Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Snoop Dogg Brings Football To Chicago To Increase The Peace

Snoop Dogg Brings Youth Football League to Chicago

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I have mixed feelings about the news that potty mouthed rapper Calvin Broadus will extend his football league from his home town into the city of Chicago, having been prompted by the recent problems with violence in the Windy City.

Of course some will ask "Well what are you doing besides judging?  At least he is doing something.".

Indeed this seems to be the case - at least at the surface.

Yesterday in my rented car I pressed the CD eject button and what did I see to my surprise?   I hip hop CD left in the player.   For the second time in about 3 weeks I got a chance to listen to the lyrics of the music that some young people listen to.  These particular performers talked about:

  • "We're thugs, we're killa, were M.F.'in Niggas"
  • Talked about a scenario where he is strapped in the club and is going to cause some bleeding
  • Talking about all of the women that he has screwed
With the present uproar about "sarcastic letters that are racist" being sent to Black organizations I still can't understand how the commercial products put out by the "Hip Hip Voice Of The Street Pirates" does not trigger as much scorn as when White people gather together and call themselves a "Tea Party"?

With this line of thinking I am forced to look at Calvin Broadus and the product of his work which brought him fame and fortune.  While I am happy that he has chosen to do a good deed by sponsoring a football team - it is also true that his main line of work does more damage that the good that his football league does.

There must be a conditional acceptance of the gifts from Snoop Dogg and other "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates".  Though one might argue that his material is for adults - the scene at the elementary school that I spoke at 2 years ago showed that his song "Sexual Attraction" enjoyed popularity among young people.  Not just the radio version "Sexual Attraction" but also the x-rated version "Sexual Eruption".

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