Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Movie Scene In Which The Need To "Keep It Real" Did Not Exploit The Race Of The Actor

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Ironically it takes a White director to choose to not use the word "nigger" in a scene in which a Black protagonist is confronted by a gang of White highway men. Shamefully it is very likely that if this were a "Black film" the White characters (and even if they were Black for that matter) would have called the character played by Denzel Washington a "nigger" in the process of the fight.

If entertainment develops consciousness among the people then why aren't we leaning upon the Blacks who use this vile word in commercial speech to find some other word to insert?

Editorial Note: I do not use the phrase "The N-Word" on my blog properties when it is more descriptive to use the word "nigger" in description of how it is used within our vernacular - just as others freely use it without regulation.

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