Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Black Community Must Stop "Voting Our Race" And Instead Focus On "Managing The Outcomes For Our Community"

The video above is placed here for the purposes of supporting my argument and nothing more.
It is not about Charles Sherrod, the speaker who is enforcing his style of "Blackness" upon others. I had never heard of the man prior to the recent dust up that involved his wife.

Instead my post is about a mindset that is present within Charles Sherrod and others.
On the subject of the crackdown on illegal immigration I read a Black person's views in which he said "we are on the verge of a MAJORITY MINORITY nation and should not allow the divide and conquer strategy to work against us". This is an example of this very same mindset.

The mindset has us conditioned to be in a constant fight against some outside threat. The major benefit of this mindset is its unifying effect. It is a failure when it comes to developing organic competencies. The fact that the external enemy is such an important component of the unified group's actions and consciousness means that they are 'beside themselves', unaware of what they should do next when they slip up and find themselves victorious but all alone.

As I listen to people who tell us to "vote our race" I can't help but notice that those who are making this pronouncement are always within the "correct consciousness" and are fully vetted. Thus their call for voting as a racial bloc is merely a demand for unity and the forward projection of the prevailing viewpoint.

With this unity comes a certain amount of repression of divergent opinions and much worse - questioning of the prevailing agenda.

This agenda is ubiquitously leftist in nature.
The stance is against the power structure which they say is oppressing them. They seem unable to note the need for transition when "their guy" is now in power in city hall or in the White House. "Their guy" need not be Black. Instead he/she is a leftist progressive of any color who shares the same theories on government.

The main flaw in this drive is that they are unable to fully leverage the equal human resources that are abundant within the Black community. After placing the favorable person into power locally these activists and political groups that have assisted in this end exhibit a low level of proven ability to actually translate this potential into actual benefit. As the grievances continue they merely ramp up their activism against some external adversary, demanding that they receive the funding to allow them to be successful.

I have stated many times that our hierarchal order of government was developed on a franchise model. A city is provided with a charter from the state. This affords this new local entity to operate the state's obligation to provide educational services to people living within the borders. The city was assumed to be a viable concern, able to collect taxes so that these services can be provided. There is both power and responsibility that is afforded in this franchise.

In the wake of this take over of these local institutions those who are in power and the people who promoted them into place return to the state government (or feds) and demand that they be given funds in order to allow them to operate at a certain standard of living that all Americans should be afforded - or so they say.

Yesterday I exchanged words with a poster from New Jersey. His argument is that the new Republican governor, in failing to extend the one year tax hike on the rich that the previous governor had erected provided the wealthy with a tax cut at the expense of the poor. At no point in time did this same person make note of how the loss in local economic productive power in the various cities in New Jersey has brought the state to the point where they now look toward the rich as the key funding source to replace that which has eroded away.

Simply put - we can't continue along with the consciousness that is so focused on the DEMAND SIDE and its associated social entitlements that they abstract the tough economic choices that go along with the SUPPLY SIDE - the producers of capital wealth.


The entrenched views that are retained by certain ideological bigots that would have us "voting our race" are ultimately unresponsive to the full needs of our community.  On the question of our standard of living we don't only need the resources that are supplied to "feed" these living standards.  There is a fundamental need to have the equal human resources within to be developed so that they are the key providers of these goods and services, with the community receiving the economic benefit there in.  This second component is the fatal weakness of the present strategy.  "Feed a man fish" is far more important than the "fishing lesson".

With this supply and demand consciousness in mind our communities need to be governed in accordance with this balance.  Such a consideration would purge the extremists out of power because our new charter demands results over unity.   With an overlay management order that is enforcing this new mandate for our communities to be the suppliers of our demands new leadership and practices would have to be developed in order to retain the long run advantage for our people.

The more rationale forces that are present within our community are fully aware that of the shortfalls of the present system.  Despite the fact that many of them assisted in erecting the present order (gave us the prescription that we are addicted to) - they now are among the people who are still seeking solutions for our communities.   The present need is for them to forgo a bit of their own ideological biases in order to support the OVERLAY SYSTEM through which we will govern our communities toward a more directed outcome.  They have achieved the victory that they set out for with their ideology.  It now has unchecked control over our communities and yet we still grieve.

It is time for us to hoist our permanent interests up as the guiding principle and make the methodologies that purport to deliver us toward this end as the components that are swapped out if they fall short.


Anonymous said...

But we must protect ourselves like the "BORG" does. We must all think alike lest the evil White man attempts to return us back to the days of racism and prejudice!
We want to be free!

Say it loud, I'm Black and I'm broke!

Constructive Feedback said...

Is there an actual POINT to your post Anon?

Thrasher said...

Your commentary makes a number of false interferences a posture which states reliance on self and support the markets within one's locale is not the same theme you ae talking about...

Progressive Black people are not going to support incompetent Black leaders anymore that incometent white leaders...

The community cannot managed its outcomes when the external forces(state rule not home rule) is a barrier to managing outcomes..

Your narratives are ful ofto many tired strawmen and not realistic information

Constructive Feedback said...


Here is where I stand.
While you and many others are inclined to force me to "deliver a plan" for me to vet my credibility on the subject of "What are we going to do now" the bottom line of it all is that YOU and the prevailing consciousness have functional control. The onus is upon you all to go back to the promises that were made and showcase exactly which of these have been accomplished.

You and others keep talking about these EXTERNAL FORCES that are keeping us down. Yet as the power at the local level is increased politically/culturally and academically over our people there never seems to be any OWNERSHIP as to the results that remain burdensome.

In my initial engagement with your blog, Thrasher it was YOU who were searching for a way forward for the Black community. It seems that when someone (me) dares to assign accountability to the present set of circumstances AND notes which force is actually benefiting from this clandestine agenda -YOU are more vocal in calling me out than you appear to say anything about THEM.

Please, I beg you, show the movement by which this same leadership who talks about EXTERNAL FORCES are working to build up organic competencies within our own communities so that we are not compromised to the whims of these external forces - as reasonable as one can have it being in a diverse nation.

Please detail a "Strawman" and any "unrealistic information"?

Thrasher said...


I have called you out in part because of your constant attack on the nature of anything Black..That is my only issue with you it is a constant theme of yours to degrade and always find flaw with anything Black..

I actually agree with a number of your themes when you chat about outcomes inside the community...

I have no objection to your analysis regarding external forces...

Constructive Feedback said...

With all due respect Thrasher - look at what you just said:

* The same analysis that is on point for EXTERNAL threats to Black people

* Is full of "false inferences" when it comes to INTERNAL threats to Black people.

Is it possible, brother Thrasher, that you have some measure of protectionism for our INTERNAL adversaries that have proven to work against the community interests?

I refuse to promote one threat as greater or inferior than the next. Instead I choose to look at the victim and note that while DEAD he is no more gratified that an internal assailant is responsible for his demise.

Thrasher said...


Again your inference is flawed..I never support any destructive forces or threats internal or external with regard to the communities interests..

I also never advocate for dead victims..I only advocate for the living..