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Does The Black Church Keep Black Women Single?

Does The Black Church Keep Black Women Single?

The Cliff Notes of the argument in the above link says that since the Black Church often demands that Black women retain high standards in their own lives and the man they settle with - these HIGH STANDARDS - have a suppressive effect on relationships between Black men and Black women.

The unspoken solution for those who defend this position is to have the messages that the Black church cleaves to be watered down so that more Black women can find their man per the potential that he has rather than where he stands at the present point.

Many of those who took the above claims to task per their responses to the original segment on CNN suggested that the piece failed to note how societal racism had beaten down the Black man to his present state.  Instead of casting judgment that the Black male mate of her's is below her standard they should join together in the name of the church and fight for social justice.

Missing The Point

Out of the many articles and blog responses that I have read on this subject few articulated the proper context within which all of this dysfunction is taking place.

There is presently a gap between Black men and Black women because the culture that they all live in has significantly lost its way in regards to the function of the church and the Black family.

As I see it when Black man and Black women leverage the church as a means of providing unifying guidance for their individual family units, collaborating with like minded Christians, this particular consciousness, when enforced and then propagated through the generations will do more to correct the problem that the article talks about than any other popular alternative.

It is patently ridiculous to ask the Black church to adapt (water down) its message sent to Black women so that they can compromise themselves and settle.  Instead the church should redouble its effort to BRING UP that wayward Black man so that he respects Christian principles and from this will come his respect for the Black woman.

To read people talk about "destroyed Black communities" due to racism and marginalization while failing to mention anything about the process of ORGANIC community development by which the people inside are the first to value their own community before demanding that others do - is evidence of a gross mis-reading of the events at hand.

For those who are beholden to an ideology who's strong point is not in fielding systems of management by which the people who they seek to help are made to be the primary agents of the change that will benefit them - this task is difficult for them to accept.  After years of seeking to water down societal strictures in the name of social liberties now they have their sites set on the church.

The Social & Political Churches Of Today

To a great extent the theories that some suggest as the cure for the high rate of "singlehood" among Black women has already taken root.  Though a portion of these organizations read from the bible "Jesus" has departed from the building some time ago.   They are far more interested in building up large crowds of partitioner and, more importantly - not telling them anything that forces them to confine their lives to a certain order thus causing a mass departure from the said church.

Others are purely political entities.   I recall 5 years ago as my wife and I were on a broad search for a new home.  One of the churches we figured we'd settle upon had a unique attribute.  After attending for about 8 months I started to note the high amount of political content in the sermons, especially as it was local election time.   When it came to addressing the problems with the youth in the local area - who's crime rate was of concern - the primary solution involved political lobbying and some empty notions of "raising our children right".   (And then there is Jamal Bryant's church in Baltimore.  It takes politics from the pulpit to a new level).

My assessment of how Slavery and Jim Crow appear today is very different than the run of the mill.  I reject the notion that these forces remain as stifling agents still today.  We have been "free" long enough to put forth the self-deterministic culture of our own choosing.   Instead I can agree that with the oppressive forces off slavery and Jim Crow the institutions that were erected to deal with these EXTERNAL forces left the need to develop INTERNAL institutions WITHIN the Black community as a secondary or tertiary concern.

Today we are staring these internal demons in the face and the organizations and verbiage that we have access to in our churches and other entities are more well tuned toward fighting that which is external.

In my sister blog "Within The Black Community" I focus upon the popular tendency to both nationalize and shift local Black problems into the "American Political domain".  What works for the short term benefit of those who do such redirections has a long term negative impact seen in the void of institutions to directly manage the people - as locally as possible.

Add "marriage /stable families" to the list that included "education" as we are told the fundamental elements of our correction as a people.  The fact that both of these points are not directly managed upon the backs of the people who stand to benefit the most from such change is telling of the commitment that is incumbent within those with the greatest influence upon the people.

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