton throughout the South exploded.  "King Cotton" came to life and more enslaved Africans were needed to work the fields.  The slaveholders grew even more intransigent in their unwillingness to release these equal human beings from legal bondage as they were needed in the cotton workflow.

The Legacy Of Crack - The Unrealistic Plans To Move Forward
Despite recent attempts to rewrite the history of the impact of crack upon the Black community its highly addictive properties has destroyed thousands and thousands of lives and the human potential that was encapsulated within. 

In today's debate there is a heightened focus on the negative impact of the maintenance of the prohibition of crack and other highly addictive drugs.  If we sell these drugs through legal channels many of our problems will go away.  Those who are jailed today would instead remain as free and productive citizens in their own community and amongst their families.

When it comes to addressing the highly addictive properties of these drugs the plan calls for more government spending on addictive treatment.

In observing the two characters in the video I conclude that the legalization of drugs will merely shift the problem rather than cure them.

  • Stores that sell these highly addictive drugs will be robbed at gun point or broken into in the cover of night.  The point is that the lust for the chemicals that support their addiction is the key link - not just the administration of justice
  • The dysfunctional behavior of those who are addicted to these drugs - as shown by the man from Chicago -will continue despite the presence of official channels for distribution and the addition treatment centers.   It would be just as logical to argue that the distribution of rat poison for human consumption through legal channels would lead to improved outcomes
The only way to mitigate the scourge of these powerful drugs upon people, their families and our community is to insure that individuals never take their first hit and thus are not attempting to reach that "first high" once again.

    Saturday, July 10, 2010

    Wal-Mart's Southside Chicago Store: Rank & File Blacks Break With Organized Labor

    Chicago aldermen approve city’s second Walmart store

    Labor's Rebuttal: What Else You Should Know About Wal-Mart

    Story #1
    CHICAGO — The Chicago city council approved building the city’s second Walmart store on Wednesday, a victory that overcame labor opposition and promises jobs on the city’s struggling South Side.

    “Who else is creating jobs?” asked Ald. Anthony Beale, imploring his colleagues to vote for the project, a supercenter that will sell groceries and could open in the first quarter of 2012.

    The council’s unanimous vote — although some aldermen gave support grudgingly — also was an important win for the giant retailer that has said it hopes to build dozens of stores throughout Chicago.

    Approval for the store came after labor leaders dropped their opposition when Wal-Mart Stores Inc. agreed to pay starting wages there of $8.75 an hour, coupled with raises of 40 cents to 60 cents an hour after the first year. Illinois’ minimum wage increases Thursday to $8.25 an hour.

    Story #2

    "In terms of specific geographies, we're looking across the entire city, with a special focus on the South and West sides – especially in those self-identified food deserts," Restivo said.

    The goal is to create about 10,000 Wal-Mart jobs within the city limits, Restivo said.

    Under the agreement with organized labor, union workers will build all the new Wal-Mart stores.

    Restivo added that Wal-Mart had received widespread messages of support and welcome from Chicagoans.

    "I really think that yesterday, the mayor, Ald. (Anthony) Beale, and the entire City Council are to be commended for really representing the will of the people of the city of Chicago, because we have really just heard consistently – Chicago wants Wal-Mart," Restivo said.

    But not everyone agrees with that sentiment. While support for Wal-Mart was unanimous in the City Council, skepticism and criticism are still echoing in some chambers.

    The Thursday edition of the Chicago Reader is leading with a cover story titled, "What Else You Should Know about Wal-Mart." Its accompanying cover art shows the Chicago skyline as viewed from the top of the John Hancock Center, with a huge smiley face like the one formerly used in Wal-Mart ads hovering ominously from behind a building.

    "It's not just the low wages or the near-scientific union busting. It's the preference for poverty, the business model built on turnover, the manipulative PR," writer Max Brooks opines at the start of the article. "Is this really the best way to bring jobs and food to the south and west sides?"

    The feature article is composed of an interview with University of California at Santa Barbara labor historian Nelson Lichtenstein. The interview revolves largely around Wal-Mart's history of resisting employee attempts at unionization. It also addresses a public relations campaign that Lichtenstein describes as "astroturfing;" enlisting local groups to campaign for stores on Wal-Mart's behalf.

    Lichtenstein also says in the Reader article that while Wal-Mart does offer wages that are competitive with union grocery stores, those other stores are likely to have lower turnover than Wal-Mart and thus, more long-term career opportunities.

    The notion that "Wal-Mart is a union buster" miss the key question: "Does the Black community needs UNIONS or do we need JOBS"?

    There are plenty of places in our communities that have a potentially large union support base. The only problems is that they lack the "consumers of labor" to make these potential union workers into WORKERS.

    The point remains that the claims of "union busting" is a ruse.

    The Rank & File From The Black Community Break From Organized Labor

    Desperation causes people to do some strange things.
    As such the sight of Black protesters demanding that the Chicago board of aldermen approve the new store location on the Southside was a rare sight to see.

    The way I see it - After being a loyal constituency for so many years, going along with the flow with their union friendly political leaders - the "jobs desert" and "food desert" in the Southside forced those who see what is going on in their community to break with the standard line from their leaders. 

    I don't believe for one minute that this represents a permanent departure from the fateful path that they have been mislead down.  I will take a transactional departure where the situation is considered on a case by case basis.   The point remains, however, the masses of people have not yet made the transition where they prioritize the PRODUCTION that these leaders provide over the claimed PROTECTION that they provide.

    If what they had been living in was "freedom" and "social justice" - they chose to bring Wal-Mart in so that they can be "exploited' because the EXPLOITED state is far less than the theory seen otherwise.

    There is a need for our community to be more clear on our permanent interests and to create some distance between those who operate as inside confidence men, instead creating some distance so that the collective can understand their interests beyond their loyalties to these embedded operatives.

    Friday, July 09, 2010

    The "Least Of These" Must Be Moved Beyond The "Cared For" Status In Order To Become The "UN-Least Of These"

    This is a real e-mail exchange between myself and a good friend of mine who is proving to be far more liberal and quasi-socialist than I have previously figured him to be.  I am not making an indictment against this disposition.  Instead it is far more important for me to properly frame his viewpoints against the real world challenges that these people face and then apply known concepts of human behavior, culture and general management practices.  At the end both he and I must be forced to ask:

    What is the desired END STATE for the people in question?  Do your policies adequately serve as a waypoint signal to guide them toward this end?

    Here is the opening salvo from my friend which made me aware of the article in the paper from the official from the Atlanta Housing Authority.

    My Friend's Message

    I thought maybe you could get something out of this since you claim that black leaders never do anything for our poorer communities. You all should skim through the study done by the economics professor at Tech. I found it pretty enlightening. I always believed that the ghetto is the reason poor blacks can't get ahead and we have too high of a percentage of our people living in them. After civil rights, we were pretty much told to go and fend for yourselves - without proper education on how to better ourselves. It is interesting to see how a change in living conditions can make someone's world so much better. It isn't a matter of being lazy (as most black kids are portrayed). But when you grow up in a crime and drug infested neighborhood, it is proven that your odds of getting out of that life are slim.

    On another note, I guess the now defunct school systems in most Georgia counties (white and black) proves the point that politicians and local leaders lack of care for education cross racial barriers and their spending/budgets reflect bad decisions no matter what side of town you live on.

    Here Is The Article That He Is Referring To:

    The truth about AHA: Making a Better Community and Strengthening Families

    By Barney Simms

    Utter dismay.

    That was my reaction when I read an article recently in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ("DeKalb Resists Unwelcome Image," May 30, 2010) that quoted someone I respect who was lambasting the Atlanta Housing Authority. Steen Miles, a former TV reporter and state senator, told the AJC that many suburban counties' problems with crime, schools and falling property values are due to low-income blacks moving into the community. "The people dumped from the Atlanta housing projects went to Clayton and DeKalb counties," Miles stated.

    Checking further, I found that Miles had written in a DeKalb newspaper, The Champion Free Press ("The downward spiral," April 9, 2010): "Many of the Atlanta transplants [to DeKalb] are former residents of the housing projects. … [M]ost of these low-income families have not had adequate counseling on how to adjust to living in single family homes. … Without serious counseling, how does one adjust from living in cramped, crime and drug-infested apartment complexes to being 'integrated' into middle class neighborhoods?"

    Miles is wrong, very wrong on all points. But the fault isn't hers. It's mine, as the person responsible for explaining AHA's work to the community.

    AHA is in the midst of completing a historic transition. In the mid-1990s, Atlanta was pockmarked with more than 40 housing projects, and had the highest percentage of people living in public housing of any major U.S. city. Of the 15,000 housing units, fully one-third weren't fit for human habitation and the rest were only marginally better. Residents had been condemned to never-ending concentrated poverty. They were prey to criminals and victims of isolation from the mainstream community. The schools their children attended were among the very worst in the state. Residents faced lives devoid of jobs and economic opportunity.

    In 1994, when Renee Glover became CEO of the Atlanta Housing Authority, we set out to change that. This year, the last of the big housing projects will be demolished. We have ample proof from academic studies and from our own experience that families when integrated into the mainstream – either by living in the mixed-income communities that have replaced the projects or in housing-voucher assisted homes of their choice – become mainstream. Their employment statistics mirror those of society at large. Their children attend schools where success is instilled. They no longer are the most vulnerable victims of criminals.

    Not all poverty has been eliminated in Atlanta, but AHA has replaced the worst pockets of despair and impoverishment with healthy neighborhoods. Crime rates have fallen dramatically, property values in once-depressed areas have risen, and for the first time in decades, citizens of all races and income groups are clamoring to move into the city. As the projects, which were exempt from property taxes, were replaced with taxable mixed-income housing, the city's tax base was significantly augmented, a financial boon to the city's homeowners and businesses.

    AHA deserves credit for its strategic intervention in ending poverty and for much of the civic regeneration that has followed. Yet, misperceptions remain. Chief among those are ones Steen Miles asserted, plus one other, that in demolishing the projects AHA has contributed to homelessness in Atlanta.

    Here is the truth about AHA's work:

    Does AHA serve fewer families now that the projects are gone? Absolutely not. About 6,000 more families receive housing assistance today than at the peak of the projects.

    Have the suburbs been inundated with former residents of Atlanta housing projects? Absolutely not. Families who receive Section 8 assistance living outside Atlanta is nothing new. Today 2,968 families live in 87 zip codes across the state – but since 2004, the year we announced all the large family housing projects would be razed, only 369 families have relocated outside of the City of Atlanta. If every one of those families had relocated to DeKalb, as Steen Miles implied, they would have had no measurable impact on the demographics and certainly couldn't have caused the problems she described. The former housing project residents, by an overwhelming majority, now pursue productive lives and are indistinguishable from most working families. All of the families are required to comply with their terms of their lease and the rules of the program or else they will lose their eligibility to receive the housing subsidy – and some do.

    If not from AHA then, from where is the suburban poverty coming? Some counties, such as Clayton, have encouraged vast building of rental housing (the ratio of rental to ownership is staggering), attracting transient and low-income residents from, for example, the Hurricane Katrina exodus. It was reported that thousands of families relocated from the Gulf Region to metro Atlanta. In total, fewer than 60 of those families received housing assistance from AHA (suggesting the balance moved to other, presumably suburban, communities where the rents were affordable like Clayton and DeKalb counties).

    In fact, according to a Brookings Institute report issued this year, the Atlanta metro area has the highest percentage of its poor living in suburbs of any major urban region – about 84.5 percent of the region's low income families live outside the core city. That's about 900,000 people, of which former Atlanta housing project residents constitute, at most, a negligible one-tenth of one percent. Suburban poverty has many causes, but AHA isn't one of them.

    Are former housing project residents "dumped" into the community without preparation? Absolutely not. AHA in the last decade has invested $26.7 million in coaching families to move smoothly into the mainstream. That program engages families for at least 27 months. AHA also has implemented other programs, such as one called Good Neighbor, that is administered through Georgia State University, to ensure positive outcomes for both families moving from the projects and the neighborhoods into which they move. No other housing authority in the nation makes anywhere near that level of commitment. Former residents of AHA projects are now well-endowed with the tools to be good citizens, workers, students and neighbors.

    Don't former project residents move into neighborhoods just as poor as the projects? Not at all. A Zip Code analysis conducted this year showed that on average, former Atlanta housing project residents are now living in neighborhoods 27 percent more affluent than those surrounding public housing. That means better schools, better access to good retailers and grocers, more good jobs nearby and greater proximity to community resources.

    In tearing down the housing projects, hasn't AHA contributed to Atlanta's homeless population? Absolutely not. AHA has fostered more quality affordable housing in Atlanta than the city has seen in decades. Moreover, working with the Regional Commission on Homelessness, AHA has entered into long-term rental assistance agreements that support 500 units in concert with a variety of private developers, faith-based groups and non-profit organizations. The goal of this work is to develop various supportive housing communities with services to house the homeless and give them the skills to overcome homelessness. AHA recently increased its rental subsidy to support 200 additional housing units. The group responsible for monitoring homelessness in Atlanta and Fulton and DeKalb counties, The Pathways Community Network, found in a recent report that "homeless count numbers from 2003 to 2009 were steady. There was no dramatic change." Pathways also found that a 6.5 percent increase in homeless people during the period was much less than population growth of 17 percent. That stability occurred during the very period when the housing projects were coming down.

    No organization is perfect, and no work in building a better community is ever complete. But AHA over the last 16 years has cleaned up a great mess, one rife with social injustice, and we have done so with the mission of improving the lives of children and families while at the same time building a great city.

    Barney Simms is chief external affairs officer for the Atlanta Housing Authority.

    Here is my reply to my friend;

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I had printed the article out but am just now getting around to responding.

    All I can do is capture what ran through my mind as I read the words from the AHA official.

    1) As he talked about "Residences Unfit For Human Habitation" I noted that in as much as his agency is proving shelter for human beings and he later talked about the lack of EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES - there is a bit of perversion in this site as neither government administrator nor resident who desired more favorable living conditions ever thought of matching the DESIRE for a better kept residential physical plant with the UNEMPLOYED LABOR that is warehoused in these projects.

    I hope you see my point on this . They are looking so hard externally for opportunity for these people that they never saw the opportunity right under their noses that would benefit their interests for improved residences.

    2) The government official talked about the CRIME RIDDEN AREAS that these places were which damaged the people living within. He never told us WHO the criminals that were assaulting the people were. You see  - if they were EXTERNAL Klansmen then indeed we can say that there is no complicity of the warehoused masses in the distorted consciousness of the young people which has them attacking each other and those who have the misfortune of being close by people with this consciousness.

    3) He rounded off his indictment of the general society by pointing out that these people need to be integrated in with the "mainstream" in order to allow "mainstream values" to reorient them. I think that you and he fail to see the irony of this proclamation. Look at the various religious or cultural movements that were OPPRESSED by the mainstream and chose to venture out on their own to live amongst the religious dogma or societal values that made them unique. The VERACITY of their system of thought  was vetted by their later prosperity or their societal collapse as a group.

    In their case the government official is arguing the 180 degree reverse. He is admitting that the collection of thoughts that have been indoctrinated over time within these people make it so that they are a threat to each other IF they are distanced from the mainstream.

    Instead of considering the special medicinal values that the "mainstream" has which needs to be distributed to the people in question - you and he should take this as an opportunity to see that this package of consciousness that is event in these people who are isolated should NEVER be allowed to creep into the mainstream. (I said the consciousness creeping not the people).

    If we look at the African Pygmy - his isolation today has not imperiled him. But instead he is left to do what he has been doing for thousands of years. This is evidence of the connection of his thoughts and daily productive activity to the real world challenges that they have for survival. Isolation from the mainstream alone should not be looked at as the indictable point. It is the CONSCIOUSNESS of the people in question and how it stands the test of isolation that we should be focusing upon.

    My overall view in reading this argument is one thing: What are the competencies that are being developed within this group of people as they live their lives in these conditions that were originally developed as transitional housing?

    Either the task is to get them back on their feet and thus the administrators should be bound to a certain program for matriculation outward OR they are merely a warehousing organization where the HOUSING of these people is made as a separate and distinct question about the APPLICATION of their human intelligence in to the upkeep of the physical environment where they live and the management of the consciousness that abounds.

    We are dealing with foundational cultural and societal issues here Sam, NOT mere ideological or partisan debates.

    I am not interested, as you suggest, in seeing evidence of what "Black Leaders" are DOING in the community. I am far more interested in defining our Permanent Interests and taking measure of where these goals reside and were we stand as a people after decades of trying. The change in the distance over time shows us all what the real question that must be asked: "IS IT WORKING"?

    SIDE NOTE: Over the Independence Day weekend I drove the actual streets around the community where that Korean grocer was stabbed to death. Right near Morehouse. This community is a violent community as evidenced by the "telephone pole memorials" - the stuffed bears showing a murder scene. There was a weathered murder scene about a half block away from the stop where the grocer was murdered. I am empathetic to harsh realities of living in a neighborhood that feeds on its young. At the same time I could not help but notice that even the most dilapidated block was full of campaign signs, drawing upon the people to retain their confidence in their representatives.

    The best sign of salvation for this community was the fact that several gated apartment complexes were being built. "Black on Black Gentrification" will change the character of the place. Unfortunately I saw more MEXICANS building on these new homes for Blacks than any other group.

    Thursday, July 08, 2010

    Once The NAACP Succeeds At Making Weed Legal These Type Of Police Images Won't Be Seen Any Longer

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    This time I have to credit NAACP for their timing. After seeing the LA chapter of the NAACP fight "block holes" it is none too surprising that the California segment of the organization is at it again. They are working to legalize marijuana BECAUSE the present prohibitions trigger police harassment and imprisonment of too many Black people. As their logic goes - make it legal and all of the problems will go away.

    CNN: Legalizing marijuana is civil rights issue, California NAACP says

    What does a group who's utility in reference to the key problems facing Black America has waned while their willingness to confront the key terrorists of Black people in 2010 BECAUSE they reside inside of our own community do to stay relevant?  They go further away from their core and take up causes like this.

    The NAACP is not expected to field a community management regime that will achieve the outcomes that our community demands.  Instead they see their job as conduits, working to force those authorities that do have this obligation to change.  They apparently fail to realize that with more favorable people in power over these communities as ever their theories go straight to the bottom line results.

    This move to lobby for the relaxation of drug prohibitions is yet another example of how the claim of RACISM can be molded to justify anything that the NAACP and other groups choose to apply it to.

    Multiple Faiths Assemble Together To Reject The Hatred That Burned A Mosque In Marietta GA

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    It should not take the actions of an ignorant person for individuals of differing religious faith to come together and express their common value of their community and the right for each of them to be free of fear that their house of worship will be destroyed in an attempt at religious intimidation.

    Each of them can retain the integrity of their respective faiths as they share what is common among their character.