Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Dr Walter Rodney - Racial Conflicts Between Black and Asians In The Caribbean

Dr Walter Rodney was called the offspring of Marcus Garvey in regards to Black consciousness.

This audio provides an excellent history of how Indian and Chinese laborers were brought into the Caribbean.  Interracial conflicts fomented as each group exploited the stereotypes of another.

Ironically I have first hand experience with all of these places.
  • In Jamaica there  is no doubt a large presence of people with Chinese ancestry.  In Montego Bay I was surprised at the number of Asian merchants in this overwhelmingly Black nation
  • In Trinidad there is indeed a large population of people with an Indian ancestry.  While they appear to socialize together at the Carnival race seems to define the key political parties of the nation
  • Regarding Guyana - my former next door neighbors were Indo-Guyanese.  I figured that there was some past migration movement into the land but this audio report was the first time it was contextualized

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