Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Debate About The High Suspension Rate For Black Males In High Schools

The main point for my posting this is to disagree with the gentleman who argues that discipline policies are responsible for denying education to kids that are punished. He logically argues that the school administrators should consider the value of their education over the need to correct their behavior.

This is 100% backward.

The solution to this problem is to insure that all of the parties who stand to benefit from education to be made fully committed to upholding their own part in the process. If indeed education is the valuable "game changer" as many say it is the challenge is to have those who presently provide the behavioral challenges to submit to the greater will for education. All other policies must flow from this.

No classroom teacher should have to suffer from the "confiscation of her instruction time" by having to deal with more discipline problems than education. The system breaks down once it reaches such a tipping point.

As with so many other issues the problems in the schools are merely expressions of some other dysfunction that has not been managed within the HUMAN RESOURCES in question. I will not use this time to make any cheap shots upon ideological adversaries. Instead I will say that there is a need to PRIORITIZE the "directed outcomes" and then manage these resources in accord with this set of priorities.

The more that frayed societal theories are allowed to be inserted into the issue............The more that theoretical liberties are pursued at a time when community based controls are needed - the more likely that these problems will continue.

There needs to be far more involvement from the responsible adults in the eco-system to control those within, having them fall in line behind these initiatives that produce a legitimate directed outcome.

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