Friday, July 02, 2010

CNN: Afrikaner Community In South Africa Seek To Rebrand Themselves After Successful Staging of World Cup

Rebranding the Afrikaner: World Cup watershed?

In my view the best thing that the Afrikaner can do is to make sure that the nation has good governance and sound economic development policies.  The masses of people in South Africa need economic opportunity, education and protection from the massive plague of crime that is present.
(CNN) -- Organizers of the 2010 World Cup hoped the soccer tournament could provide a catalyst for a "re-branding" of South Africa, and arguably there is no group within the Rainbow Nation that needs this makeover more than the Afrikaner community.
The Afrikaners -- who count Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron and former athlete Zola Budd among their number -- are descendants of European, mainly Dutch settlers, who moved to the southern tip of Africa in the 17th century.
Making up just under six percent of the population -- numbering around three million from an overall population of nearly 50 million according to the 2007 Community Survey -- it is the white Afrikaner people that were most closely associated with the ruling elite of the racist and oppressive apartheid regime that existed from 1948 to 1994.
"There was a long time that Afrikaners were perceived to be the polecats of the world, it is something we have to live with," Tim Du Plessis, editor of Afrikaans newspaper Beeld told CNN.
"But people [who come to the World Cup] will realize the Afrikaners are very indigenous to Africa. There's a brand new generation coming through who have traveled all over the world. They are not seen as racist Afrikaners they are seen a people of South Africa," he added.

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