Monday, July 26, 2010

With Slavery Accepted So Intimately With Black Americans We Will Never Grow To Our Full Potential

If there was a time where I'd hoped that the Black Establishment Media would be upset about the use of "slave references" to identify Black people - this blurb by Democratic operative James Carville would be it.

This is a snapshot of a slide from "".  It was within a deck entitled "The Blackest White Folks We Know"

Republican Operative Lee Atwater was attacked for asserting that Black men are criminals per his choice to tie convicted murder Willie Horton around the neck of Democratic competitor Michael Dukakis. For some reason the same Black Establishment has no problem with Democrat James Carville making the SLAVE correlation with Black people. Instead of receiving an attack he got complimentary placement. His temper was said to be that of a "Black man and a slave".

Which of these projections is more fundamentally injurious to our consciousness as a people?

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