Monday, July 12, 2010

Unemployed Human Resources In Apartment Complex Not Deployed To Help Themselves

The video below depicts a situation that is common in our society which expresses such a gross contradiction in terms: Those who said to be low skilled and unemployed are 'serviced' up to a given standard of living in their residences instead of engaged for their expertise so that they can play a direct part in their own prosperity. As such a change that implements a "public and 'rank & file' partnership" is needed to insure conditions can improve in the areas that they call home.

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Upon seeing the first portion of the video most people would conclude that these are indeed horrible conditions that no human being should be made to live with. Raw sewage, water leaks and roaches. I agree with this unconditionally.

As a follow up report that is showing in today's news (the above video was captured from the Saturday news), the apartment management says that they don't have the funds necessary to do the necessary fixes and upgrades. They receive their funds from government subsidy. The spending cuts from the government has tied their hands on the matter.

Developing The People
In this country we have the luxury of holding the authorities accountable for coming through on issues pertaining to the upkeep of property that the residents have some complicity in the its present eroded state.  Again I do not expect that the residents will obtain a backhoe and fix the sewer drainage problems.   I think that it is entirely reasonable for them to be engaged for pest eradication, implementing a program for the upkeep of the common areas and for certain individuals to be trained on how to do dry wall and minor pipe repairs. 

On the chair that is next to where I am sitting is a "Special Assessment " from my homeowners association.  Though I paid my $650 dues for the year the board gathered back together a few months ago and blessed us with this new letter demanding another $400 to do some emergency repairs for the common areas and the pool.

I don't expect those who are accepting of being called "the Least of These" to ante up $400 each from their own pockets in an effort to make improvements of their living space.   The one thing that they do have to offer, however, is their time and talents to make their own proximate area more livable.

In as much as some people would suggest that this is "blaming the victim" they should also accept the cultural damage that is being done to people who have this abstraction introduced between their own actions and the standard of living at which they are able to live.

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