Monday, July 19, 2010

Why "Competency Development" Is A Manditory Constraint In The Evaluation Of Public Policy

Yesterday I captured the ideas that are being put forth as "The Black Agenda" per the "Progressives who are Black" that had the microphone over on TVOne's "Washington Watch With Roland Martin". 

In their view the "Black Agenda" is defined by what they as progressive Democrats can being home to the Black community after having built up a machine of support from the Black community to place "right thinking people" in office to represent the "Black Interests".

The various representatives mentioned the present status of Black unemployment being double that of White Americans as a reason to keep fighting and the present need for health care benefits for Black people as an example of why "Obamacare" was so important to Black people. With this consciousness at hand they see themselves as building up a local power base of progressive Democrats at the local level and a network of favorable progressives throughout the rungs of government that tip policy in a manner that is favorable to Blacks.

At no time in this dialogue did I hear anything about the ACCOUNTABILITY that INCUMBENCY brings in the way of measuring the present state of problems that we have in our community.  For example back in 1963 the "March On Washington For Jobs & Justice" was a response to a deficit for both of these key interests within the Black community.  As we fast forward 50 years the fact that the Black community is fully represented by these favorable people did not cause anyone to make note of their continued struggle to obtain these basics.

As I see it the present reason for the high comparative unemployment rate is because - LOCALLY - where people need jobs that are proximate to where they live - the forces that have been most destructive of job creation per their hostility to the "consumers of labor" have been growing in power.  Their vision of job creation has them focused on centralized command and control of the economic distribution system.   The present imbalance of jobs is due to the market economy which uses discrimination and will to exploit the work force as a means of resource allocation.   They are loathed to note that these forces also tend to avoid places that are hostile to their economic interests and liberty.

Unfortunately these "Black Agenda" operatives are not made to see that it is THEIR policies that are actually hostile to the interests of the Black worker over the long run.  Look at the carnage that has taken place in Detroit, Trenton and Buffalo as a result of their economic policies being the "last man standing".

Without A Measure Of "Competency Development" An Unchecked Ideological Chase Will Perpetuate

I am not even sure why it is necessary for me to state the obvious. 

Those who put forth an idea must have their idea check with reality.  Failing to implement such checks and balances leads to a situation where a steam roller effect takes place.   The present apparent "Black voter nullification" that forms as a gap between the economic outcomes in our community and the promotion of the leadership that presided over it despite these injuries to our interests will persist.

We need to have the progression of time under the leadership of this ideology also producing ENHANCED COMPETENCIES among the human resources within.   With this as the case our unemployment figures will normalize because more employment opportunities will come into these same communities, taking advantage of these skilled resources.

To address the "So you think Black people are stupid and incompetent?" crowd.   Please tell me how with outright racism in hiring put in check via an array of laws - these facts remain?  The tendency to point to some study that says "Degreed Black males in NYC are less likely to be hired than a White ex-con" fails to make mention of two important facts:
  • The Black person with a college degree has an unemployment rate that is better than the national unemployment rate.
  • That White ex-con has more employment opportunities within his own community because they are producing more jobs.  Any residue of "hiring your own kind" that remains is a function of the proximate availability of employment and the network of familiarity that exists
Now if you want to show me a time where after due INDICTMENT all vestiges of racism is removed - I would love to see it.  This the strategy of indictment as a means of forbearance against a critical look at the policies that govern the Black community is a failed strategy.

The Missed Opportunity On Education

Even with the operations of the schools in the hands of favorable people we still are treated to the claims of RACISM as the key indictment of the differentiated outcomes.  School funding imbalances leading the way.

Again "competency" provides an important check and failure a choke point on the need for change.

Indeed if local taxes and property taxes are the largest source of educational funding then please tell me what about our present leadership that has the confidence of our people make them unable to formulate polices that maximize the INVESTMENTS in education as a means of making that transition from spending on incarceration and such?

They seek to put the indictment on outside forces and make the conspiracy theory that prisons get funding and then "Negroes" are sought out to fill them, thus taking needed educational funds away.   Sadly this ignorant way of thinking stands unchallenged.

This allows them to continue their siege mentality, always wanting to fight against those who would prefer to have it illegal for the Negro to be taught how to read, while never having to stand and account for their incompetencies and imbalanced policy approaches that chose external indictment over good governance over the institutions that they now control.

We are now living through a battle for the consciousness of the Black community.   If the Black rank and file fails to see the costs of allowing those who they favor to also set all of the terms, thus avoiding management scrutiny we are going to find ourselves 60 years in the future, still struggling over the basics and not able to showcase the consciousness of independence and self-sufficiency that we so desparately need.

The key distinction between this upcoming 60 years and the last is that the massive debt monster that the USA now has is going to make the central government less able to feed everyone than ever before.

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