Monday, September 13, 2010

Southern Football 1963 vs 2010

This is a true story.

Earlier this week I watched an excellent documentary on HBO regarding the interplay of the "Civil Rights Struggle" and Southern Football. The South lives and breathes with the game of football. It comes as no surprise that certain racist Whites sought to keep their school's football team lily White so they did not have to show any praise for a Black player.

When I view these type of black and white films of the past they cause me to more fully appreciate the times that we live in today more than it builds up any particular resentments fro the past.

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I am on a quest to attend at least one home football game from each high school in the county that I live in in Georgia. There are gradations of racial diversity depending on which part of the country you go to. Those high schools that are to the north or western part of the country have more Black students. As you travel south they become majority White. The game that I went to this past Friday was in the southern part of the county.

I, a Black man, had no problem what so ever, as I walked past several county sheriff deputies and paid for my ticket. A majority White school played a majority Black school on the field and no racial incidents were seen - unlike what is shown in the video above.

As I departed the game in the 4th quarter I saw the only "racial" element of the night.

Though it is hard to see (I was walking as I took the picture) - this is a picture of a group of White kids kicking around a soccer ball on the school lawn, outside of the football game.  (A group of 5 of them are in the center of the picture).   They had the radio of a car that is parked near by blaring.   They had a rap CD playing.   I am not sure who the rapper was.  I was sure that I heard the word "Nigga" being used within the song.  Clearly this was not the radio edit.

While I am not arguing that there is no racism to be found at this and other schools - it is quite ironic to see how Black and White can play on the same football field in 2010 yet the word "Nigger"/"Nigga"  has been socialized to the point of being diluted into the vernacular of commercial entertainment consumed by the masses, regardless of color.

I felt no motivation what so ever to confront these White kids about the content of their music.  THEY were not the original source of this music.

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