Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Hit And Misses Of Lee H. Walker In "Rediscovering Black Conservatism"

C-SPAN Video: Lee H. Walker's Book Review: "Rediscovering Black America"

I watched Lee H Walker's interview with great anticipation.  However I was a bit disappointed with the lack of clarity regarding certain key points where he had an opportunity to express the key concepts and value of "Black Conservatism".

When asked he described "Black Conservatism" as being the school teacher of the past. She walked down the street, saw a misbehaving Black youth and her words were as if the child's parents had spoken.  She had the backing of the community.  While this description brought into my mind the character of my 3rd, 4th and 6th grade teachers - it was not a sufficient definition in my view.

My definition of a "Black Conservator" could greatly assist Mr Walker because this is what he was attempting to say.

A Black Conservator is a person who realizes that there are tried and true methods by which the human resources within the Black community can achieve a desired state of development and productivity.  These processes must be accepted, communicated amongst the masses within the community and the people must be managed in reference to these principles.  A conservator sees value in these methods, realizing that while technology and our scope of travel changes - the human being and his core tendencies do not.  The key task for the responsible adults that manage the eco-system is to inculcate the next generation with these tenants.  

Mr Walker lost me when he announced that he had voted for candidate Barack Obama because - when his grandchildren ask him in the future "where did you stand when the nation got its first Black president - I can tell them 'Yes I voted for Obama'".   Later on in his discussion he goes on to criticize the policies of the Obama Administration - particularly its education policies.  The promotion of Arnie Duncan from Chicago into the nation's top education spot.  The lack of support for school choice via charter schools.   This had me confused.   If education is the centerpiece for the transformation of the Black community how does one advance the machine that has control over every majority Black school system in the nation?  This is a tacit approval for all that they have done despite the failings.  (or at least the promises that they made upon their ascent into power).

Mr Walker did say that he was a Republican but that "Black Conservatism" had nothing to do with a particular party.  He indicated that most Black Conservatives in fact vote for the Democrats.  He noted that Minster Louis Farrakhan is a Black conservative.

I agree with these points above but much of them were lost because Mr Walker failed to clearly articulate the foundations of Black Conservatism/ Conservatorship.   I agree that Minister Farrakhan's core message is one in which he calls for our community to focus on within.  In my personal assessment Farrakhan fails because he has not developed the language on how to deal with Black people who have control over our community or elected institutions and fail to deliver.  He instead focuses upon his drive of "Non-White White Supremacy" as a blanket explanation of all that ails us.  Both Mr Walker and Rev Farrakhan need to develop their plan for "operationalizing" their theories upon the community.

It is indeed important that Mr Walker distinguished the vehicle of the "political party" from the bundle of methodologies that an ideology (conservatism or liberalism) represent.  While there is indeed strong correlation between party and ideology the distinction comes when we add a new dimension to the model.  Beyond the "American Political System" there is the domain that I call the "Community Cultural Consciousness and Competency Development" domain.  Whereas the notion of political party loyalties have been fused into community/racial development - as we as a Black community stand at 'full employment' with regard to Democratic Party support and representation over our institutions the key problems that triggered political activism by Black people remain.   The monopoly messaging of the prevailing progressive establishment affords them the ability to argue that conservative racism remains as the reason for the promises yet to be met.  In truth there is no point that these forces will accept that they now have enough power and control for our community to expect what we were sold along the way.

In summary - our solutions are not going to be delivered upon the victory in the "last election" where there is no more opposition standing.  Instead these desired outcomes will be delivered as a result of the deployment of and effective management of human resource management processes.  The loyalties to the "American Political Parties" stand as a major obstacle in the serious consideration of a redirected consciousness that promote the Black Community's permanent interests above the indirect pathway (through the Democratic Party and Progressive Policies) that purport to obtain these interests.   Sadly for some people there is not enough evidence of their "mission accomplished" that is going to cause them to evaluate the efficacy of their policies in pursuit of some others.

I was most happy that Mr Walker presented the picture of journalistic and literary great George S Schuyler on the cover of the book.

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