Friday, August 27, 2010

Newsweek: Our Genderless Future??????

Are We Facing a Genderless Future?

It seems to me that Newsweek is attempting to project their hopes rather than what is practical and functionally in the society's best interests.

What is the best way to advance their interests in support of "Gay Marriage" and other "alternative lifestyles"?
ANSWER: Go and question the very notion of gender and gender roles that form the foundation there in.

The problem that I have with Newsweek and other segments of the progressive consciousness that might advance this notion is that they are so busy proclaiming that our present order is "bigoted" that they fail to estimate the damage that they will render if and when this ordering is taken away.  They certainly will not be standing by their previous points of activism if and when they "win" and certain dysfunction is noted.

As for me - I'll just wait until EVOLUTION kicks in and makes those who choose to partake in this lifestyle into asexual beings.  Until that time I will continue to follow the intrinsic information that our present genitalia provide to us.

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