Monday, August 16, 2010

Community Competency Development - A Boyce Watkins Article I Agree With 100%

How To Permanently Cut High Black Unemployment?

An investment in the"Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development" domain, called by any other name - is just as sweet.

In his article Dr Boyce Watkins offers the following prescription on how to address perennially high Black unemployment rates:

  1. Local Economic Development - Have more job options for the people in our community that flow from the economic velocity and the rest will follow
  2. Educate ourselves to become the "professional service providers" that these entities require
  3. Manage the Money - where targeted investments are made to leverage those entities that help these communities the most
If we one day distinguish our permanent interest from the ideological and political loyalties that are CLAIMED to deliver our interests - we would be better apprised of our present course and heading, making necessary changes in order to stay on course.

Today we have an abundance of "Black unity" but are still desperately seeking to have our interests delivered.

Maybe constructive conflict is necessary to provide the appropriate level of scrutiny of the efficacy of the prescriptions we are asked to take for our healing?

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