Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Analysis: Until Free Agent Activists Are Held Accountable For The Agenda They Field Nothing Will Change

CA Capital Weekly - Citing high black arrests, NAACP endorses pot legalization

The NAACP unconditionally supports the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, siting the fact that drug laws disproportionately criminalize Blacks.

From my frequent debates with people most will conclude that this debate is over marijuana and that the NAACP is doing its part to "advance" Black people by keeping us out of jail.  Noting how these laws are means to an end, used by forces who have no good intention for Black people.

Instead of remaining at the surface of this debate I will now work first model the argument and then place it in its proper context so that we can have a better understanding of the function of the NAACP and other "permanent strugglers", making note that they will never be the foundation by which our community builds up institutions that will support our interests.  That is, at least without a fundamental change in their consciousness.

The Model Used By The Free Agent Activists

  • A) Enumeration Of The "Right-wing" Control Vector
  • B) The Articulation Of The Secondary Effects That Are A Threat To Black Folks
  • C) The Struggle Against The Threat While Subverting Discussion On Prima Facie Issue
  • D) Find A Conspiracy By Which This External Force Is Responsible For Ensnaring Blacks
With few variations this is the model of how the NAACP and other "Progressive In Black Face" organizations operate.

Example #1:  The attempt to restrict abortions is a violation of Black women's civil rights
  • A) The control vector is the attempt to repress the Reproductive Choice of Black, Poor Women
  • B) The secondary effect is that if we "allow them" this control over our bodies then they will continue with other repression of our bodies 
  • C) We must fight these attempts, pointing out the increased number of unwed births in the White community
  • D) The fact that White Supremacy - jails Black males, impoverishes Black families creates the conditions by which these abortions take place.  Thus if we fight economic oppression we can reduce the taking of the lives of gestating Black children
Example #2:  The need for Black and Brown to stay united on the subject of illegal immigration
  • A) The control vector is - The enforcement if immigration laws
  • B) The secondary effect is - RACIAL PROFILING.  If we allow OTHERS to be victimized by this action then don't be surprised when they come back around to US.  (And I quote from the "Washington Watch" show on TVOne:) "If they had their way WE wouldn't be in this country today either"
  • C) We need to go to Arizona and show a united front.  We cannot allow RACISM and hatred for people of color to drive public policy.  Never DAMNED ONCE mentioning THE LAW and how Black people are going to be negatively impacted when an increasing population of people on the lower end of the economic production scale is going to create a crowd out effect for the Black community's interest
  • D) The CORPORATIONS seeking cheap labor are the ones that are bringing the illegal aliens to this nation.  We need to fight them so our wages can increase.  (Note:  Arizona passed a crackdown on corporations in 2007, signed by then Gov Nepolitano.  We see how well this worked)
Example #3:  We need to legalize marijuana because its illegal status gives the police entre to harass and arrest Black youth
  • A) The control vector is drug enforcement laws
  • B) The secondary effect is "Black males in jail" 
  • C) The question of "can a person who is high" and dependent on drugs be a fully effective tool in our community development struggle
  • D) Others are carpet bombing the Black community with drugs to destroy us

Example #4: THE CONTRADICTION!!!!     Gun Ban Laws
  • A) The gun ban enforcement within cities such as NYC, Philly, Chicago, DC, Baltimore have INDEED given the police license to "stop and frisk" young Black males
  • B) The secondary effect is shown by the fact that several well known Black males have done prison time for violating gun laws:   Little Wayne, Shine, (almost) PDitty, Plaxico Burris, TI, many others.
  • C) The primary issue that is not addressed is that while we focus upon the inanimate object known as the "gun" they don't focus upon the "demon" which these males are possessed with that have them killing each other.  IMAGINE if the Civil Rights Struggle was a focus on "gun control" for Whites that were killing us, controlling the distribution of rope and flammable liquids used in the lynching of Blacks.  The corrective action is that these "little White Klan boys" need access to more jobs and opportunity so they will stop killing Blacks
  • D) The real culprit are the gun dealers who should know better yet they populate our streets with guns.  Ironically we might even hear "If they were to do RACIAL PROFILING at the gun store, carefully scrutinizing the disposition of the purchasers,  it would stop a lot of the straw purchases."

The Free Agent Status Of The Activist And How He Must Be Held Accountable For The Results
The common denominator in all of these points is that those who have no sense of their present role as "The Establishment Powers" will also fail to take ownership of the consequences of their theories and policies.

They believe that they are in a perpetual struggle AGAINST a more powerful force that all of their tactics have been honed and sharpened to fight against.  When they slip up and arrive at the day where theirs is the controlling power - they find that they are ill-equipped to transition into their new role.

It is far easier to struggle for people's RIGHTS.   They are seen as liberators when they do.  Those who are the "maintainers of the rules of society" are the oppressors.  The only time the "liberators" like to be the "oppressors" is when it comes to corporate interests or other entities of government that they see as oppressors.

At some point the liberator must field and then maintain an order of living by which all who live within the institutions that they now control are made to live in compliance of these new rules.  They must fend against a new generation of "liberators" who see them as the governing "oppressors".

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