Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Black Inferiority" - The Unintended Consequence Of School Integration Attempts

USA Today: In Louisville, a new turn in school integration

Please allow me to define the terms of the debate prior to getting into it.  Today's "segregated schools" are not taking place in the context of the laws and policies that constructed such an outcome in the past.

In the past a Black person that was fully qualified to attend a "White school" per his residency was not allowed to walk through the front door because of his race.   Schools in the same school district discriminated against "Black schools" by providing them with far less resources than the "White school" in the same district.   This was systematic racism.

Today's "segregated public schools" are a function of de facto racially segregated housing patterns.   Bottom line people tend to live with "their own kind".  Over time neighborhoods "flip".

The Only Viable Long Term Solution Is Management Of The Civic Service Resources Within The Black Community

When I debate a Black progressive on the issue of developing the competencies in our own community they typically will bring forth RACISM:

  • Racism in school suspension rates
  • Racism in resources between school systems (per student spending)
  • Racism in advanced placement classes
  • Racism graduation rates
Their purpose is to make a list of indictments by which the present results are seen.  This affords them the opportunity to formulate a basis for their solution to the problem:  OUTWARD activism against the greater political system, demanding more resources.  In summary:  Making American citizens prove that they value Black people as equal Americans.  

What they often fail to grasp is that 40 years ago their struggle for Black educational quality took the form of control over the various principalships, school board seats and municipal, county and state seats of power.  "With people who love Black children and care about Black people in place......our schools will improve" was the famous talking point in my hometown of Philadelphia.    

The challenge has been to get people to see that today they now occupy the position that yesterday's struggle had guided them.  The problem is that the same problems remain yet their strategy continues:  a struggle for more outward power with the intention of improvements back at home.

So much of our present Black Community Development Activism is directly tied to the political process and the Democratic establishment.   In as much as both press for redistributive policies in exchange for power provided to the ideology and party - the grieving Black community is disinclined to place a check upon them to confirm the veracity of their claims.  

The terminal flaw of this strategy is that they promise future benefit to the Black community - a fully realized Black citizen of America - IF we struggle hard enough to have external forces relieve their opposition to sharing of their resources so that we can develop as a community. 

 I see no evidence of a mission of "competency development" within this activism.   For example we are told that "Black people need access to health care".  Such a need was not satisfied by leveraging the public schools that the progressive establishment now controls.  Instead they leveraged their political power in the national legislative and executive branch to grand these social entitlements through redistributive policies.

I challenge you:  Tell me what enhanced competencies were required from the Black community in order to provide us with these enhanced services?   If there was an immediate need for Black physicians - are the schools in their present state a viable reservoir from which to draw from.

My fundamental critique of progressivism and the present educational reform movement that they permanently quest for  is that it is permanently detached from the supply side demands UPON the community for the mandated "human resource development" in support of the desired standard of living.  Instead it attempts to task the national government to ultimately provide for every individual in America, taking the resources necessary for this "feeding" from wherever these resources reside in excessive abundance.

As a result of this orientation the internal ORGANIC spirit upon which the Black community's development will be based (call it racial pride, racial dignity, the will to live up to higher standards) is stripped away.  In its place is the permanent activism.  This movement is clear about what they are OWED as equal Americans.  

The Connection Between Cultural Regulation And Directed Outcomes

In one of the greatest "chicken and the egg" scenarios ever to confront us - we are told that Black people will start "behaving themselves" once the injustice is removed from our presence.  We will graduate and will stop being incarcerated WHEN those government agents that are to teach us and protect our communities stop acting in a racist manner.

In the grand void between the individual and the government resides that missing link to our community's development that has been thus far squandered.  Call it culture, social institutions, families or communities.  The bottom line is - with all of the low hanging fruit of overt oppression of our people having been regulated or provided with legal recourse to address - this is the void that suffers from the benign neglect by those who represent themselves as our leaders.   

These leaders are running a political battle against their right-wing/conservative adversaries.  In the process of doing so they are flubbing their main priority - leading the people with an adequate balance of external defense and internal regulation toward a structure that has proven results in line with our interests. 

I know first hand as a parent that a child must be provided with limits.  He will progress through the resulting pathway that is created, remaining on the straight and narrow.  It takes an adult with life experience to provide this guidance.  In the absence of parents to provide this guidance the community is required to form an eco-system within which these rules are to be enforced.

When the people are convinced that the balance of the resources that they need to develop this functional eco-system reside EXTERNAL to their "family calling circle" the spirit of inferiority sets about them.

If our people are "valuable" then it must be a mandate placed upon the adults with influence upon them to express this value and then have the children to operate with such valuation in mind per their development efforts.

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