Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"What Have You Done For Black People?" vs "What Competencies Have You Built Up Within The Black Community?"

Two questions that are targeted at Black Establishment Leadership.
Two questions that attempt to grasp a set of facts that are a world apart.

What Have You Done To Help Black People?
This is by far the most popular question asked by politically active Black people to "disqualify" their ideological adversaries.

Since there is no VALUATION dimension to the question - those who:

  • Hand out $2,000 grants from government taxation into the hands of individuals
  • Formed the longest soup line in history in North Philly
  • Gather together Black business professionals to offer free seminars to aspiring Black business owners
ALL have equal footing, despite the fact that only ONE of them planted an ORGANIC SEED in our community.

Those who use this as their primary selection device often fail to see how much such an unqualified perspective is a violation of the notation that the two way transaction of value that must be made for the two EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS in the transaction of value to remain as peers on the same level.   Fredrick Douglass, Booker T Washington, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X are indeed spinning in their graves over the acceptance of "help" without consciousness about the "self-consciousness" that is handed away each time.

It is assumed that "those who help Black people" have enlightened views on the fairness that the society should offer everyone, without regard to skin color.  This is indeed true. 

However those who have a nefarious motivation for their 'help of the Negro' also are lumped into the "Friends Of The Blacks" category:
  • Those who help Blacks because they believe them to be too incompetent to help themselves if left all alone
  • Those who help Blacks because they know that this dependency will bring the same loyalty and pattern forming as the squirrel at the back door that awaits its daily feeding of peanuts thrown out by the homeowner
  • The horse owner who expresses great love for his beast, caring for it as it was his romantic partner yet never, ever, never assuming that this beast has the equal intellect or should be afforded the same accord as a human being.  
  • Or lastly - those who, in helping "The Least of These", are themselves drawn closer to their God who sees them as a great provider.   As such he works to expand the evidence of his grace by doubling his soup line ever year.
In short - the evidence of "HELP" does not connote the fact of having one's fully balanced best interests.

What Competencies Have You Developed Within The Black Community During Your Run Of Control Over Its Institutions?  

This question will make someone very unpopular among a certain segment of Black folks.
Those who you often hear the words "Blaming the victim" coming out of their mouth don't quiet appreciate the enforcement of the two way transaction.

The truth is that they do transact on a constant basis.  They transact the INFERIORITY OF BLACK PEOPLE.  Our "victim status", being "History's Injury Case" provides us with a resource that is worth more than a bag of gold dust that a "49er" had at his disposal as he came down from the mountains and used it to purchase his food, housing and booze.  

Leaning upon the claim that a "20 year old Black man, born in 1990" is a full victim of "Slave history and Jim Crow" the people who transact such a claim are NEVER, NEVER, NEVER going to allow their valuable asset to diminish in value least they lose their leverage in this fateful transaction.

The three circumstances that could deleverage their negotiating power are:
  1. Their negotiating adversary is no longer proximate and thus the transactor of inferiority is on his own
  2. The negotiating adversary, though nearby, refuses to value the damaged state of the said victim and ignores the claims of his being a "racist" that will surely follow
  3. A new generation of conscious individuals WITHIN the ranks of those who had executed the victimization strategy make note of the damage that it has done and they refuse to participate in such graft
I choose to talk about #3.   I see myself as being of this mindset.

Last night I watched a documentary on left-wing attorney William Kunsler.   In the past 60 years he was the defense attorney for all of the people - from the SOCIETY'S VIEW who were the "Dregs Of Society".   In as much as he saw the injustice of the society during the 1960's, for example, and knew that "if not HE who stood up than who else?"  I had no choice but to respect him as a man of his time.  The system was patently unjust without recourse otherwise.

In my view those who attempt to continue with these claims today, despite having a "favorable person" in the seat of the "racist, intolerant judge" of the "Chicago 9" case are as guilty of "Turning Back The Clock" as are the intolerant individuals who are resistant to change.  Ironically the very people who demand that the ex-felon that served his time are not willing to grant the same reprieve to the SYSTEM.  The very system that they routinely serve their indictments against.

I notice:  Take Away Their Ability To Indict And So Too Falls Their Fortress

In truth we should see a shift in their tactics as society establishes open judicial processes and more "favorable people" are allowed inside to administrate the system.

When I put forth a new question:  "What COMPETENCIES have you built up WITHIN the Black community" it forces the person who otherwise seeks to provide cover to the Black Establishment and all of its (mostly left of center) contracted partners to think about the transactions that they engage in in the name of Black people to transition their thoughts from PROTECTION of the Black community over to GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT therein.  

Protection and Growth are two different attributes.
One can be engaged in the protection of a vulnerable entity and yet never afford it any growth in its own competencies. 

When it comes to "Growth and Competency Development", however, incumbent in both of these is the need to grow strong in the ways that the entity in question can defend itself from threats - outside and in.

I find it rather ironic that some individuals who are latched to their ideology perpetually pursue the course of action by which they seek to gain elite university admittance for Black students who have survived the K-12 system that they now administration.  The onus for change and acceptance of the mission of diversity is transferred off of the backs of those who administrate our community over to those who must accept the "damaged" end product that is still standing despite his matriculation through the harsh environment that has been maintained within.  

In constantly seeking outward correction via the aggregation of political power, people with this consciousness fail to see that the expansion of their plague of problems despite the growth in the power of the entity that they have latched onto is a direct result of their inattention to the management of the human resources that they have been charged with developing.

They will soon find themselves seeking to save face regarding the continued existence of problems.  Thus with the power base that they have built up over the media sources - they will lament that the reason for their continued grievance is the continued presence of their enemy.  In as much as the rank & file has accepted the terms of the argument, without serious scrutiny - they too will join in on the constant external struggle.

The demand for competency development in proportion to the relaxation of hostilities and the growth in power is a necessary check upon those who wish to use our confidence in them to exploit our loyalties for their own interests.

Fail to demand COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT at your own peril.

Note: The diagram to the left is entitled "Industrial based Competency Model".  I have yet to research what it means.  I found it using the Bing Image Search.  It had enough action words within the context of a framework to interest me into further investigations. 

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