Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Black Community Equivalent Of "Separation Of Church & State"

Both the "Church" and the "Black Community Consciousness" have a special relationship with the individual.  Those with the power and confidence of the people who cleave to these two powerful oracles are also prone to form an emotional attachment and thus "let down their guard".

The reason why there has been a classical prohibition about mixing politics in with the church is because rogue operatives from either domain (church or the government) have a history of going into the other domain and using their power in these two domains to construct a fatal fusion.

  • The "preacher" who attempts to use his pulpit as a means of directing his flock to vote a certain way because "God wants them to do so" per the message that he delivered to them as God's intermediary
  • The "politician" who takes dead aim at the church because the people who have the mindset that their God is more powerful than is the government and thus is a threat to this politicians plan for power
If we evaluate these same forces and apply them to the ulterior motives seen in the game of "Racism Chasing" we'll note that the very same use of embedded confidence men are present in the "race game".

Today's call for "racial unity" / "racial voting block" is merely a cover for the ideological unity that is really at hand.  This can be proven merely by considering the fate of the Black man who qualifies via his skin color but is disqualified based on his "not thinking right".   Even if it is proven that the most depressed Black communities are "mission accomplished centers" for the popular ideology that is projected as the "organic ideology" for Black people these failings of our permanent interests do not trigger a call for introspection and transparency.

The root of this hijacking of the Black community's permanent interests is the hijacking of our community consciousness with the broader political goals that are afoot.   The Black community's unique history in this nation make us susceptible toward the claims of "racist threats" put forth by the confidence men who rattle the chains from behind the curtain, shouting out "boo" with syncopation.  

They realize that the best means of avoiding accountability for their results tendered within our community is to construct a grand theme redirection.  This has the dual fork of:
  • Perpetual Defense Against "White Supremacy"
  • The Construction Of Black Power Through A Political Party And Its Affiliated Ideology
This theory doesn't withstand a prima facie inspection beyond its front once we look for the construction of BLACK STRENGTH AT THE PERIPHERY rather than assuming that a few 'Strong Blacks' per their office held is proof of Black Community Advancement.  We only need look at the vital statics to see that this is not the case.

Ironically the perpetuation of these stats despite the growth in their power and ideological control gives rise to more "enforced ideological unity" within the Political Domain.   These failings prove that the "Racists" who stand against educating and feeding Black people have too much power to derail us.

In truth this exposes how the Black community is being used.   Instead of taking control over our key institutions and delivering the promised benefits to the community - results that would be shown in the statistics - they have instead used these seats of power and our loyalties that have been fused to the "American Political Domain" as the framework for their ideological and partisan conquest.

Those of us who are not complict in their scheme merely look for EARNEST MONEY.  If we as a community are to receive the grand benefit at the end of the struggle - it is rational that we should demand some evidence of incremental benefit at certain mile markers along the way.  

The primary means by which they thwart this call for "earnest money" along the way is to use as their evidence of our progress - the ELECTED PEOPLE IN POWER rather than the results had on the streets of Black America.  

"Aren't you proud of the portrait upon the wall?", they ask.  "We got 'our own' in the house now.  I told you to stick with us and our community would prosper.  Lets make another run and get more portraits hung and retain the ones that we have hanging already".   Sadly THIS becomes the "forward motion" of those who have hijacked our interests.

As long as you don't look for the direct proof in:
  • Our Schools
  • Our Public Safety
  • Our Local Economic Productivity
  • Our Competency In Delivering Healthy Lives and Relationship
the masses within our community will continue to remain UNITED by the orchestrated fight against our adversary.  

The adversary is pegged as either:
  • Unwilling to share per the "National Social Contract" that we all are bound to
  • Will replace the Street Pirate as the #1 Assailant of Black people and thus he will again render SUPERIOR assaults upon our people as "the clock is turned back"

Saturday, October 30, 2010

"When Did You Decide To Become A Heterosexual" - A Redirection Of Focus Back Toward Social Culture

From the Rip Dem Up blog.

Having a debate on "man's (sexual) will" and the creation of a "highly evolved" society that no longer suppressed it IS NOT proof of advancement.  In fact it might be evidence of the deconstruction of a society as the foundations that the society was based upon are "rationalized away".

The truth is that there is no hard and fast rules about human behavioral norms.  The only thing that is sure is that the law of gravity will pull you to the ground and cause you to splatter to the Earth if you jump from a platform that is high enough.

My frustration with certain people's rationalizations is that they already know the answer that they want to come up with.   The debate is a mere formality.  

All the while that they struggle against the "oppressive conventions" they know as well as I do that they are not going to stand by the "illegitimate baby" that they create with our society after disassembling that which they were fortunate enough to be handed at birth.

I have no shame in my announcement that I believe that MECHANISMS FOR SOCIAL CONTROL OVER HUMAN BEHAVIOR are a necessary construct in a civilized society.  The definition of anarchy is a "non-judgmental society" were anything goes.  All of that which was seen as arbitrary strictures have been rationalized away.

Many of the "public intellectuals" that argue against the point merely debate their theories from a vantage point of not having to actually LIVE within the confines of a place where their theories are the prevailing order.

I am no "homophobe" (I reject this term as nonsensical anyway).  
Instead I am clear in my observation that for ANY society to be net productive all of the equal human beings within it need to submit themselves to some broad and transparent rules of order that DO NOT CHANGE over time.

Today we are taking that which has been settled based on the intrinsic evidence and opening them back up to re-rationalization - as we are today smarter than those from antiquity who dealt with the same subjects of human behavior and sexuality and brought forth repression while those today will bring forth ENLIGHTENMENT when they try the same thing.

My Response
[quote]How did you and when did you "choose" or "decide" that being heterosexual was the thing for you?[/quote]

I know what did it for me.

I saw that while my penis was used to expel urine from my bladder and also had some role to play in my male sexuality - the ONLY thing that I noticed that my rectum was good for was the portal by which solid waste exited my digestive system. One smell of the substance that exited and I realized that this was not the orifice for my penis to be inserted in for the sake of sexual pleasure.

While I am not a female and thus can't relate to the "coming to the age of consciousness" for that particular gender I suspect that regardless of it is evolution or creation that you believe in - the fact that this person with "homo-normative" thoughts still has a fully functioning reproductive system that is triggered by the "body fluids" from the COMPLIMENTARY gender to her provides a bit of intrinsic instruction. Either that OR we need to wait for that next phase of evolutionary correction by which these systems are shut down in the homosexual thus bringing him/her in line with their mentally based preferences.

As I read Essence Magazine doing a photo layout of the "same sex" wedding and then listened to their interview on NPR's "Tell Me More" that followed my awareness of the "progressive mind" was advanced.

I believe that you all reject or diminish the need for SOCIAL CONTROL. For so long you all (as Black Progressives) have fought against the system of order that was put upon you via slavery. In doing so you confuse the strictures which are foreign and imposed due to RACIST/PATRIARCHAL modes of SUPPRESSION and that which is ORGANIC, necessary for any society of human beings to function.

Do you all ever think back that that "Mystical Magical Pre-Colonial Africa Culture" when "We were all Kings and Queens" in the motherland? We are told that this was the time in our earthly existence in which we had a perfect set of "Self Determination"/ SPIRITUAL living and Communalism rather than Capitalism. As you think back to this time do you ever cross reference that which is POPULAR today among the fully evolved Black ideologically elite versus the time when even the most passionate Black Nationalists of today will agree was our prime-time?

IF it is true that our "natural culture was STOLEN" through slavery and centuries of oppression what assurance do YOU have that the progressive theories of culture (including human sexuality) is congruent with this "Mystical Magical African Culture" of the past?

To flip it around - WHAT IF you learned that what you favor today in the way of social order and human sexual liberties RUNS AFOUL to this universally positive reference which serves as the sanctified "Jesus Period" for the Black African cultural consciousness even for the most atheistic Negro that walks among us?

Would this cause you to YIELD your ways today and follow suit in line with the "Black national order"?

What if the female role in that society did not have the freedoms that you enjoy today?

Does the tales from the griot which told of societal perfect order and balance motivate you to fall in line with this?

IF our "culture was STOLEN" and thus caused our present chaos and the need for reparation - HOW DO YOU KNOW that your highly evolved and enlightened PROGRESSIVE order is not the fruit of "a lost set of consciousness" rather than the revolutionary reconstruction that it is sold as?

Your post is about HUMAN SEXUALITY.
The real topic NEEDS TO BE about "Human Social Control" and how our individual passions and lusts need to be channeled and attached to the higher order SOCIETAL ENDPOINTS that are so frequently talked about. Too often it is time and circumstance that causes this effort to be derailed by the cross-winds along the way.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Struggle For Education In Chicago - After The Favorable People Have Taken Over

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This story was actually puzzling to me.
As a person who keeps an eye on the "Progressive Mission Accomplished Cities" I was puzzled as to how such individuals continue to have a struggle for the fundamental access to quality education.

I was made to wonder if they observed that despite their success in purging their ideological enemies from power that still they are apparently no closer to their goal despite having been caught up in the motions previously.

While I do not expect every single one of these protesters who took over the school building to have an MBA-level of management skills or the art of negotiation that a lawyer has, I can't accept that they are unable to see that the real problem is that they continue to "struggle" against outside threats rather than manage the resources that they have at their disposal toward a more favorable end.

The only solution is for them to manager their affairs toward introspection rather than (seemingly) aways making demands upon the greater system, fighting when they feel that they have been shorted.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Distinction Between "Competency Development" and "Pull Yourselves Up By Your Own Bootstraps"

Competency Development:
The state of consciousness among a community of people in which they are brought to the awareness that the only enduring and comprehensive pathway for the attainment of their desired "standard of living" is though the effort to express this end via the resources that they have proximate control over.  Having obtained clarity and having discarded ambiguity via the use of scientific principles they will develop the culture that perpetuates their actions toward this end.   The "fruit" of their struggle for governance control over these communities which will be the "standard of living" that is brought forth when the disciplines, talents and potential of the human resources within this eco-system as managed in line with their the new awareness of their potential.

They must govern the key civic institutions that they have available to them as the primary means of expressing these ends upon the "backs" of their own people.  Subsequent growth and a perpetual "flow" will be developed once these thoughts are inculcated.    By focusing their attentions on the people who will ultimately "eat the fruit", the necessary delineation of their scope of their management domain is defined, preventing their actions from being diluted over too broad of an area.  Their mission is to promote the culturally enforced social controls that edify this desired end and remove those thoughts, actions and tendencies to transfer what is their own mandate for development upon other entities who's interests are not rooted in this community's full development.  This same system needs also have elements of transparency and democracy which will remove elements of rote totalitarianism and instead allow the masses of people to consciously navigate their way forward.

In any event they should content themselves that they have done everything necessary to end in the condition where they find themselves over time for they have made the decisions along the pathway - both affirming their permanent interests as well as those that ran counter to them.

"Pull Yourselves Up By Your Own Bootstraps"
Though this phrase was no doubt originally intended to speak to the need for "self determination" few will deny that today the word has been hijacked into a phrase that is akin to "let them eat cake".  It shows only passing concern for the plight of the "voiceless" person in question.

The main failure of the bootstraps phrase is its lack of structure.  There is no particular evidence of a ladder handed over for the person to use his own muscles to climb out of the mud pit.  Instead they are to be motivated by mere words tell him to stand up.

Providing The Necessary Framework While Avoiding Inferiorizing Constructs

From my perspective there should be equal concern for popular phrases such as "The Least Of These" or "The Voice-less" just as is cast upon the "Bootstraps" phase.  Though many people make reference to their will to help out their brother in need when they make reference to "The Least Of These" their actions should be evaluated not by the edification that they get from THEIR God in helping these, the voiceless people, but instead they should be measured by how much they create the "UN-Least of these" people per their engagements over time.   My "Jesus" told his disciples to walk in his footsteps so that they may model themselves to be closer to God.  He had no plans to retain them in their substandard ways, thus allowing himself to stand tall over their hunched backs as they wallowed in inferiority.

There needs to be a reconnection between the effort at taking over institutions via the political process and the development of the competencies within the people of the community.  Our schools were the scene of great racial strife as those who had no interest in seeing Black people develop beyond their status as chattel derailed most attempts at providing quality educational services.  Today with the battle for control won politically to many of these schools are unfortunately still not producing the disciplined minds that are the byproduct of a fully refined and functional system.  All of the adults that interact with these children must accept the mandate to change this.

Since everyone does not have access to an MBA level certification in the science of resource management the goal of those who are indeed interested in "competency development" needs to be the propagation of "best practices" outward toward the periphery making use of the rich set of communications media that are available to us.

We must harvest these organic competencies in the community to a far greater extent than the present investment in the development of a loyal batch of "strugglers" in the political domain.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Black Hair Debate - "I Love My Hair"

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This video has triggered a discussion on two important truths

  1. The "politics" of hair within the Black community is an issue that needs to be addressed by adults in an effort to have young people (mostly Black girls) form an understanding of the unique physical attributes of their hair as compared to other racial phenotypes.   The length or texture of their hair cannot be allowed to fester into some sort of assumed inferiority.
  2. The present fixation on surface and material things that has Black women purchasing human hair extensions imported from India so that they can project a physical image that allows them to get beyond their self-consciousness is problematic.   There are certain people (Koreans) that are profiting greatly from this inferiority.

The three options that we have to more permanently address this issue are:
  1. Accept your hair and put forth messages of coping with it
  2. Continue at the present pace and have many continue to profit
  3. Use the process of selection in reproduction in order to produce offspring that have attributes that are more in line with the type of hair that is favored.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dr Thomas Sowell Comments On Multi-Culturalism; Field-Negro Rebuts - CF Provides Analysis Of Both

Earlier this week I posted the speech from German Chancellor Merkel and her comments that multiculturalism has failed in Germany. This debate triggered two commentaries worth noting:

  1. Economist Dr Thomas Sowell: The Multi-Cultural Cult
  2. AfroSpear Co-Founder Field-Negro Attempts To Rebut Dr Sowell's Critique Of Multi-Culturalism
Lets first get a jaw dropper out of the way before we start.
Field-Negro writes:

OK, fine. But madam Chancellor, A-merry-ca was built on principles of multiculturalism. It is what A-merry-cans will tell you makes this country great. People of different races, religions, cultures, belief systems and backgrounds, being able to live and work "side-by-side" while they pursue happiness. Did my conservative brothers and sisters forget that beautiful little sonnet by Emma Lazarus? I hope not.
This passage must be noted for the simple reason that it is an exceptional statement.  The Progressive-Fundamentalist is typically indicting America for having WHITE SUPREMACY at its foundation.  I am just happy to see that my friend Field-Negro, sensing that his adopted nation is under attack from a right-winger decides to protect her honor, even when HE is made guilty of sugar coating the past in order to make a positive point about America.  Something that Field-Negro's supreme threat Glenn Beck is routinely attacked for.

Analysis of Thomas Sowell's Argument
While I generally agree with Dr Sowell's argument he fails to highlight the important point that is at the foundation of this argument:  the dysfunctional eco-system in the nations that people emigrate out of as they seek out peace and prosperity in this nation that was built upon:

  • Stolen Land
  • Slavery
  • Labor Exploitation
  • The Prison Industrial Complex
In as much as America is the prime target for indictment by the "Anti-America Americans" and their Internationalist cohorts around the world - Dr Sowell fails to go to the lands from which they come and inspect the reasons for their exodus INTO a land of corporate capitalistic exploitation.  It indeed is a rare turn of events to see "free people" migrating toward "enslavement" as they come to America today.  (Pardon me - I watch "Democracy Now" every day)

I wish that Dr Sowell had spent more time focused on the generics of culture, government, religion and economics in his article.  With this as a baseline he would have had the microscope in his possession by which to understand why the framework that is in place in the USA and Germany is attractive while the aggregation of these systems in these countries of origin are not so.   I know of no poor Americans seeking to exit this nation for some foreign destination.  Instead most Americans that exit for any length of time go out into the world for their own edification of their academic pursuits, high level employment, vacation travel or charitable exchange with the outside world.

Had Dr Sowell made such a comparison this would have allowed him to raise the question:  "Are the people in these 'least of these nations' able to learn from the American model, apply it upon their own land and express the same results?

The debate that we need to have is about "nature or nurture".   Are the United States and Germany great nations with a net positive flow of immigration merely because they enjoy natural resources (favorable climate, raw materials, centralized location) or is their favor based upon the what has been nurtured?  This nurturing takes the form of the thoughtful construction of the foundations of culture, government, religion and economic systems.  More importantly the effective management of that which appears on paper from the planning process so that it has the key attributes of:
  • Endurance - Able to survive the challenges that threatens to destroy it
  • Comprehensiveness - Able to scale as it makes slight but necessary changes
  • Organicism - Able to remain a net producer of its own way without fundamental external dependencies but instead equal trade of value
Analysis of Field Negro's Arguments
Once we get past the name calling against Dr Sowell, Field-Negro's attempts to cherry pick away at Sowell's commentary.   

After reading Field-Negro's points it appears that there remains some "magical force of bonding" that goes unmentioned.  Different people gathered on a piece of land and now they are not killing each other as they divide into gangs of warring factions.
  • People of different races, religions, cultures, belief systems and backgrounds, being able to live and work "side-by-side" while they pursue happiness. 
  • Whatever happened to individual liberties and freedom? 
  • He blames multiculturalism for the atrocities that took place in places like Rwanda and the Balkans; forgetting , of course, that the people who were at war with each other were natives of those very same countries. 
  • So what exactly is it about multiculturalism that scares the right and their gatekeepers like Sowell so much? It's simple. The fear of losing political power and influence. 
  • They know that people who might look and act differently than they do will not embrace their politics of division and fear, so they must be marginalized and kept at a minimum

In his effort to attack Dr Sowell, my friend Field-Negro fails to make the distinction between CULTURE and GOVERNANCE.   For example while an extremist who has his cultural norms based upon the strict interpretation of Sharia law has his PERSONAL viewpoint on how women should be treated in relation to a male.......the controlling legal authority would sanction him if he were to express the most extreme elements of this religiously inspired but culturally based set of actions upon her, a fellow American.

Ultimately what my friend Field-Negro fails to see is that the same system that has been pushed to be more culturally tolerant by him, Obama and various left-wing activist groups is also required retain its integrity in GOVERNANCE lest there be no more of a functional system through which governance can be used to implement the tolerance in the first place.

America's system of governance at its founding allowed my people to be treated as property as they were deployed for some other private human being's exclusive benefit.  Thought it took a civil war to express this nation's will that we should move in a new direction regarding slavery - the fundamental governing constructs of the nation were left intact through this transition.  In my assessment Field-Negro in his lust to attack the "conservative" Dr Sowell fails to discuss the framework within which the diversity that he is celebrating is kept alive despite the periodic tenuousness of its survival.  (I believe that we are living in one of those times today).

Look at how differently the modern day "lynchings" of Mexicans are treated as a luxury of debate in the context of the American system that we live in.  The lynchings of countless Black man and women throughout the history of this nation is seen as the presence of some ORGANIC evil in this nation and the people who committed these acts.  More than 70 years hence a band of African-Americans meet up at Moore's Ford Bridge in Walton County - a exurban extension of Atlanta to call for JUSTICE for the 4 young Black people that were lynched in the 1940's.

Yet as we talk today about "decapitated Mexicans" in the area of the US/Mexican border - defined by theft from the European settler and a bloody war that killed brown skinned people - the focus by the enlightened progressives was shifted from the question of "Are there Mexicans being lynched though beheadings in the context of the present struggles along the border" over to "The Republican governor LIED because she could not show any instances of headless Mexican corpses in the desert area inside of the political boundaries of Arizona". The fact that news of decapitation lynchings in the Sanora Desert that crosses the political border, several recent decapitations closer to Texas and man more inside of the heart of Mexico was not enough for those who live in the comfort of America and have the luxury of such theoretical debates to continue on.
Their argument has the same spirit of hate-laced taunting as a good-ole-boy in Philadelphia Mississippi 1963 rejecting the claim that the 3 murdered Civil Rights workers were encased in an "earthen dam" because the hole that they were buried in was more than 10 feet away from the water and thus had no WATER RETENTION PROPERTIES.   The label that I coined for them is "the Activists of Leisure", able to cherry pick their fights because they don't LIVE them.

 My Previous Analysis Is Retained
My overall point is that these systems of governance, economics, religion and culture must be managed, regardless of the scale.  They are present in a nation as well as a well run zip code.  Those zip codes that appear on the "Top 25 Most Dangerous" have failed to properly implement such a foundation that can direct the innate trialist tendencies in all of us into a notion of managed respect.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Black Star Line" and "The White Star Line"

While watching a documentary on the immigration of the Irish into America as they left the depressed conditions of their home country I learned about the "White Star Line" of cruise ships.   Upon hearing this was I immediately thought of Marcus Garvey and the "Black Star Line".

The Irish leveraged the "White Star Line" for passage from Europe to America in search of a better living to escape their oppressive poverty.  They saw these ships as a vessel of hope.

This was the actual owner of the ill-fated RMS Titanic.  I might be mistaken but I thought I had heard references that Titanic was owned by Cunard.  In truth "White Star Lines" owned the Titanic and was forced to merge with Cunard at a later date due to financial difficulties.

Marcus Garvey's Black Star Line was more of a grass roots effort.  He had the forces of the American government working against him.

The Black Star Line was a shipping line incorporated by Marcus Garvey, organizer of the UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association). The shipping line was supposed to facilitiate the transportation of goods and eventually African Americans throughout the African global economy. It derived its name from the White Star Line, a line whose success Garvey felt he could duplicate, which would become a standard of his Back-to-Africa movement

The Legacy Of African Americans In Atlantic City New Jersey

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Beyond the standard observation of the racial caste system and Jim Crow I observed several other key points in the legacy of Black prosperity and struggle in this nation:

  1. Job opportunities is the "water" within which all Black development "swims" in.  We as a free people are prone to migrate to where the jobs are - just like everyone else.
  2. When there is a need for goods and services to be produced in support of our standard of living - Black people have a long history of meeting this need
  3. The use of political graft and corruption was present in the past, is present now and will always be present.  The task is to mitigate this force and instead build a more sound foundation built upon transparency

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Robo Call That Connected Me To A Band Of Brothers

On Friday as I was driving home in a massive traffic jam I received a phone call on one of my mobile phones that I never carry with me otherwise. I knew that anyone calling me on this number was actually intending to call the previous holder of the phone number.

I picked up the phone expecting to tell the caller that they were calling the wrong number. It turned out that it was a recording, telling me about a gathering of "500 Men Standing In The Gap Men's Conference" for Clayton County Public Schools.

I do not live in Clayton County. In as much as my home county is pretty self-sufficient I spend most of my community service time focused on neighboring Clayton County.

I jotted down the time and location of the gathering. I then had to negotiate with the wife and kids as to how I could drop the kids off at their events and attend this session at Mundy's Mill High School from 9am to 12noon on Saturday.

It appears that the "500 Men Standing In The Gap" is a program focused upon (Black) male fathers of males between 12-18. They are responding to the noted problems with the schools (gangs and Black male academic performance) and they are soliciting the help from the fathers to engage in a better governance role with their sons in the Clayton County Schools.

I was able to drop my daughter off and take my young son with me to the event.

In A Room Full Of Like Minds

In summary - I heard enough of a like-minded viewpoint from the 40 or so men in the room to verify that my views ARE the norm.  It is clear that when partisan politics are removed from the discussion there is little disagreement between me and other Black men who see the need for functional governance of our community.  

With Clayton County it took the reign of open chaos for some of these brothers to step forward.  Thus the program.

Let me be clear - I did NOTHING to assist in bringing this program to fruition.  I was merely a participant.

I will continue to do my own public service projects but I see a greater need in my contributions to the analysis of the problems and the reporting upon them.  Few people go to the "favorable" Black opinion writers and ask "So what have you done for the community/politics" to certify you as a critic?

I heard the "Human Resource Management" principles that I so frequently talk about being talked about among a room full of Black men.  (One White guy with interracial children with him).  To their credit none of the content that was discussed had any particular racial customization.  Everyone was made to feel as part of the solution.

The key principles that were communicated were founded in the notion that fathers need to step up and perform their roles in the lives of their school children.  Particularly the males that need guidance.

There were several slides that were posted that sought to capture the elements that are important in developing young people in our own image, allowing them to move the the next level.

This Guy Right Here Is An Elementary School Principal And Is The Only Man In The School

This brother sitting next to me said that he is a principal of a local elementary school.  He is the only man in the building with 650 children and nothing but a female staff.

He said that there is an abundance of discipline problems.  Black male elementary aged students are being sent to his office for disrupting the class time.  (Are you listening to this Michelle Alexander?)

The principal noted that so many of these young males have no steady male authority figure in their lives.

He stated that he asked one of the young boys "If I was watching you would you have done what you did?".  The kid said "No.  You are a man and I know that you would not let me get away with it".

Sound Principles, Traditional Black Community & Christian-Based Theories

I have concluded that the ideologies and theories that are common among Black as expressed on various blogs DO NOT represent the prevailing theories that are on the street.  In this quasi-school system sponsored event there was talk about how Christian principles are valuable tenants in the philosophy that is necessary to turn the situation around.  I did not see any ACLU lawyers standing up protesting the comment.

The point that impressed me the most about the gathering is that the facilitators presented a framework and then asked the men in the audience to give life to them via their personal experiences and opinions on the matter.

As With The Church - The Main People That Need To Hear The Message Are Not In Attendance

My concern with this gathering is similar to that which I have with so many other consciousness building efforts:  The people who need to have a more structured way of thinking added to their repertoire where not present. They were off doing the things that are far too often in violation of that which we were talking about.

I remain resolute on the need to expand the comprehensiveness of these type of programs, scaling them to the point where they are EFFECTIVE in mitigating the problems. The content was great but it needs to scale to address the severity of the threat.

I plan to become an active participant in this program.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Norway The #1 Nation In The World - Racially Homogenius & Wealthy Due To Oil

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When it comes to some people pointing out the claim of "Socialism done right" the nation of Norway frequently tops their list:
  1. Free Health Care &; Wide Social Safety Net
  2. Quality Internet and Mobile phone infrastructure
  3. High Level Of "Social Justice"

What we don't often hear are the two points that prove to be a bit contradictory to this portrait

Notice from the video that there are "conscious people" who are troubled by the positioning of their nation at #1 in the world. They are able to impart these sentiments - NOT from the perspective of a starving Laotian citizen desperately seeking to obtain a portion of this wealth for his own use but instead as a person within this horn of plenty who's theories do not impact the question of where his next meal will come from. In my view this person should be satisfied in convincing his fellow Norwegians of the need to help others around the world. They need to focus upon insuring that these other nations adopt the practices that has allowed Norway to live with such abundance. "Organic Competencies" versus "Redistribution".

  1. Norway is an carbon energy producing state (oil)
  2. Norway is a racially homogenous state - 94% White European (Norwegian)

Will the progressives in Norway convince their nation to GIVE UP THEIR "GREEN HOUSE GAS PRODUCING OIL WEALTH" in the context of them choosing "People/Earth over Profits", just as good progressives demand?

The "Black Press" Is Identified Through Its Function In Relation To The Black Community

Before I expose any individual that is perpetrating a fraud I will unambiguously define what the "Black Press" FUNCTION is in reference to the Black community.

The so-called Black press was founded during the waning days of Slavery and through Reconstruction as a means of getting messages of interests in relation to the Black community out to the Black community and those that had our interests in mind. These took the form of basic one page newsletters/fliers or newspapers that were a few pages long. The fundamental point of these papers were

  • To take advantage of their rights to free speech that Black people possessed to express their opinions of the issue of interest at hand, framing them in a manner that was to the benefit of the community and its permanent interests
  • To offer an alternative voice to the voice that was heard in the "mainstream"/White media which too often molested the image of Blacks or ignored Blacks altogether 
The key bind of this "Black press" is that it had to be founded on the "best interests" of the community.   The presence of a Black skinned publisher did not make it compliant with the best interest of the community.  This is the case today as few would argue that the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" magazine "Don Diva" is operating in our best interests as it focused upon a street gang in Miami which has 37 murders under its belt.  They did not condemn this "lynch mob" but instead used these killings as part of their "Street Cred".

Once again we see why it is important to clearly articulate what we all must be held to, regardless of our ideological preferences:
  1. Safe Streets
  2. Quality Education
  3. Thriving Local Economies
  4. Healthy Lifestyle and Relationship Outcomes
  5. Solutions That Are Comprehensive and Enduring
  6. Solutions That Leverage The Human Resources Within So That Talents and Organic Competencies Can Be Developed
I maintain that just as "Don Diva" magazine fails this test as referenced by this list of permanent interests that many who don the badge of "Black Press" similarly must be washed out because they blatantly violate one or more of these principles.  In some cases they offer protection for others who violate.

Me, a Black Conservator with right-of-center sensibilities enjoys watching "Democracy Now" a hard-left media presentation that expresses their view of the world.  Why?

Simply answer: MUCKRAKING.

I respect an entity, regardless of their ideological bent, who holds steadfast to their ideological underpinnings and inspects ANYONE that violates their sensibilities.   In my view "bias" is not merely a matter of slanting the news against your ideological adversaries.  A far more damning attribute of bias is when these agents of enforcement fail to enforce their ideological baseline once "their friends" step into power.  (Have you seen any anti-war protests going on lately)?

While I don't admit to agreeing with a good portion of the content on "Democracy Now" I respect the fact that they have a higher percentage of occasions in which they call out their ideological brothers that are in power because they have violated the left-wing tenants that they all have agreed to abide by.  "Democracy Now" (and Ted Rall) have been critical of the favorable Democrats in the executive branch and the legislative branch on a consistent basis.

I prefer muckraking because I don't want any official (elected or self-promoted community organizers) to enjoy a level of comfort within the office that he holds to the extent that he can "fool all of the people all of the time".  This regardless of the results that are rendered upon the people at the time.

As we can see, however, enforcement of one's ideology is not sufficient.  In the Black community today we see a situation where there is monopoly ideological control over the key institutions yet the failures that result don't translate into muckraking punishment against those who presided over the situation.  With the unchecked advocacy of the Black press - they merely conspire to shift the scope of the indictment to that of the national level.  The local forces that they helped into the seat of power escape the wrath of the Black press.

This is why the "Permanent Interests" and not the ideology must be enforced.  The ideology (conservative or progressive) is merely a methodology that is assumed to take us to the place where our permanent interests are obtained.   Likewise the political parties are the vehicles to which these methodologies are affixed to on the way to obtaining these interests.

The grand flaw of a press operation is when it becomes so compromised in relation to the methodology that it is unwilling to speak out against the methodology upon seeing the flaws, corruption or shortfalls that it has racked up.   These press operatives are rendered as agents of obfuscation, directing the people's attention away from the sins of their favored ideologues over toward the ideological adversary who "sit in the mud just as they do".   We can see that the tactic of finding satisfaction by pointing out those who are similarly in he mud has no value add, distinguishing the supremacy of their given methodology over the next one.

The Unique Place For The Black Press

It bothers me less that the Black Press is outwardly biased on behalf of the Democrats and Progressives than they are active co-conspirators in the shell-game that is ensnared the operations of our community.   In the face of failed schools, violence on our streets not seen since the Jim Crow South, un-DEployed Black minds & talents and the erosion of our cultural base which will cause more confusion amongst our people - they are too often co-conspirators in these actions.  They are past even retaining the pretense that they are advocating for the best interests of the Black community.  To many of them a "feed Black community with a full stomach" is just as good as having an organically self sufficient Black community as they do reports on the Black farmers who produce fed the masses.   Instead today the best utility for the Black farmer to their cause is to show that he is to be "made right" in the way of a grievance payment from the government due to the racist discrimination that he has suffered.  This same farmer is not thought of as the producer of the organic vegetables that will fill the void in the "Food Deserts" that are often discussed in these same Black Press oracles.

The uniqueness of the Black press resides in the fact that it has historically been bound to the acquisition of the permanent interests of the Black community.  During its height there were enough blatant violations of these principles that each major city was able to retain a full staff of reporters to keep tabs on the efforts to "Speak Truth To Power".  

The present fall of the Black Press, in which it has folded its operations into the larger struggle with the Progressives and the Democratic Party is a function of the fact that the Black Establishment to which it his affixed has also done so.   Over the past few decades the NAACP has also removed its clothing and is now an unabashed member of the Progressive establishment.  One only need scan the list of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights to understand why so much of the NAACP's policies have been altered.

Again take a step back from the ideological partnerships and instead make measure of the Black community's Permanent Interests.  I have an outstanding challenge for anyone to show me a single big city school system with a majority Black population that has seen substantive improvement in its ability to deliver quality education since "favorable people" have taken over the reigns.

Then ask yourself:
  • Why doesn't the NAACP march against these school systems today?
  • Then ask a more important question:  WHY doesn't the Black Press pick up their pens and write against the NAACP and these failing institutions that they are providing cover for?
The answer is clear:  They all are working in conjunction as they have been coopted.
In Washington DC on October 2, 2010 we saw the NAACP AND the Black Press standing along side the Teachers Unions and the School Administrators that preside over these school systems that are failing Black people.   The protests that used to be held in front of the local school administration building are now done for SHOW on the National Mall.

Few people noted that the words said by Marian Wright Edleman that day as she made an indictment against the NATION'S commitment to education of Black children had been made more locally against the city school boards as she questioned their commitment to educating Black children.

If you pay attention to what is really happening you will see as I do:  BLACK GRIEVANCES are used as the carrot upon which the progressive powerbase rides to national power.   Their goal is not to fix our community's problems.  Their goal is to INTEND TO FIX our community's problem.  What better way to keep the masses of Black people united than to tell them of the threats to the crumbs that we are already fighting over if the ideological adversary is to gain power?    The Black Press' job is to be the voice that spreads this to the masses.

If you do a quick browse of the so called "Black Blogger" web sites and the new crop of "Black Opinion" sites (ie: The Root or The Grio) you will see that they all deal in TRANSACTIONS.   Their job is to "self-chum" the masses of Black readers with the latest indictment against their ideological enemies or the latest talking points of their friends.

IF you are looking for muckraking activities in which the present establishment that presides over the Black community is called to prove their effectiveness in delivering - your best bet is to instead tune into the local television newscast.  They do a far better job at muckraking.  They, unlike their Black Press counterparts have more of a commitment to holding the person occupying the seat of power accountable than they do protecting the Black person in the seat.

In my view the FUNCTIONAL role of the "Black Press" is today held by these local beat reporters from the local news.   In the past the Black press was formed because they ignored the Black community.   Today since the barriers to entry into these seats of institutional power have been removed - it is the Mainstream Local Press that does more to protect the actual interests of the Black Community than does the "Black Press" who's role is to provide cover for this same establishment.

Friday, October 08, 2010

How Things Have Changed Since The Day's Of Fredrick Douglass

Progressives Use Recent Gay Student Homicide To Attack Those Who Seek To Retain Our Present Social Order

Beyond the transactional incident of the college student in New Jersey who committed suicide after being recorded in a homosexual relationship there is agenda to use this incident as a means to advance a broader agenda.  (If only these same people used the death of young Black males as an impetus to go after the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" genre of music which is full of threats that look eerily like the violence that occurs in the real world.   This is not going to happen because the progressive targets their indictments against a POWER that they seek to take down.   Don't confuse their agenda with a transparent attempt at 'helping all people')

I should also note that while Tim Gunn talks about how the pressures of being a gay teen lead him to a suicide attempt I recently heard of the tale of a suicide attempt by the love interest of  male radio host Michael Krasny.  This female love interest was fatally attracted to him.  He tells of how she survived the attempt and is presently a PhD.  Instead of us all talking about how the pressures of being a teenager cause some of them to do self-destructive things because they can't cope - those with an agenda attempt to use these exceptional situations to advance their larger agenda.  The agenda is to isolate and marginalize those who dare seek to retain traditional values in opposition to their secular progressive theories.

What we see are people who operate under the guise of "progressivism" to render their latest assault upon the Judeo-Christian cultural ethic that has brought us to our present state of societal order and prosperity.   They see as their biggest threat to retiring this standard as being the "conservatives" who dare to stand against their onslaught.

I reject the notion that the mere filming of a sex act is cause for suicide.  Clearly Raymond Chase has some other psychological issues that he was suffering from.   Beyond that point, however, the question must be asked to those who are seeking to "normalize" homosexual behavior - "ARE there any attributes to this type of behavior that are intrinsically psychologically burdensome to the individuals that practice it BEYOND that which the 'bigoted' society around them trigger upon them?"

I am not yielding from my viewpoint that there are intrinsic information that can be obtained from the complimentary genitalia that are present in males and females - INCLUDING those who are homosexual.  A talkshow host who is in support of homosexual behavior and the normalization of these relationships noted that "GOD created the hormone imbalances" that cause some females to act 'butch' and some males to act sissified".   In her rationale since GOD made them this way - who are we to judge?

What she couldn't grasp in her own bigotry was that God also created them with fully functioning reproductive systems that were still attuned to operate in relationship to the opposite sex.  If hormone treatments are available from the hands of man to correct OTHER 'hormone imbalances" then why is it that this talk show host promoted the state of the hormone levels beyond the presence of fully functioning genitalia?  Which is a greater, more permanent statement from "GOD"?

The Need For Elements Of Social And Behavior Control In Society

I realize that among the avent garde progressives it is "cool" to stand against "social control".  The more libertine we are as a society the better we are. We should pitch the dogmas and instead live free.

They say this from the vantage point of living within a society that was built up and handed to them.  It is far easier to disassemble a society than it is to put together a functional culture as people with ideas that are mutually exclusive attempt to live in the same time or space. (without killing each other)

This is what a commenter on this site named D Roberts wrote in response to another entry:
Again, I think that you are making a big deal out of nothing. Gay marriage is going to happen, bottom line. And we will go on like Canada, Mexico City, Spain, Sweden, CT, DC, IA and the other places where the people have decided to wake up without any glitch in marriage or heterosexuality.

Furthermore, I don't believe that masses of people "don't care because it doesn't impact us." Instead, I think we are tired of the "tired" argument/notion that one thing is a direct threat to another. THAT notion has been the basis behind stopping any type of change in society.

And even though your argument is eloquent, it runs parallel in structure and eloquence to the sa

This not an attack on D.R. but an attempt to more fully expand my views.

As gay relationships are "normalized" and gay marriage is accepted in our secularizing society I will NOT be in the streets setting off firebombs in protests nor will I be marching in a parade to note our "progression" in consciousness and tolerance as a society.

A CHOICE will have been made by our society and there are responses and consequences that emanate from these choices.

We will have chosen to edit the list of valid points of discrimination (ie: No adult male should get romantically involved with a 15 year old girl), removing the long held prohibition against same sex relationships.

My personal view is that I don't hold such relationships up as "evil" - where "the Lord" will come and strike down such a person when he returns, banishing them to hell. This is not me.

Instead I make an evaluation of how the removal of cultural repression of same sex behavior will have upon our ability to continue to make absolute forward progress BECAUSE the rules (the levee walls) have been well defined and thus the flow is made more straight and narrow. Remove more of these rules and we will have more lateral battles that will slow down our forward progress.

A same sex relationship is said to be one made out of the person's "preferences". In as much as today's society has a goal of "maximizing our discrimination/oppression removal activities" the people who are opposed are put under the spotlight as neo-Klansmen. Those who support the change are seen as enlightened. In truth a person's preferences does not override all other societal constraints that are maintained. As a man I see a series of younger women each day that cause my mental tongue to start panting at their sight. As a married man in this culture that pushes for monogamous relationships I am forced to issue a mental "down boy" to myself.  I realize that there is a substantial COST that will be borne by me in the disruption of my relationship with my wife and my family.

Someone wanting to pursue his desires that appear to be his defacto orientation IS NOT in and of itself a justification for the society to permit it.  My defacto orientation is to be with as many differnt women as is physically possible.  At the same time I beg anyone to find evidence that homosexual sex is banned anywhere in the United States, punishable by imprisonment or fine?

Cultural prohibitions which channel his behavior are not always "discrimination" of the "EVIL"-type.

Today we have a commitment to populism while having lost the sense of functional purpose for these cultural norms. Many of the people who drive their point in the name of progress-ivism are also of the group that won't be standing beside "the baby that they have birthed" if it produces more societal dysfunction. In my view these same people will be protesting that the continued dysfunction is a failure in government compassion and entitlement. They will always shift the burden for governance away from the individual and toward the central agency that is "NON-judgemental" in its resource allocation.

The cultural based governance in which a central authority JUDGES human behavior based upon a set of unchanging behavioral norms is likewise seen as oppressive.

In summary and in their view:  a government that SUBSIDIZES the changes that the masses are permissive of, removing any consequence off of the backs of the individuals that are participating in this leading edge - is favorable.

A governing authority that TAXES/PENALIZES the changes that are proposed as they cleave to firm references from the past are called "oppressive and out of touch".

As a society we are going to see that there is a wide gap between what the GOVERNMENT has as its official dictates and what the cultural and societal institutions on the street express as the prevailing condition of the people as they live their lives.  To translate into more clarity - IF the best of intentions (relaxing cultural regulation)  were all that were needed to engender favorable results - the places that have already exercised this agenda would not be more dysfunctional than when they started.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Why Did "Jesus" Allow His Church To Be Robbed By Street Pirates?

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Question: Why Did "Jesus" Allow His Church To Be Robbed By Street Pirates? Not striking them down before they busted through the roof of this sacred ground?

Answer: "Jesus"did not fail to do his job.   He "allowed" these Street Pirates to steal the instruments of worship that had value to the Street Pirates BECAUSE he knows that these Street Pirates would not be acting as such IF God's people were doing their job.

These Street Pirates are in truth "Pillars of their Community" that should be protectors of all of the people and institutions and property within their community, defending these from threats - external and external.  This is the long tradition of all Black men.

INSTEAD these "Pillars of the Community" were not instructed to walk along this path.  The adults that God has christened to be the managers of these human resources have failed.  They have squandered their duties and obligations to provide the substantive base of consciousness upon which these young Black males who broke into the church never received.

The benign neglect suffered by these, OUR FUTURE, was allowed to happen as the adult people had their own consciousness hijacked.  They were made to believe that their condition could be uplifted if they committed themselves to an ideological and political movement that insured this desired standard of living by attaching onto notions others than the attainment of these desired ends via the construction of their own community competencies.

Many have taken up the fight against the government to force it to stop locking up these souls in government penitentiaries.   As long as these lost souls keep assaulting the community putting innocent people at risk - this is a wasted exercise.   Instead these advocates for the protection of these people should be seeking to have them to enter into these houses of worship - the only buildings that have always been owned and financed by the Black community.

Monday, October 04, 2010

If Pres. Obama Had This Same "Competency Development" Theory For Domesitc "The Least Of These" - I'd Be A Supporter Of His Policies

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It is interesting to hear the gap between how certain people who agree that the calls for reform of international aid into nations with long running dysfunctional environments can't bring themselves to see that these same forces of dependency on external funding sources is the case among our domestic "Least Of These People".

What is it about President Obama and others who can't see that the US Federal government can function as a "foreign funding source" to dysfunctional inner cities in America? NOT asking them to change their expectations for external supports is just as reprehensible as what Obama notes for foreign nations.

I have stated previously that a "COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT" agenda is need for both cases.

Cicely Tyson - The Greatest Actress Of "The Struggle" Of All Time

I can think of no other actor in or time (actor/actress) who has captured the spirit of "the Struggle" better than Cicely Tyson.

I watched "Mama Flora's Family" over the weekend.  Ms Tyson started as the matriarch of a family that experienced various challenges from Jim Crow to the Vietnam Era and all of the points in between.  This was an excellent movie.  It added to my collection of observations that indicate that today's Black community should look to the past NOT to continue the grievances that these people in the past had due to the way they were treated but instead should note how much they no longer have to deal with today.

Ms Tyson has always played the strong, bed-rock female matriarch in nearly every character role she has played over time.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tim Wise Is Snarling Fox White Liberal - Black Inferiorist

If you have no particular goals for Black people (beyond insuring that we are feed and thus you make sure that you are not 'biting the hand that feeds you', showing your loyalties to the fish distributor) then the words said by the White Liberal Snarling Fox Tim Wise are comforting.

Tim Wise compares the social welfare received by Black people to that of EUROPE.
Why didn't he ALSO look toward the Caribbean or any African nation? 
If we were having a different discussion Mr Wise would be noting that Europe STOLE all of its riches from other places with brown-skinned people around the world.  In the context of social entitlement with America - he lauds Europe as a reference model for what America should hope to become.

Ultimately Snarling Fox White Liberal Tim Wise has two missions per his interactions with Black people:
  1. Appease Black people that a White man can tell them "I know how WHITE PEOPLE THINK.  They call you Blacks 'Niggers' when you are not around".  I am going to teach you who are my adopted family how they think
  2. To White people he hopes to get them to prove that they are not racists against Black people by having them agree to share the contents in their wallets with Black people -as they do with their White family and community
Sadly and shamefully - some of you all agree with these two points.

How To Expose Tim Wise (And People Who Think Like Him) As A Black Inferiorist

Take a listen to the entire library of leftist rhetoric made by Tim Wise. 
Do you ever hear him talk about the Black community organizing our human resources so that an increasing number of elements in our desired standard of living are delivered to us as a consequence of this management and regulation of our own people?

You are NEVER going to hear this.

In truth the White Liberal Snarling Fox Liberal Tim Wise has a message that is fully aligned with the prevailing viewpoint held by the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser.  Despite these two groups being in ideological alignment - the one thing they have in common is their inability to generate a higher standard of living for the Black community from within the ranks of the Black community.  Allowing us to project this economic and academic power OUTWARD.

In the video up above we hear White Snarling Fox Liberal Tim Wise discussing the state of social safety net in America.   He makes the case that racist White people who were riled up to believe that Black people would receive the balance of the benefit from these social welfare payments stood opposed to these programs.  Since we have heard previously that "there are more White people on Welfare than Black" we can conclude that these White people "voted against their best interests", allowing RACISM to trump their interests.

My rebuttal is as follows.  Just as the claim that White people don't lock up their criminal as much as they want Black criminals locked up - this would tend to have their community being terrorized with MORE CRIMINALS who are running free.  If this is the case then it is the White community that will be made to suffer from their bigotry.  Just the same - if White people are unwilling to use the national government to feed White people in their communities - then it is the White people who's communities will suffer from hunger and homelessness.

The slight of hand in both of these cases is the claim that NATIONAL POLICY is the final arbiter in any of these issues.  With regard to criminal justice - we can go to progressive dominated areas and see NO DIFFERENCE in the racial gap in arrest rates despite the purge of conservative (bigoted) judges and district attorneys.   When it comes to Welfare programs - the goal of the Progressive is to have an array of national programs that afford them the opportunity to abstract the failures in their local human resource management abilities.

IF indeed PEOPLE'S LIVES ARE BEING COMPROMISED - we need to shift this focus to the squandered potential of the equal human beings that are ensnared in eco-systems that their leadership SEEKS FOOD for them, the "Least Of These".   Instead the Progressive seeks to make a "transactional indictment", showcasing the 'clear and present need' that needs to be addressed while carefully avoiding the disastrous impact of his polices - after assuming the uncontested power in the area in question.

I struggle to understand how there are abundant stories from people who are not considered "Black Conservatives" as they make an account of the erosion of the progressive cities that I talk about - and yet this gross misery that they discuss is not attributed to the incompetence of the present leadership or the ideology and policies that have a dual mission:
  1. Harvest the Black vote in certain pockets of the metro area.  Keep them supplied with a certain amount of resources so that an outright riot is not seen.  Tap this harvest on behalf of the Democratic Party when election season comes around, endearing their hopes for community development upon the electoral success of the Progressives and the Democratic Party
  2. Make sure that the next generation of Black people are kept IDEOLOGICALLY UNIFIED as the embedded powers that be who supply them with the message - make sure that the frustrations that they feel is directed toward their ideological enemies and the history of America, always insuring that any rage that they have is captured on behalf of the ideological and political movement
You are NEVER going to hear Snarling Fox White Liberal Tim Wise assess Black people as if we are EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS;
  • The same capacity for organic hatred as White
  • The same ability to achieve 'directed outcomes' by primarily focusing upon regulating our people
  • The same obligation to PROVE to America that we as equal Americans should be proving our American credentials by giving "till it hurts" to the national storehouse
Follow White Liberal Snarling Fox Tim Wise as a cultural guide at your own risk and your own consequence.


He smiles as he finds Blacks who buy into the tales of our inferiority and "damaged state".

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Black People Do Not Need "Unity" Nor "A New Crop Of Civil Rights Leaders" Nor To Be "Unilaterally Engaged By Conservatives"

Here are three independent references detailing what "Black people need":

  1. Gregory Kane: If Blacks Were Unified We Won't Need Either Party
  2. The Grio: Stefanie Brown: Wanted The Next Generation Of Civil Rights Leaders
  3. The Urban Right blog: Black Conservatives Need To Engage The Ghetto
Some people appear to lack the perspective of history as they fail to note that the statement about "What Black people NEED" (or 'need to do') is a constant refrain that would be a very expensive vintage if it were a wine.

The goal of this post is not to set up a straw man for each of the articles above merely to tear them down.  Instead the point is to fine tune these claims, attempting to set forth a more productive mission that does not only give us the satisfaction of apparent motion and the bonus of being unified there in but instead to better align a set of management principles behind these, thus far, unmet needs.  This despite all of the previous attempts at "trying harder" and remaining unified.

I disagree with Gregory Kane that "Black people need unity".  Our problem today is that we are too UNIFIED without the presence of an infrastructure of transparency that would force people within to validate their agenda, making sure that it is aligned with the cause rather than some other cause that they are stringing along the masses.  You don't get Black folks voting 96% for one man AND choosing the process of VOTING as their main vehicle for community development yet claim that we are not unified.  INDEED we are "unified".  The problem has to do with the vector to which we cleave to in unity.  

If we need anything we need a SYSTEM that respects the full and equal humanity of our people and the accompanying intelligence that comes along with it. Thus this system is trustworthy enough per its transparency in reporting that it respects being QUESTIONED rather than having protective henchmen attacking any such though of inquiry.

The only force that benefits from a "question-free" zone is the incumbent.
The only force ENFORCING the lack of permissiveness for questions - IS THE incumbent power.

No question that is "constructive" should be seen as a threat to this system that is built upon transparency.

Deploy The Tool Of "Civil Rights" ONLY When It Is Your "Civil Rights" That Are Broken, Lest ALL Of Your Problems Begin To Look Like 'Civil Rights' Per Your Expertise With The Tool

I have to admit that I was troubled upon reading the arguments made by Stefanie Brown in regards to the need for a new generation of "Civil Rights Leaders".  You see, being that I live in "Civil Rights Central" (Metro Atlanta) I have front row seats regarding how these "civil rights leaders" act in relation to their "permanent friends" that are now in office and a "civil rights violation" befalls a person within their political district.  

When you see these "civil rights leaders" CONFERRING with their permanent friends, who now sit in the seat of power that used to trigger PROTESTS when this same molestation happened before, them seeking to GET BOTH OF THEIR STORIES STRAIGHT so that the situation is seemingly managed just prior to the 6pm news being broadcasts - we can no longer claim that we have 'CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS' in the house.  Instead we have a new crop of POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL operatives that are fleecing the system but not benefiting the community any longer.  The community is expected to retain its pride via the sight of the favorable person in POWER.

The truth is that the Black community does not need a new crop of "Civil Rights Leaders".  All of the low hanging fruit of UNCHECKED "inter-racial civil rights violations" have been picked and consumed already.  Those that do occur have the dual power of "legal recourse" and a multi-media news force that can shame the mal-actor into compliance or retrenchment.  

The Black community instead needs a new crop of RESOURCE MANAGERS who will execute upon the SYSTEM that was mentioned before.  The present tendency to expand our problem set nationally (boil the ocean) needs to reverse course.  It is the LOCAL scene by which the majority of the human interactions that imperil us the most take place.  

The present set of "Civil Rights Leaders" will to have their brand of the Black community development movement to link up with "like-minded individuals" as a means of forming a massive PROGRESSIVE framework.  They don't speak to the key points that the Black interests must be compromised upon in order to form this coalition of the "lowest common denominators".   

They have the tendency to "right-ify" all of our challenges in order to queue them up in terms of external struggle rather than internal management.

I can't accept Ms Brown's pronouncements because they simply have us appointing a new "confidence man" to fill the seat of the aged ones that are now scraping for relevancy.

The Black Conservative's Gift To The Ghetto Must Be The Delivery Of This SYSTEM Not A New Round Of Entitlements To Win Their Favor

"So tell me 'What have YOU done for the Black community'?".
This is among the most popular indictments that are hoisted upon those who are seen as ideological threats to the prevailing order.

Just prior to hearing this the person being questioned likely heard a check list of all that the indicter has done for "the Black Least of These" recently.  

The most effective means of rebutting such an indictment comes from two questions:

  1. Did it work to fix the problem COMPREHENSIVELY enough in line with the problem?
  2. Did you leave behind the very tools that you used for your fix, instructing the "permanent residents" on how to use them so that they need not call you again - in the name of planned obsolescence (of YOUR services)? 

Far too frequently the answer is not just "No". It is "Hell NO!!!".
This points to the person's agenda in the first place.
His goal was not to organically enrich the Black community per his actions.
Instead his goal was to engender the same response that an old time farmer with a bucket full of feed used to trigger as he walked into his flock of yard birds.

Some of you all are too appeased by the "check list" trick. You are so committed to showing the favorable person approved and never allowing the enemy to measure up to your threshold that there is a need to strip you from your subjective judgments.

If indeed some organized assembly of Black Conservatives seeks to go into the ghetto and directly compete for it against the Black Progressive-Fundamentalists who have harvested this plot of land as the most dependable voting crops then they had better come prepared when they stop onto the field.

You see (per my listening to my adversarial friends) the one thing that many of them had hoped for is to have the Republican Party (and this is not fully synonymous with conservative) become equal bidders for the Black vote. If you are familiar with mergers and acquisitions - a bidding war can be quite fruitful for the "courtee". When the GOP appears to not have any value placed upon the Black vote this is taken as an insult to the very operatives who had a switch blade in their socks ready to slice off the hand from the GOP that gestured to them, seeking to take them away from their beloved party and ideology.

I have not met too many "Republicans who are Black" that are able to step away from their party's marketing propaganda and fully understand the EMOTIONAL needs of the Black rank and file and how the embedded overlay that is an appendage of the Democratic Party will do everything to stop such an act of courting. If he has to "slice the baby in half" so that no one will have a live, breathing baby then certainly there are SOME in his ranks that would oblige. Just look at the issue of quality education if you want to see "severed body parts" that represent the future potential of our young people that has been squandered due to ideological and partisan bigotry and the lust for power and control.

The only logical strategy for any non-progressive who seeks to enter this environment is to DRAW OUT EVERYONE, ironically, into the dispassionate consideration of their PERMANENT INTERESTS with a mandate that everyone submit to the framework and be subject to the transparent appraisal from THE SYSTEM.

In closing - some people are more inclined to retain their POWER, operating in the void that such dysfunction affords to them. (See various African rulers as a model).

Only the Black rank & file has the power to go against them, forcing them to submit to this SYSTEM and have their continuation in leadership or their dispossession a matter of their attainment of our permanent interests.

Friday, October 01, 2010

This Is The United States In 30 Years - As Financial Reality Threatens To Disconnect A Dependent People From Their Nipple

In the United States some operatives promote the violence that is inherent within White people who are right-of-center.

In Europe where the left-of-center is shown to express violence (along with right-wing-forces) there is intention to show this violence in America because this would undercut the agenda of the propagandists here.