Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Real Cost Of The Diversion Of Attention In Our Community From Internal Over To Political/Ideological Issues

As if there is some common talking points that "Progressives who are Black" read from, their viewpoints on certain "threatening" subjects seems to be highly coordinated.

As a Black man who is living in the same time and space as they are yet having a different viewpoint I am often left to wonder "if it's ME" would is wrong.   Because of this I am forced to justify my own positions to myself but then also to analyze the position of those who I came into most frequent conflict with, in order to understand the long term strategic benefit of both stances.

I have come to the conclusion that the Black Community, operating without certain key guiding principles and with a transparent organization to regulate these points will be continually USED by the operatives who are implanted inside our our consciousness domain, able to leverage the confidence that the people have afforded them, while executing an agenda that has greater benefit for the external force that they are agents for than they benefit the abject interests of the Black community.

The key difference between me and others, however, is that I do not attempt to establish a "Real Black" litmus test.  Instead I focus upon defined "Black Permanent Interests" and expect those who are interested in obtaining what they claim they want to achieve per this list to also establish the management methodologies to insure that these ends are ultimately prioritized within our community.

From my observation the primary source of power of these imbedded operatives who have hijacked the so called "Black Agenda" is their ability to insert PRIORITIES within our popular consciousness that are in fact NOT PRIORITIES when they are put into the context of a transparent list of priorities as considered by individuals that do not have these ulterior motives as they do.

The Priority Of Fighting Against Glenn Beck vs Applying Effective Human Resource Management To Address The Crisis With Black Males

Whenever I put forth such a notion about the mutual exclusivity between these two choices of focus someone inevitably say "why can't we do both, addressing both threats?".

My refrain, based upon decades of observation is that when given a choice between two equal paths - the present Black Establishment forces will ALWAYS pursue the course that provides them with the ability to:
  1. Fight an outward FIGHT/STRUGGLE rather than MANAGE an internal resource
  2. Prefer that which has more anger/emotional push buttons for exploitation to those which require dispassionate, sustained and strategic coordination from the internal masses for success
The basic truth of it all is that after years of obtaining short term benefits from the "low hanging fruit" those who have most influence upon us have squandered the opportunity to create mechanisms by which our people can migrate via methods that produce "directed outcomes".

The blog African American Clarion Call talked about the crisis among our young people.
Despite the fact that this crisis among our young people have a more proximate and disturbing impact on so many of our communities there is far more passion invested in going after the political adversaries of the prevailing consciousness within Black America.

As an observer of the trade winds that blow through Black America to manipulate our thoughts I see these manipulated priorities as a purposeful act by those who have a political agenda and who benefit from the unregulated state of the core of our consciousness that would protect against these acts.  Instead we have popular complicity.

As we reappraise where we stand today in reference to "Dr King's Dream" we are asked to focus upon those White right-wing conservatives that dare to "steal the dream" (Glenn Beck) than we are prompted to focus upon the spirits that violated us during Dr King's time that now possess people who look like us.  That spirit wants to kill, oppress and destroy our people.  It does not select those who's body it will possess based upon the color of its skin.  It is a spirit that possesses one's mind and thus the race of the assailant is not relevant.

In my analysis of Bob Herbert's column about the crisis in Black males I noted how he failed to mention anything about the forces that now control all of the institutions that these young men interact with on a daily basis as their own character and consciousness are imprinted upon.  It appears that the focus that we have been asked to focus upon for victory over the past several decades has not in fact cured us as promised.

The only way to counter these operatives is for a transparent entity to protect the integrity of the priorities on this virtual list.  Today we are asked to vacillate from one external assault upon our dignity to another.  Rarely is there any consideration of how to setup a more conscious system for the development of independence and defense of our interests in the long run.

All of this is tied to the need for the development of ORGANIC COMPETENCIES by which the prevailing productive strength that emanates from our community's collective efforts beings to set the tone in the larger system within which we live rather than always having us on the defensive.

I realize that some people are not prepared to depart from their own particular ideological and political entrenchments.  Nothing that I propose mandates that they adopt any believes of their "adversaries".  It only requires that they stay true to their own "permanent interests" and protect these interest from manipulation by both foe and FRIEND.  Some of those who stand inside of the domain of our consciousness are not in fact our friends and they must be held to these priorities.

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