Friday, July 23, 2010

Are You Sure That It Was "Politics" That Produced Prosperity And Destruction?

I received the following pictures and words via an e-mail distribution list that I monitor.

64 Years Ago The City Of Hiroshima Looked Like This After The Bomb Dropped By The USA

Today Hiroshima Looks Like This - Apparently Fully Healed And Prosperous Beyond All Measure

The final series of pictures focused upon the city of Detroit Michigan today - 64 years after the bomb upon Hiroshima:

Then the e-mail ends with the question:

What has caused more long term destruction - the A-bomb or U. S. politics?

This question is stunning in its tone deafness.
Based upon the previous works of the author of this piece (or at least the person who forwarded the message my way) - when they say "US Politics" they are talking about the EXTERNAL political forces that were projected upon the city of Detroit.  Detroit was a victim of "corporate abandonment" - the new word coined in a documentary of Newark and Oakland.

These same people who think as such have no concept of how the popular ideologies and assumptions that were held by masses of people who placed the new leadership into power might have had anything to do with the crash and burn of Detroit and other once great American cities.

When one is a VICTIM - they were walking down the street - doing all of the right things, preparing themselves for the receipt of their bounty.   Some mal-actor came along and mugged them of all of their dreams.  This external assailant is to blame for the current predicament.

Few people are willing to consider how their own power play might have triggered a response from another party that has their own legitimate interests that they purse in a democracy.  It is their own ability to indict this other entity that allows them to retain their claim of righteousness while calling out the devil.

When will the results that are produced be factored into their views?
While Detroit's workers were "exploited" by their corporate oppressors - the city bustled in its population.  After the forces of justice and honor took over the city - the people living within began their historic demise.

WHO should be held accountable for the "economic bombing" of Detroit?
Who lost no power despite the great amount of losses that have been piled up?

What about the city of Hiroshima allowed it to rise from the ashes and surpass Detroit in its quality living standard?  


Anonymous said...

"Are You Sure That It Was "Politics" That Produced Prosperity And Destruction?"

No, it was the Martians!

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