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George Will On The Painful Truths In Black America Today

For black children, daunting divides in achievement and family life


Employment prospects for young black men worsened even when the economy was robust. By the early 2000s, more than a third of all young black non-college men were under the supervision of the corrections system. More than 60 percent of black high school dropouts born since the mid-1960s go to prison. Mass incarceration blights the prospects of black women seeking husbands. So does another trend noted by sociologist William Julius Wilson: "In 2003-2004, for every 100 bachelor's degrees conferred on black men, 200 were conferred on black women."

Because changes in laws and mores have lowered barriers, the black middle class has been able to leave inner cities, which have become, Glazer says, "concentrations of the poor, the poorly educated, the unemployed and unemployable." High out-of-wedlock birthrates mean a constantly renewed cohort of adolescent males without male parenting, which means disorderly neighborhoods and schools. Glazer thinks it is possible that for some young black men, "acting white" -- trying to excel in school -- is considered "a betrayal of their group culture." This severely limits opportunities in an increasingly service-based economy where working with people matters more than working with things in manufacturing.

Now, from the Educational Testing Service, comes a report about "The Black-White Achievement Gap: When Progress Stopped," written by Paul E. Barton and Richard J. Coley. It examines the "startling" fact that most of the progress in closing the gap in reading and mathematics occurred in the 1970s and '80s. This means "progress generally halted for those born around the mid-1960s, a time when landmark legislative victories heralded an end to racial discrimination."

Only 35 percent of black children live with two parents, which partly explains why, while only 24 percent of white eighth-graders watch four or more hours of television on an average day, 59 percent of their black peers do. (Privileged children waste their time on new social media and other very mixed blessings of computers and fancy phones.) Black children also are disproportionately handicapped by this class-based disparity: By age 4, the average child in a professional family hears about 20 million more words than the average child in a working-class family and about 35 million more than the average child in a welfare family -- a child often alone with a mother who is a high school dropout.

After surveying much research concerning many possible explanations of why progress stopped, particularly in neighborhoods characterized by a "concentration of deprivation," the ETS report says: "It is very hard to imagine progress resuming in reducing the education attainment and achievement gap without turning these family trends around -- i.e., increasing marriage rates, and getting fathers back into the business of nurturing children." And: "It is similarly difficult to envision direct policy levers" to effect that.

So, two final numbers: Two decades, five factors. Two decades have passed since Barton wrote "America's Smallest School: The Family." He has estimated that about 90 percent of the difference in schools' proficiencies can be explained by five factors: the number of days students are absent from school, the number of hours students spend watching television, the number of pages read for homework, the quantity and quality of reading material in the students' homes -- and, much the most important, the presence of two parents in the home. Public policies can have little purchase on these five, and least of all on the fifth.

The Case Of "River Blindness" In Our Collective Midst

Children In Nigeria Thought To Be Witches Suffer Abuse And Murder

Children abused, killed as witches in Nigeria

Friday, August 27, 2010

Newsweek: Our Genderless Future??????

Are We Facing a Genderless Future?

It seems to me that Newsweek is attempting to project their hopes rather than what is practical and functionally in the society's best interests.

What is the best way to advance their interests in support of "Gay Marriage" and other "alternative lifestyles"?
ANSWER: Go and question the very notion of gender and gender roles that form the foundation there in.

The problem that I have with Newsweek and other segments of the progressive consciousness that might advance this notion is that they are so busy proclaiming that our present order is "bigoted" that they fail to estimate the damage that they will render if and when this ordering is taken away.  They certainly will not be standing by their previous points of activism if and when they "win" and certain dysfunction is noted.

As for me - I'll just wait until EVOLUTION kicks in and makes those who choose to partake in this lifestyle into asexual beings.  Until that time I will continue to follow the intrinsic information that our present genitalia provide to us.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Real Cost Of The Diversion Of Attention In Our Community From Internal Over To Political/Ideological Issues

As if there is some common talking points that "Progressives who are Black" read from, their viewpoints on certain "threatening" subjects seems to be highly coordinated.

As a Black man who is living in the same time and space as they are yet having a different viewpoint I am often left to wonder "if it's ME" would is wrong.   Because of this I am forced to justify my own positions to myself but then also to analyze the position of those who I came into most frequent conflict with, in order to understand the long term strategic benefit of both stances.

I have come to the conclusion that the Black Community, operating without certain key guiding principles and with a transparent organization to regulate these points will be continually USED by the operatives who are implanted inside our our consciousness domain, able to leverage the confidence that the people have afforded them, while executing an agenda that has greater benefit for the external force that they are agents for than they benefit the abject interests of the Black community.

The key difference between me and others, however, is that I do not attempt to establish a "Real Black" litmus test.  Instead I focus upon defined "Black Permanent Interests" and expect those who are interested in obtaining what they claim they want to achieve per this list to also establish the management methodologies to insure that these ends are ultimately prioritized within our community.

From my observation the primary source of power of these imbedded operatives who have hijacked the so called "Black Agenda" is their ability to insert PRIORITIES within our popular consciousness that are in fact NOT PRIORITIES when they are put into the context of a transparent list of priorities as considered by individuals that do not have these ulterior motives as they do.

The Priority Of Fighting Against Glenn Beck vs Applying Effective Human Resource Management To Address The Crisis With Black Males

Whenever I put forth such a notion about the mutual exclusivity between these two choices of focus someone inevitably say "why can't we do both, addressing both threats?".

My refrain, based upon decades of observation is that when given a choice between two equal paths - the present Black Establishment forces will ALWAYS pursue the course that provides them with the ability to:
  1. Fight an outward FIGHT/STRUGGLE rather than MANAGE an internal resource
  2. Prefer that which has more anger/emotional push buttons for exploitation to those which require dispassionate, sustained and strategic coordination from the internal masses for success
The basic truth of it all is that after years of obtaining short term benefits from the "low hanging fruit" those who have most influence upon us have squandered the opportunity to create mechanisms by which our people can migrate via methods that produce "directed outcomes".

The blog African American Clarion Call talked about the crisis among our young people.
Despite the fact that this crisis among our young people have a more proximate and disturbing impact on so many of our communities there is far more passion invested in going after the political adversaries of the prevailing consciousness within Black America.

As an observer of the trade winds that blow through Black America to manipulate our thoughts I see these manipulated priorities as a purposeful act by those who have a political agenda and who benefit from the unregulated state of the core of our consciousness that would protect against these acts.  Instead we have popular complicity.

As we reappraise where we stand today in reference to "Dr King's Dream" we are asked to focus upon those White right-wing conservatives that dare to "steal the dream" (Glenn Beck) than we are prompted to focus upon the spirits that violated us during Dr King's time that now possess people who look like us.  That spirit wants to kill, oppress and destroy our people.  It does not select those who's body it will possess based upon the color of its skin.  It is a spirit that possesses one's mind and thus the race of the assailant is not relevant.

In my analysis of Bob Herbert's column about the crisis in Black males I noted how he failed to mention anything about the forces that now control all of the institutions that these young men interact with on a daily basis as their own character and consciousness are imprinted upon.  It appears that the focus that we have been asked to focus upon for victory over the past several decades has not in fact cured us as promised.

The only way to counter these operatives is for a transparent entity to protect the integrity of the priorities on this virtual list.  Today we are asked to vacillate from one external assault upon our dignity to another.  Rarely is there any consideration of how to setup a more conscious system for the development of independence and defense of our interests in the long run.

All of this is tied to the need for the development of ORGANIC COMPETENCIES by which the prevailing productive strength that emanates from our community's collective efforts beings to set the tone in the larger system within which we live rather than always having us on the defensive.

I realize that some people are not prepared to depart from their own particular ideological and political entrenchments.  Nothing that I propose mandates that they adopt any believes of their "adversaries".  It only requires that they stay true to their own "permanent interests" and protect these interest from manipulation by both foe and FRIEND.  Some of those who stand inside of the domain of our consciousness are not in fact our friends and they must be held to these priorities.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Even When Someone Presents "Science" To The Masses He Might Be Attacked As An Enemy

The truth is that those who are bigoted and entrenched in their ways are reluctant to change.  They see someone who challenges their disposition as being a threat and thus they attack.

I hear a strong Black man who has too much dignity to accept the foolishness that is labeled as "Black protectionism" on the way to a unified stance.  What passes for unity in the short run also inculcates this dysfunction in the long run.

This man has an inordinate amount of parallels with my perspective on things.

The specific point that I wish to tap upon is the claim that a person who loves Black people would not come at the problem in such a manner.  Instead he would use "love" and seek to build us up.

The primary people who leverage this disposition are not prepared to stand by the impact of their disposition which tends to coddle dysfunctional behavior, allowing it to just across the synapse between generations where it should stop.

By tapping into the notions of historical injury those who traffic in this line of thinking try to absolve their favored management theories that are at work upon the people of today as a contributing agent to the dysfunction.

One must ask themselves - IF after you gain an increasing amount of power over the institutions that imprint upon the human resources that are of most concern to you and still you are blaming your enemy for the damage that is done to the young child who was born during your watch - what is the VALUE ADD that you have contributed?  How are we to know that you are not a part of that which is harming this child psyche?

Why Doesn't Claude Steele Make The Next Logical Argument With Respect To His Argument?

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I promise you that this is not a cherry picked clip from Claude Steele's 40+ minutes of speaking to this C-SPAN crowd about how racial realities impact academic outcomes as a means of making an indictment against him.  I will go so far to say that I either agree with his points or am empathetic to his perspective.  I went to a majority White academic institution and felt at times that the Black student social experience was in a separate orbit from that of the mainline "White" experience - especially when it came to fraternities and sororities.  I can't claim to relate to the notion that a White person's assumption of my intelligence would cause me to do poorly on a test that I control the pencil that fills in the bubbles on the answer sheet though.

The key point that Steele was making is that people can sense a hostile environment and this feedback has a negative impact upon their academic performance.  He then calls upon the academic institutions to be conscious about how minority students (racial, gender, etc) are impacted and thus be responsive, attentive and accommodative.

As Steele was talking I could not help but to take this same framework and apply it to the INTERNAL challenges that are faced within the Black community.   If only Steele would note how SOME Black people talk to each other in the context of their communities and the amount of damage that is inculcated.  Go rent any one of the independent Black produced DVDs on NetFlix, a disproportionate number of them which document life on the street in the drug game,  to make note of how a they capture these interactions between our people.  There is a high level of disrespect in male/female dialogue.  There is an underlying threat of violence and aggression between males.   Where are the calls to reform this interpersonal contract so that a better outcome can be obtained...............just as Steele points out within academia?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

How The Black Community Processes Threats Based Upon Perceptions Of The Assailant

In my continuing efforts to model many of the most contentious issues facing our community as a means of gaining understanding the model to the right represents my observations.

When it comes to perceived threats to the interests of the Black community the responses that are triggered differ greatly based upon the operative that is working against our interests.

First some definitions.

The Type Of Injuries To Black People

  • Overt Attacks - These include the more notable "Klan racist" attacks that are captured in the black and white films that depict hatred. While these actions no longer go unpunished - such racist attacks still occur.   We must also include today's street crime which negatively impact our communities today.
  • Benign Neglect - This second type of "attack" is not as obvious as the overt but as we analyze the various activist movements going on within the Black community this second classification is readily apparent.  With benign neglect there is an assumption that as a member of the greater society Black people deserve equal protection under the law and or certain entitlements guaranteed to all Americans. In as much as those with the responsibility to provide this protection fail to do so - an injury is recognized as such.
Agents Of Injury
In defining the assailants who commit the injury the perceptions of their intention holds sway.  Not only is there the expected "racial" membership which defines this, I observe that IDEOLOGY is a far greater predictor of the classification of "friend or foe".   An additional index that is observed is the perceptions of POWER of the actor.   An individual might considered a part of the "national power establishment" and sees to retain this power.  This intention would be judged differently from the person with national power yet desires to "change America" so that Black people will have less of a struggle.  Those who don't have power yet commit injury are also at play.

  • Perceived Friend - A perceived friend of the Black community (per the perceptions of the prevailing political establishment) is one who is compatible with the key ideological viewpoints of the Black community.    
  • Perceived Foe -  In prevailing parlance within our community the following is also true - "you stand against the interests of the Black community if you oppose the methodologies that WE (by popular mandate) have adopted as the course by which our Permanent Interests are obtained" .  

The ultimate purpose of this model is to show that there is no absolute correlation between the injury set upon the Black community and defined response that will be triggered REGARDLESS of who the actor is.   Friend or Foe is the better predictor of this response.

A Foe that wages an attack upon the Black community provides the opportunity for a display of "unity".   On the one hand those who seek to promote the notion that "nothing has changed in this RACIST America" are able to use the incident to make their point.  If this same attack is waged by a "Friend" - that friend being a victim of the societal conspiracy that made them that way - will not trigger the same response.  In fact the incident might garner a movement which seeks help for similarly afflicted people so that in their desperation they no longer have to act as such.

The most contentious element of the model is also the component that is least understood.  With the notion of "benign neglect" there is a difference in the assumptions of social entitlements and protections and WHO is on the hook for providing them.

Though "political conservatism" is not popular among the politically active Black community there is fewer overt physical attacks upon Black people today that can be traced back to the will to suppress Black people with such acts of physical intimidation.   Truthfully most physical attacks of Black people today come from other Black people (who are protected as 'friends that society made that way').  

Today's indictment against conservatives is due to the perceptions that society should provide certain entitlements and protection yet the ideological aversion to "share" resources far beyond political and racial boundaries per a virtual "social contract" means that the conservative is perceived as standing against the interests of Black people.

I am on record as being a Black Conservative.  My interests and motivations are quite different from that of a White conservative.  In my perspective the notion of the social contract which opens the door to entitlements has to be indexed against the requirements for the maximization of organic contributions in support of the desired standard of living.  Take away the demand for the compartmentalization and execution of the economic and market-level support for this desired standard of living off of the backs of the "equal human beings" that are demanding them and a "care-taker state" is created.   What good is it for a people to be "in receipt of" a benefit yet never learn the skills necessary to provide these services in their own community?

I can't provide a blanket condemnation against those who refuse to agree to an all-encompassing income redistribution plan across the land.   Even if racial differences are a portion of the opposition this indictment does NOTHING to address the need for the Black community to develop the competencies necessary to generate these funds and provide these professional services.

I will go even further to say that those who have an unspoken assumption of the inferiority of the Black community and our ability to order ourselves so that we are productive and they instead install a system of dependency in which these necessary skills are never developed ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS.  They have, in fact, produced great INJURY to our long term interests as a people.

This is the central divide between Black Progressive and Black Conservative.   The classic "eat for the day or eat for a lifetime" conundrum.

I make the observation that as "favorable people" assume control over more of the institutions within the community those individuals who have their development stunted must be seen as casualties of the present system that has failed to find a purpose for them.  I prioritize the injury instead of the assailant.  When everyone is considered an "equal human being" a knife from either cuts as cleanly as the other.

There is a need for more sophisticated management practices within our community.  The "old ghosts" which continue to draw a fearful response from us do not represent the model for our present circumstances.  Those who rattle these chains too often seek to redirect our attention and often provide cover for their failure to manage our human resources.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Making A Little Boy Cry While Doing Homework.......Just As My Father Did To Me

I have an 8 year old little boy.  A third grader.
About 30 minutes ago I went through his folder and checked his homework he saw me did what he feared that I would do - thoroughly inspect the work that he figured was in his past.

First I drilled him on his spelling words.  I noticed that the teacher did not correct him on his misspelling of the month of "Agusust".

I proceeded to drill him on this and the other selected difficult words on the list.  As he made mistakes I told him "start over".  After constant repetition and him seeing that I was not giving up - he started to cry.

"What's wrong with you boy!!!  Why are you crying??"

"You're yelling at me"

"Would you rather have someone yell at you or hit you?"

"Yell at me"

"So all that I did was to hurt your feelings.  Right?


"Well if this is all that it takes to make you cry, boy, you aren't going to like being in high school".

Then I had a flash back.  I recall being assigned to my father to help me with my math homework when mom, our usual home tutor told my father "you need to help out more with your children's homework".   I recall being intimidated by my father at the time and starting to cry as I too realized that he was not going to give up and he was not going to do the work for me either.

I learned from past engagements in giving kindergarten reading lessons that my son basically imposes a test of wills.  He would rather that I get frustrated and give up so he can return to his normal - low intensity preference.  Sorry not this time.

After the crying stopped we got through the spelling review.  Then we had to do the math word problems.  I see that the challenge is in teaching this little boy how to think, organizing his thoughts as to what the question is asking so that he even has a chance of coming up with the right answer.

He says that he wants to become an engineer when he grows up.  I remind him that the primary task of an engineer is to be introduced to a problem and then figure out how to solve the problem and then solve it.   An engineer doesn't wait to be told what to do at each step.  "You want to be an engineer when you grow up, right?".

After I introduced him to the right approach to solve these problems the second half of our session was like night and day compared to the first.

I can just imagine how other "little Black boys" who don't have the reenforcement of a parent at home that stays on them and teaches them how to think will suffer years later as the aggregate damage of this benign neglect catches up with them.

The task of "breaking in" these little boys, discipling their minds to have them think along a certain track is a task that requires a lot of time and frustration to be invested.   This pales in comparison to the squandered life that is wasted, however, if this young male morphs into a "Street Pirate" and this actions against the community cause him to be locked away, warehoused in a prison.

I would gladly exchange his tears right now for the tears shed by his mother and me about 10 years from now as he goes astray..

Monday, August 16, 2010

Community Competency Development - A Boyce Watkins Article I Agree With 100%

How To Permanently Cut High Black Unemployment?

An investment in the"Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development" domain, called by any other name - is just as sweet.

In his article Dr Boyce Watkins offers the following prescription on how to address perennially high Black unemployment rates:

  1. Local Economic Development - Have more job options for the people in our community that flow from the economic velocity and the rest will follow
  2. Educate ourselves to become the "professional service providers" that these entities require
  3. Manage the Money - where targeted investments are made to leverage those entities that help these communities the most
If we one day distinguish our permanent interest from the ideological and political loyalties that are CLAIMED to deliver our interests - we would be better apprised of our present course and heading, making necessary changes in order to stay on course.

Today we have an abundance of "Black unity" but are still desperately seeking to have our interests delivered.

Maybe constructive conflict is necessary to provide the appropriate level of scrutiny of the efficacy of the prescriptions we are asked to take for our healing?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Does The Black Church Keep Black Women Single?

Does The Black Church Keep Black Women Single?

The Cliff Notes of the argument in the above link says that since the Black Church often demands that Black women retain high standards in their own lives and the man they settle with - these HIGH STANDARDS - have a suppressive effect on relationships between Black men and Black women.

The unspoken solution for those who defend this position is to have the messages that the Black church cleaves to be watered down so that more Black women can find their man per the potential that he has rather than where he stands at the present point.

Many of those who took the above claims to task per their responses to the original segment on CNN suggested that the piece failed to note how societal racism had beaten down the Black man to his present state.  Instead of casting judgment that the Black male mate of her's is below her standard they should join together in the name of the church and fight for social justice.

Missing The Point

Out of the many articles and blog responses that I have read on this subject few articulated the proper context within which all of this dysfunction is taking place.

There is presently a gap between Black men and Black women because the culture that they all live in has significantly lost its way in regards to the function of the church and the Black family.

As I see it when Black man and Black women leverage the church as a means of providing unifying guidance for their individual family units, collaborating with like minded Christians, this particular consciousness, when enforced and then propagated through the generations will do more to correct the problem that the article talks about than any other popular alternative.

It is patently ridiculous to ask the Black church to adapt (water down) its message sent to Black women so that they can compromise themselves and settle.  Instead the church should redouble its effort to BRING UP that wayward Black man so that he respects Christian principles and from this will come his respect for the Black woman.

To read people talk about "destroyed Black communities" due to racism and marginalization while failing to mention anything about the process of ORGANIC community development by which the people inside are the first to value their own community before demanding that others do - is evidence of a gross mis-reading of the events at hand.

For those who are beholden to an ideology who's strong point is not in fielding systems of management by which the people who they seek to help are made to be the primary agents of the change that will benefit them - this task is difficult for them to accept.  After years of seeking to water down societal strictures in the name of social liberties now they have their sites set on the church.

The Social & Political Churches Of Today

To a great extent the theories that some suggest as the cure for the high rate of "singlehood" among Black women has already taken root.  Though a portion of these organizations read from the bible "Jesus" has departed from the building some time ago.   They are far more interested in building up large crowds of partitioner and, more importantly - not telling them anything that forces them to confine their lives to a certain order thus causing a mass departure from the said church.

Others are purely political entities.   I recall 5 years ago as my wife and I were on a broad search for a new home.  One of the churches we figured we'd settle upon had a unique attribute.  After attending for about 8 months I started to note the high amount of political content in the sermons, especially as it was local election time.   When it came to addressing the problems with the youth in the local area - who's crime rate was of concern - the primary solution involved political lobbying and some empty notions of "raising our children right".   (And then there is Jamal Bryant's church in Baltimore.  It takes politics from the pulpit to a new level).

My assessment of how Slavery and Jim Crow appear today is very different than the run of the mill.  I reject the notion that these forces remain as stifling agents still today.  We have been "free" long enough to put forth the self-deterministic culture of our own choosing.   Instead I can agree that with the oppressive forces off slavery and Jim Crow the institutions that were erected to deal with these EXTERNAL forces left the need to develop INTERNAL institutions WITHIN the Black community as a secondary or tertiary concern.

Today we are staring these internal demons in the face and the organizations and verbiage that we have access to in our churches and other entities are more well tuned toward fighting that which is external.

In my sister blog "Within The Black Community" I focus upon the popular tendency to both nationalize and shift local Black problems into the "American Political domain".  What works for the short term benefit of those who do such redirections has a long term negative impact seen in the void of institutions to directly manage the people - as locally as possible.

Add "marriage /stable families" to the list that included "education" as we are told the fundamental elements of our correction as a people.  The fact that both of these points are not directly managed upon the backs of the people who stand to benefit the most from such change is telling of the commitment that is incumbent within those with the greatest influence upon the people.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Past Colonialism Still Impacts The Relationship Between The Congo and Belgium

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Some Blacks in who actually lived in the Congo don't want to depart their present Belgium.
Some Blacks who live in Belgium from Congolese ancestry seek to return.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Human Resource Management Concepts - My Dual Life

The events of this week has clearly showed me that I live two lives.  (Three if you count my blogging presence).

On Tuesday  as I drove into the office I listened to the local Black talk radio station as they talked about the economic crisis among so many Black Americans.  I heard people talk about going to Africa to escape White supremacy, Black people being in a "damaged state" due to centuries of slavery.  I even heard the White Republican governor of Georgia being referred to as "Satan".  This on a station that would never allow such comments to be made against the current president.

On that same morning I arrived in the office to attend a day long management meeting.  In the large corporation that I work with one portion of the account team appears to be at odds with another portion of the account team as they work to sell our wares into the large corporations who's names would be readily apparent to you if I told you.  Through a series of conflicting upper level management priorities given to each of these players and some turn over which inserted some "less than seasoned" people into place.

With millions of dollars in sales and the corporate image on the line the company called in a management consultant to bring all sides together to work out a solution to the conflict.

In these two worlds that I live in I see "equal human beings" - each with skills and flaws.  Education and money provide the key distinguishing purpose between these two groups.

In the corporate setting both of the two waring groups were asked to divide into their respective teams and fill out a "Post It Note" in answer to the following question:

  • What is the other team failing to do that you need them to do?
After about 2 hours of ripping the other team - they put their grievances in writing and ordered them by importance and then put a number grade beside them.    

After the teams got back together each read out the list of priorities and ratings for the other.  Then they developed a joint set of corrections by which they would work together in the future to correct the problem.
What is merely a list of promises on paper will turn into a real world change as the managers who's jobs are on the line for the production of all of the people in the meeting work to enforce these commitments over time.  
Yes - Me - the only Black American in the meeting said to the Sales VP - "All of these points are just words unless we have some follow up over time to insure that everyone is bound to what we have agreed upon today".  She agreed and largely repeated my comments.

As I consider the dysfunctional behavior that is too often seen in the SCLC, the Clayton County board of commissioners and other bodies that are known to fight each other at the public's expense - there is nothing that distinguishes what I saw in the corporate world among the largely White group of individuals who have the same combative and self-interested tendencies.

In the comparative analysis between the two worlds that I exist within I see that the tools that are used for conflict resolution are replaced by strong arming and popularity enforcement in the other.  What might gain the victor advantage in the short run, imperils the whole in the long run.

  • There is a basic necessity to "fire" people who are not performing.
  • Prior to this accountability one must define the parameters for performance that someone who is entrusted with resource management responsibilities is expected to live up to
  • There must be some transparent means of measuring the effective outcomes that have been delivered
With regard to the local talk radio station much of what they are complaining about are not intrinsic to "Blackness".  Instead their lack of a management and resolution infrastructure causes them to "transact upon the inferiority and damaged state" of Black people in order to gain cover for their own actions.  

There was nothing magical that I saw in the corporate world on that day.  While indeed there was access to more resources than what is available in the other domain - the truth is that everything that we agreed to was basic communication and conflict resolution.  The fact that everyone in the room ultimate could be fired and lose their livelihood added to their willingness to work together.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Are Heterosexual Black Females Bigots When It Comes To Their List Of Ineligible Men?

Of course, the purpose of this post in in response to the arguments that I have been hearing in defense of same sex marriage in response to the judge in California having turned over the ban on gay marriage in California per the passage of Proposition 8.   The judge, the attorney Ted Olson and many others that I have heard interviewed on this matter have used the direct comparison between the interracial marriage associated with the landmark court case "Loving v Virginia" and the right of people of the same sex be provided with the same privileges.

They are arguing that the construct of "race" - which is a function of thousands of years of "mating decisions" with the construct of "gender".    In using the legal infrastructure that was used for the Civil Right Movement where Blacks had the repression used against them they are daring to make the case that gender and race are equivalent.   

Sadly and shamefully several key progressive Black leaders have accepted this notion, confusing the supposed "advancement of RIGHTS" as being just, regardless of the societal consequences.

The Debate Strategies That Are At Play

I have concluded that when the cultural radicals that support the upending of societal tradition effectively put the "Judeo-Christian cultural underpinning" to our society on trial and force it into a government court of law they are effective at confining the arguments into one of RIGHTS.   

The supporters of the multi- millennial  Judeo-Christian culture are then asked to prove to the judge how such a radical change will negative impact society and why a minority class would be harmed over this continued "discrimination".

Their two strong points with the debate tactics of the cultural radicals are:
  1. Putting the traditionalists on trial and forcing them to justify their position
  2. Make reference to the notion of "discrimination" as a point of evil that society should try to rid itself of
Though they attempt to make discrimination into a pejorative the truth is that no civilized society could exist without some preference for one class of behaviors and norms while they suppress another class of them.    This is not about "discrimination" but instead an attempt to edit this list of permitted behavior and society's acceptance of it.  

By putting those who seek to protect the traditional definition of marriage on trial by forcing them to prove that allowing gay marriage would cause societal harm they doing little more than executing upon a larger strategy that was in place all along.   As I read various progressive media artifacts I note how frequently they attack the "oppression" that is associated with the paternalistic, homophobic, class-centered culture that we reside in.  Though this is the cultural theory that allowed us to build up the most powerful nation in the world, while including the acknowledged grand mistakes that were made along the way - they have no particular interest in considering how their own point interests impact the balance of our culture.   That which was once thought to be "settled cultural norms" are always under assault.  

The cultural radical has largely been placed inside of a cultural system that was precast for them.  Compare this to various dysfunctional societies where two groups of people with the misfortune of living on the same land mass are always on the brink of war.   The task of building up certain cultural constructs that allow these people to unify as a nation is a far greater task than one involving the disassembly of a culture that is full of strictures.

I have listened to several debates and newspaper journalists (Michael Kinsely). When faced with having to justify the unraveling of any particular standard for marriage (and thus open the door up to polygamy or even self-marriage for those who masturbate - yes I heard this in a college debate) they dig a deeper hole which should give us all pause.

Just as author and anti-Evolution theorist Ben Stein suggests (greatly paraphrased)- "Don't waste your time debating with a person who believes that man and the universe were made by a series of accidents.  Having yielded to this position - nothing that he accepts as a cultural position has any supreme  consequences.   We are all "accidents after all".   I am forced to agree with this observation.

Ironically despite the long history on the crackdown of Polygamy among the Mormons from more than 100 years ago - we now find that the Mormons did not violate any particular moral order.  They merely did not have the POPULAR WILL and the judicial operatives planted in the appropriate place at the time to have their way.

I would love to see the results of the next big polygamy prosecution going forward.


If you listen to a single Black female who is seeking a Black male parter for a committed relationship under the bond of marriage they will often detail the slim pickings that are presented to them with a list that contains these following items:
  • Many Black men are already married
  • Many Black men are gay
  • Black men get educated, make money and get a White woman
  • Too many Black men are incarcerated 

These women who are seeking to settle down with a life partner who happens to be ensnared in one of these categories are simply out of luck.   While a man that is married in a heterosexual relationship - in the context of our culture of monogamous heterosexual marriage is simply one who "got away" these other categories have a strong elements of societal policies which have allowed these issues to fester.

In watching a "Scared Straight" program today a prison guard told a young female who was heading down the wrong track that while only "25% of the females going into prison are lesbians, up to 75% practice this lifestyle upon departure".   In the male prison population there is a similar acquiescence to the confined conditions that they suffer from.  Clearly there is some component of choice involved in this lifestyle.   If I as a heterosexual male am asked to commit to a monogamous heterosexual relationship and deny myself from other options out of the sake of societal and familial stability then most certainly the same imposition can be made for the male who is physically equipped as I am (until evolution kicks in) to forge his desires to receive sexual stimulation via a male partner and instead seek to direct his efforts toward the culturally traditional heterosexual relationship.

The consequences of our disruption of the standard that has endured for thousands of years are already being expressed.   The proof of "conservative Republican divorce rates in the South" is not evidence of the failure of this cultural reference.  This is only used in the "American political domain" against one's enemy but it fails to justify the abandonment of this time tested order.

If nothing else - We all had better get clear on what we believe and work hard to express it amongst our loved ones who we most care for.  As time inches forward various forces are going to appear and will strip away many of the norms we take for granted today.

It will be shown to be the case that what you believe in your heart as justice and proper order need not be accepted by these others or society as a whole for them to be true.   Those who are lost in this world care not for any observable truth let alone are they concerned about the disorder that they will welcome in.

What If That "Stolen African Culture" Regulated Against Most Of The Freedoms That You Live Under Today?

If you listen to the most strident "Pro-Black" activists today talk about how the problems and dysfunctions seen in today's "Africans" throughout the diaspora there is a high probability that they will remind you that our culture was stolen from us via slavery and colonialism.  From this we lost our way from that which gave our people their consciousness.   Today's problems among our people is radiating from this historical injury.

Since I heard this reference at least twice in the past four days I figured that I would insert my own analysis into the situation to give it a proper context.

If This Cultural Reference Of The Past Was A Cure-All Why Isn't It Being Advanced As A Solution Today?

According to my logic - If there had been a remedy to what ails us that was once of a known quantity then there should be evidence of an active attempt to study this solution with the hopes of bringing it back so that the people might be healed.

Aside from the Black naturalists who are Afro-centric in their calling I can think of no "Black corporate political" activist who spouts mention of this "cultural theft" engaging in any serious attempt to restore this culture upon us so that we might be healed as a people.

Instead the mention of this past injury is for no other reason than the INDICTMENT of those who "did this to us".  They must never forget that they "did this".   We will be healed from this soft-tissue injury when we choose to acknowledge our healed state.

I imagine that this reference to this historical assault upon the people of Africa will be made into the future from this point, than the period of time in which the culture of another man's determination had been in place.
Thus it is clear that when this injury is told to the Black man it is done for the purposes of UNITY.  When this injury is told to the White man it is told for the purposes of Indictment.

How Did We Receive This Original Culture In The First Place?

This mystical African culture which had us operating at our peak performance was not given to us by "Jesus" as he was pinned upon the cross.   Instead it was formulated over an unknown period of time by which the equal human beings that were living under its regulation needed to have their thoughts and actions placed into a framework by which they all could survive and thrive.

There were many hundreds of different cultures on the pre-colonial African continent.  The distinct differences of the local flora and fauna had a strong influence on the ultimate culture that the human beings contained within these places had to implement in order to survive.

Plain and simply - a group that was resident on the plains were required to hunt in a collective manner in order to outnumber and overpower the game that they sought or they would all starve.  The females in this band were charged with foraging for berries, fruit and vegetation since an unsuccessful hunt for meat was often the case (or the males stayed away on extended expeditions in search of food).

The cultural traditions of:

  • Sharing food with everyone
  • Allowing the elders to have choice of the prime morsels 
  • Promoting an elder as the primary conflict resolution agent
  • Showing respect to the spirit of the Earth
were all elements that were codified based on the need for the people at the time to implement a system that would allow them to survive and perpetuate their genetic seed through to another generation.

What If This Historic African Culture Conflicted With Your Modern Sensibilities? Would You Yield To It Because It Proved To Be The Black Man's Natural Order?

While many modern day African-American experience culture shock when they return to various nations in Africa due to the tremendous differences in access to creature comforts and many of the cultural norms that are present between these places and the USA - I believe that this pales in comparison to the foundational differences between how we living and think in today's world versus the framework for living that was present in Africa, the year 11,000 for example.

I have noted the use of the "mystical, magical Africa" concept in the past.  It allows certain people to point to a time in the past "When We Were All Kings".   By selling us this past they sell us upon the present unity of their indictment against those who injured us.

I would like to fuse this past with the present and challenge all who leverage the notion of "stolen culture" to consider how much of this culture of the past they would yield themselves to SINCE they believe that it brought forth the fully actualized African at the time.

  • Would the Black woman of today agree to subordinate herself to the men?  If upon research we found that there was no concept of equal rights between the genders but instead each were assigned strict roles - would this be acceptable to you?
  • Would you subordinate yourself to a tribal chieftain who has absolute say over your property and your freedoms?
  • If strongly structured, heterosexual relationships inside of the framework of a certain rites of passage where the parents negotiated the terms of the relationship were the norms - would you submit to this? 

My goal is not to place an indictment against those who make these references to the "mystical, magical Africa". Instead I am making the case that today's solutions will only come from a focus upon the challenges of today while referencing certain "settled law" from the past. Man doesn't change only the technology and range of travel that he is afforded as a result changes.

Any forward looking cultural movement of the present should be based on the acknowledgement of the unchanging ways of man and should work to have as many members of society that operate within this culture to remain conscious about the essential elements of the pillars that support the standard of living and ordered society that they desire.

A culture is nothing more than the "operationalization" of these goals, as the society seeks to obtain maximum utility from each of the members.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Kasserian Ingera - A Conservative School Adopts An African Motto As Its Own

I will report this tale from my vantage point - as a Black man walking into a diverse but majority White elementary school for orientation day just prior to the start of school.

Admittedly when I saw a group of White females wearing the image of an African tribe on their t-shirts I wonder to myself if they were some auxiliary organization or vendors who were having a fund raising event.

Then I ran into the principal, shook his hand and then ask "What are the t-shirts that you all are wearing"?

He informed me that this is the schools NEW MOTTO that was recently adopted.

I thought to myself:  "THIS?  In a Republican controlled county and school district?  I have got to get a picture of this as proof because no one else would believe me.".

Kasserian Ingera: The traditional greeting between the Masai warriors which means "and how are the children?"
I finally concluded that this statement is more than "African".  It is a quality statement that shows a high level of community consciousness.   

The people who were made aware of the statement and adopted it as their own realized that their goal in this school that is nestled inside of this conservative, Republican controlled county is just the same as the parents who belong to the Masai tribe who originate from the east coast of Africa.