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Black People Do Not Need "Unity" Nor "A New Crop Of Civil Rights Leaders" Nor To Be "Unilaterally Engaged By Conservatives"

Here are three independent references detailing what "Black people need":

  1. Gregory Kane: If Blacks Were Unified We Won't Need Either Party
  2. The Grio: Stefanie Brown: Wanted The Next Generation Of Civil Rights Leaders
  3. The Urban Right blog: Black Conservatives Need To Engage The Ghetto
Some people appear to lack the perspective of history as they fail to note that the statement about "What Black people NEED" (or 'need to do') is a constant refrain that would be a very expensive vintage if it were a wine.

The goal of this post is not to set up a straw man for each of the articles above merely to tear them down.  Instead the point is to fine tune these claims, attempting to set forth a more productive mission that does not only give us the satisfaction of apparent motion and the bonus of being unified there in but instead to better align a set of management principles behind these, thus far, unmet needs.  This despite all of the previous attempts at "trying harder" and remaining unified.

I disagree with Gregory Kane that "Black people need unity".  Our problem today is that we are too UNIFIED without the presence of an infrastructure of transparency that would force people within to validate their agenda, making sure that it is aligned with the cause rather than some other cause that they are stringing along the masses.  You don't get Black folks voting 96% for one man AND choosing the process of VOTING as their main vehicle for community development yet claim that we are not unified.  INDEED we are "unified".  The problem has to do with the vector to which we cleave to in unity.  

If we need anything we need a SYSTEM that respects the full and equal humanity of our people and the accompanying intelligence that comes along with it. Thus this system is trustworthy enough per its transparency in reporting that it respects being QUESTIONED rather than having protective henchmen attacking any such though of inquiry.

The only force that benefits from a "question-free" zone is the incumbent.
The only force ENFORCING the lack of permissiveness for questions - IS THE incumbent power.

No question that is "constructive" should be seen as a threat to this system that is built upon transparency.

Deploy The Tool Of "Civil Rights" ONLY When It Is Your "Civil Rights" That Are Broken, Lest ALL Of Your Problems Begin To Look Like 'Civil Rights' Per Your Expertise With The Tool

I have to admit that I was troubled upon reading the arguments made by Stefanie Brown in regards to the need for a new generation of "Civil Rights Leaders".  You see, being that I live in "Civil Rights Central" (Metro Atlanta) I have front row seats regarding how these "civil rights leaders" act in relation to their "permanent friends" that are now in office and a "civil rights violation" befalls a person within their political district.  

When you see these "civil rights leaders" CONFERRING with their permanent friends, who now sit in the seat of power that used to trigger PROTESTS when this same molestation happened before, them seeking to GET BOTH OF THEIR STORIES STRAIGHT so that the situation is seemingly managed just prior to the 6pm news being broadcasts - we can no longer claim that we have 'CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS' in the house.  Instead we have a new crop of POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL operatives that are fleecing the system but not benefiting the community any longer.  The community is expected to retain its pride via the sight of the favorable person in POWER.

The truth is that the Black community does not need a new crop of "Civil Rights Leaders".  All of the low hanging fruit of UNCHECKED "inter-racial civil rights violations" have been picked and consumed already.  Those that do occur have the dual power of "legal recourse" and a multi-media news force that can shame the mal-actor into compliance or retrenchment.  

The Black community instead needs a new crop of RESOURCE MANAGERS who will execute upon the SYSTEM that was mentioned before.  The present tendency to expand our problem set nationally (boil the ocean) needs to reverse course.  It is the LOCAL scene by which the majority of the human interactions that imperil us the most take place.  

The present set of "Civil Rights Leaders" will to have their brand of the Black community development movement to link up with "like-minded individuals" as a means of forming a massive PROGRESSIVE framework.  They don't speak to the key points that the Black interests must be compromised upon in order to form this coalition of the "lowest common denominators".   

They have the tendency to "right-ify" all of our challenges in order to queue them up in terms of external struggle rather than internal management.

I can't accept Ms Brown's pronouncements because they simply have us appointing a new "confidence man" to fill the seat of the aged ones that are now scraping for relevancy.

The Black Conservative's Gift To The Ghetto Must Be The Delivery Of This SYSTEM Not A New Round Of Entitlements To Win Their Favor

"So tell me 'What have YOU done for the Black community'?".
This is among the most popular indictments that are hoisted upon those who are seen as ideological threats to the prevailing order.

Just prior to hearing this the person being questioned likely heard a check list of all that the indicter has done for "the Black Least of These" recently.  

The most effective means of rebutting such an indictment comes from two questions:

  1. Did it work to fix the problem COMPREHENSIVELY enough in line with the problem?
  2. Did you leave behind the very tools that you used for your fix, instructing the "permanent residents" on how to use them so that they need not call you again - in the name of planned obsolescence (of YOUR services)? 

Far too frequently the answer is not just "No". It is "Hell NO!!!".
This points to the person's agenda in the first place.
His goal was not to organically enrich the Black community per his actions.
Instead his goal was to engender the same response that an old time farmer with a bucket full of feed used to trigger as he walked into his flock of yard birds.

Some of you all are too appeased by the "check list" trick. You are so committed to showing the favorable person approved and never allowing the enemy to measure up to your threshold that there is a need to strip you from your subjective judgments.

If indeed some organized assembly of Black Conservatives seeks to go into the ghetto and directly compete for it against the Black Progressive-Fundamentalists who have harvested this plot of land as the most dependable voting crops then they had better come prepared when they stop onto the field.

You see (per my listening to my adversarial friends) the one thing that many of them had hoped for is to have the Republican Party (and this is not fully synonymous with conservative) become equal bidders for the Black vote. If you are familiar with mergers and acquisitions - a bidding war can be quite fruitful for the "courtee". When the GOP appears to not have any value placed upon the Black vote this is taken as an insult to the very operatives who had a switch blade in their socks ready to slice off the hand from the GOP that gestured to them, seeking to take them away from their beloved party and ideology.

I have not met too many "Republicans who are Black" that are able to step away from their party's marketing propaganda and fully understand the EMOTIONAL needs of the Black rank and file and how the embedded overlay that is an appendage of the Democratic Party will do everything to stop such an act of courting. If he has to "slice the baby in half" so that no one will have a live, breathing baby then certainly there are SOME in his ranks that would oblige. Just look at the issue of quality education if you want to see "severed body parts" that represent the future potential of our young people that has been squandered due to ideological and partisan bigotry and the lust for power and control.

The only logical strategy for any non-progressive who seeks to enter this environment is to DRAW OUT EVERYONE, ironically, into the dispassionate consideration of their PERMANENT INTERESTS with a mandate that everyone submit to the framework and be subject to the transparent appraisal from THE SYSTEM.

In closing - some people are more inclined to retain their POWER, operating in the void that such dysfunction affords to them. (See various African rulers as a model).

Only the Black rank & file has the power to go against them, forcing them to submit to this SYSTEM and have their continuation in leadership or their dispossession a matter of their attainment of our permanent interests.

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