Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Black Community Equivalent Of "Separation Of Church & State"

Both the "Church" and the "Black Community Consciousness" have a special relationship with the individual.  Those with the power and confidence of the people who cleave to these two powerful oracles are also prone to form an emotional attachment and thus "let down their guard".

The reason why there has been a classical prohibition about mixing politics in with the church is because rogue operatives from either domain (church or the government) have a history of going into the other domain and using their power in these two domains to construct a fatal fusion.

  • The "preacher" who attempts to use his pulpit as a means of directing his flock to vote a certain way because "God wants them to do so" per the message that he delivered to them as God's intermediary
  • The "politician" who takes dead aim at the church because the people who have the mindset that their God is more powerful than is the government and thus is a threat to this politicians plan for power
If we evaluate these same forces and apply them to the ulterior motives seen in the game of "Racism Chasing" we'll note that the very same use of embedded confidence men are present in the "race game".

Today's call for "racial unity" / "racial voting block" is merely a cover for the ideological unity that is really at hand.  This can be proven merely by considering the fate of the Black man who qualifies via his skin color but is disqualified based on his "not thinking right".   Even if it is proven that the most depressed Black communities are "mission accomplished centers" for the popular ideology that is projected as the "organic ideology" for Black people these failings of our permanent interests do not trigger a call for introspection and transparency.

The root of this hijacking of the Black community's permanent interests is the hijacking of our community consciousness with the broader political goals that are afoot.   The Black community's unique history in this nation make us susceptible toward the claims of "racist threats" put forth by the confidence men who rattle the chains from behind the curtain, shouting out "boo" with syncopation.  

They realize that the best means of avoiding accountability for their results tendered within our community is to construct a grand theme redirection.  This has the dual fork of:
  • Perpetual Defense Against "White Supremacy"
  • The Construction Of Black Power Through A Political Party And Its Affiliated Ideology
This theory doesn't withstand a prima facie inspection beyond its front once we look for the construction of BLACK STRENGTH AT THE PERIPHERY rather than assuming that a few 'Strong Blacks' per their office held is proof of Black Community Advancement.  We only need look at the vital statics to see that this is not the case.

Ironically the perpetuation of these stats despite the growth in their power and ideological control gives rise to more "enforced ideological unity" within the Political Domain.   These failings prove that the "Racists" who stand against educating and feeding Black people have too much power to derail us.

In truth this exposes how the Black community is being used.   Instead of taking control over our key institutions and delivering the promised benefits to the community - results that would be shown in the statistics - they have instead used these seats of power and our loyalties that have been fused to the "American Political Domain" as the framework for their ideological and partisan conquest.

Those of us who are not complict in their scheme merely look for EARNEST MONEY.  If we as a community are to receive the grand benefit at the end of the struggle - it is rational that we should demand some evidence of incremental benefit at certain mile markers along the way.  

The primary means by which they thwart this call for "earnest money" along the way is to use as their evidence of our progress - the ELECTED PEOPLE IN POWER rather than the results had on the streets of Black America.  

"Aren't you proud of the portrait upon the wall?", they ask.  "We got 'our own' in the house now.  I told you to stick with us and our community would prosper.  Lets make another run and get more portraits hung and retain the ones that we have hanging already".   Sadly THIS becomes the "forward motion" of those who have hijacked our interests.

As long as you don't look for the direct proof in:
  • Our Schools
  • Our Public Safety
  • Our Local Economic Productivity
  • Our Competency In Delivering Healthy Lives and Relationship
the masses within our community will continue to remain UNITED by the orchestrated fight against our adversary.  

The adversary is pegged as either:
  • Unwilling to share per the "National Social Contract" that we all are bound to
  • Will replace the Street Pirate as the #1 Assailant of Black people and thus he will again render SUPERIOR assaults upon our people as "the clock is turned back"


Thrasher said...

I am not interested in separation of both..All things are connected in the universe...

Constructive Feedback said...

And thus this is why you are a "crowd favorite" among those who swim in our community consciousness blood stream like the Onchocerciasis larvae that causes River Blindness.