Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Black Hair Debate - "I Love My Hair"

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This video has triggered a discussion on two important truths

  1. The "politics" of hair within the Black community is an issue that needs to be addressed by adults in an effort to have young people (mostly Black girls) form an understanding of the unique physical attributes of their hair as compared to other racial phenotypes.   The length or texture of their hair cannot be allowed to fester into some sort of assumed inferiority.
  2. The present fixation on surface and material things that has Black women purchasing human hair extensions imported from India so that they can project a physical image that allows them to get beyond their self-consciousness is problematic.   There are certain people (Koreans) that are profiting greatly from this inferiority.

The three options that we have to more permanently address this issue are:
  1. Accept your hair and put forth messages of coping with it
  2. Continue at the present pace and have many continue to profit
  3. Use the process of selection in reproduction in order to produce offspring that have attributes that are more in line with the type of hair that is favored.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I'm shocked at your last two options,have you given up?

Constructive Feedback said...


The last option has been used for centuries among even Black people.

People procreate based on skin tone, shape of nose, height and skin texture & length.

There are darker skinned people who dislike lighter skinned people. Some are dark who marry lighter.

There are some very light skinned Blacks who have been teased all of their life and seek to not pass this along to their offspring.

All of these are examples of "genetic selection" with regards to physical attributes.

Race is only a matter of "mating decisions" over time.