Monday, August 23, 2010

Even When Someone Presents "Science" To The Masses He Might Be Attacked As An Enemy

The truth is that those who are bigoted and entrenched in their ways are reluctant to change.  They see someone who challenges their disposition as being a threat and thus they attack.

I hear a strong Black man who has too much dignity to accept the foolishness that is labeled as "Black protectionism" on the way to a unified stance.  What passes for unity in the short run also inculcates this dysfunction in the long run.

This man has an inordinate amount of parallels with my perspective on things.

The specific point that I wish to tap upon is the claim that a person who loves Black people would not come at the problem in such a manner.  Instead he would use "love" and seek to build us up.

The primary people who leverage this disposition are not prepared to stand by the impact of their disposition which tends to coddle dysfunctional behavior, allowing it to just across the synapse between generations where it should stop.

By tapping into the notions of historical injury those who traffic in this line of thinking try to absolve their favored management theories that are at work upon the people of today as a contributing agent to the dysfunction.

One must ask themselves - IF after you gain an increasing amount of power over the institutions that imprint upon the human resources that are of most concern to you and still you are blaming your enemy for the damage that is done to the young child who was born during your watch - what is the VALUE ADD that you have contributed?  How are we to know that you are not a part of that which is harming this child psyche?

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