Friday, July 30, 2010

Match Making Women Scheming On The Brothers

Now that I am in the loop with my wife and her girlfriends (and relatives) I had no idea how much women scheme on snagging a brother via their coordinated efforts.  I get to listen to them as they sit on my couch going through the inventory of men that are available.  When asked about my friends that might be available I tell them that most of them are married but if you can keep a secret...........  :-)   That is usually sufficient to have them back off of their questions.

I got a call from my wife for me to talk to her girlfriend who lives in the UK to tell her about one of our family friends that is a single Black male - with a job and a house of his own.   She is in her late 30's and is looking to settle down.  Based on the character reference that she has heard from my wife - she is interested in visiting the USA and getting to know this eligible bachelor.  I just linked them up via conference call.

This marks the 3rd female that this crew has presented to this stud.  The other love connection, a cousin, is not interested in having any children (at this time) so she is out of the running and they are in the "friends zone".

Still another single friend of the family who also recently purchased a home in the state has to beat this scheming crew back.  He told them that he has a girlfriend back in New Jersey and is not interested in pursuing any of them at this time.

Is it really this bad out there on you sistas?

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