Monday, July 19, 2010


On/Of Light Switch with A Motion Detector To Keep A Constant Eye On The Movement Of Racists For Good Measure

Racism As A Binary Switch

It is either "on" or "off". There is no serious attempt at assigning graduation to racism as an opposing force in the context of all of the other forces of freedom and liberty that one has today. This is because in rendering the indictment of "racism" the person who holds the power to indict can also absolve himself from accountability for the shortcomings that should rightfully fall on his own shoulders.

When a person is walking down the street, following all of the rules for the society and yet is mugged by another who has violated the rules the victim obtains a measure of sympathy from the society because of these forces that are aligned against him.

The goal of those of us who are a bit more circumspect should be to mitigate the glaring instances of racism, note that there will never be a point at which all racism is gone and call out those individuals who profit off of their ability to "racism chase". There is no organic development from such a strategy.
Racism As A Negating Force In The Context Of A Number Of Other Forces

The Force Of Racism As A Potentiometer Who's Intensity Is Held In Check By Countervailing Forces

A more accurate model of the negative force of racism is that of a dimmer switch. A group of people, left unchecked can be inclined to focus upon their selfish interests at the expense of another group's rights.

As institutions and standards are developed by which these rights are enforced the countervailing force of racism is mitigated as a primary force against the people in question. While the tendency to favor one's group will never go away, those who are seriously interested in developing an effective solution for the historical victims of racism will document the attenuated force of racism in with the other forces that are bearing down upon the individual.

We should judge the veracity of one's commitment to finding a fix for our community's problems based on their willingness to provide open and transparent models of how they see the world and the threats that stand against them.

It is often the case that those who desire to remain as bigots, entrenched in their own world view, are the one's who have responses that amount to the famous parental-authoritarian phrase: "Because I Say So And That's The Way It Is".

My goal is to construct a model to help in the understanding of the world that the members of the Black community live in today with the hopes of providing some necessary tweaks to allow more effective results to be rendered.

The notion of RACISM is today used as one of the biggest indictments possible against someone else.  It puts the other on the defensive, forcing him to disprove a negative.  ("No I am not a racist" or akin to "When did you stop beating your wife".)  

This is not to say that there are no people who are indeed "racists", violating the present day's rules of public discourse as they show they don't give a damn about anything beyond their provincial interests.

We must also call out the "perpetual victims" of racism, who see the power of such an indictment and keep an eye open to call it out as frequently as possible.   From where I stand this watchful eye on racism also has the negative effect of failed management focus on the inside of the group in question.  

By common agreement they can claim that RACISM is the primary force that stands against them today AND which has put them in the ditch that they are now climbing out of, their adversaries having moved forward a great distance ahead of them.

What some people fail to see is that their own mis-focus away from the human resources that are developing under their tutelage and the failure to primarily focus upon the development of skills and competencies within the young people that constantly stream from the eco-system that they control they set the stage for the next generation of inferior positioning.  With this focus a series of process refinements are inculcated into the culture within which they live.  

Unfortunately today their efforts at strengthening their own are less than their activities at indicting others.

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