Thursday, July 08, 2010

Once The NAACP Succeeds At Making Weed Legal These Type Of Police Images Won't Be Seen Any Longer

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This time I have to credit NAACP for their timing. After seeing the LA chapter of the NAACP fight "block holes" it is none too surprising that the California segment of the organization is at it again. They are working to legalize marijuana BECAUSE the present prohibitions trigger police harassment and imprisonment of too many Black people. As their logic goes - make it legal and all of the problems will go away.

CNN: Legalizing marijuana is civil rights issue, California NAACP says

What does a group who's utility in reference to the key problems facing Black America has waned while their willingness to confront the key terrorists of Black people in 2010 BECAUSE they reside inside of our own community do to stay relevant?  They go further away from their core and take up causes like this.

The NAACP is not expected to field a community management regime that will achieve the outcomes that our community demands.  Instead they see their job as conduits, working to force those authorities that do have this obligation to change.  They apparently fail to realize that with more favorable people in power over these communities as ever their theories go straight to the bottom line results.

This move to lobby for the relaxation of drug prohibitions is yet another example of how the claim of RACISM can be molded to justify anything that the NAACP and other groups choose to apply it to.

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