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The "Black Press" Is Identified Through Its Function In Relation To The Black Community

Before I expose any individual that is perpetrating a fraud I will unambiguously define what the "Black Press" FUNCTION is in reference to the Black community.

The so-called Black press was founded during the waning days of Slavery and through Reconstruction as a means of getting messages of interests in relation to the Black community out to the Black community and those that had our interests in mind. These took the form of basic one page newsletters/fliers or newspapers that were a few pages long. The fundamental point of these papers were

  • To take advantage of their rights to free speech that Black people possessed to express their opinions of the issue of interest at hand, framing them in a manner that was to the benefit of the community and its permanent interests
  • To offer an alternative voice to the voice that was heard in the "mainstream"/White media which too often molested the image of Blacks or ignored Blacks altogether 
The key bind of this "Black press" is that it had to be founded on the "best interests" of the community.   The presence of a Black skinned publisher did not make it compliant with the best interest of the community.  This is the case today as few would argue that the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" magazine "Don Diva" is operating in our best interests as it focused upon a street gang in Miami which has 37 murders under its belt.  They did not condemn this "lynch mob" but instead used these killings as part of their "Street Cred".

Once again we see why it is important to clearly articulate what we all must be held to, regardless of our ideological preferences:
  1. Safe Streets
  2. Quality Education
  3. Thriving Local Economies
  4. Healthy Lifestyle and Relationship Outcomes
  5. Solutions That Are Comprehensive and Enduring
  6. Solutions That Leverage The Human Resources Within So That Talents and Organic Competencies Can Be Developed
I maintain that just as "Don Diva" magazine fails this test as referenced by this list of permanent interests that many who don the badge of "Black Press" similarly must be washed out because they blatantly violate one or more of these principles.  In some cases they offer protection for others who violate.

Me, a Black Conservator with right-of-center sensibilities enjoys watching "Democracy Now" a hard-left media presentation that expresses their view of the world.  Why?

Simply answer: MUCKRAKING.

I respect an entity, regardless of their ideological bent, who holds steadfast to their ideological underpinnings and inspects ANYONE that violates their sensibilities.   In my view "bias" is not merely a matter of slanting the news against your ideological adversaries.  A far more damning attribute of bias is when these agents of enforcement fail to enforce their ideological baseline once "their friends" step into power.  (Have you seen any anti-war protests going on lately)?

While I don't admit to agreeing with a good portion of the content on "Democracy Now" I respect the fact that they have a higher percentage of occasions in which they call out their ideological brothers that are in power because they have violated the left-wing tenants that they all have agreed to abide by.  "Democracy Now" (and Ted Rall) have been critical of the favorable Democrats in the executive branch and the legislative branch on a consistent basis.

I prefer muckraking because I don't want any official (elected or self-promoted community organizers) to enjoy a level of comfort within the office that he holds to the extent that he can "fool all of the people all of the time".  This regardless of the results that are rendered upon the people at the time.

As we can see, however, enforcement of one's ideology is not sufficient.  In the Black community today we see a situation where there is monopoly ideological control over the key institutions yet the failures that result don't translate into muckraking punishment against those who presided over the situation.  With the unchecked advocacy of the Black press - they merely conspire to shift the scope of the indictment to that of the national level.  The local forces that they helped into the seat of power escape the wrath of the Black press.

This is why the "Permanent Interests" and not the ideology must be enforced.  The ideology (conservative or progressive) is merely a methodology that is assumed to take us to the place where our permanent interests are obtained.   Likewise the political parties are the vehicles to which these methodologies are affixed to on the way to obtaining these interests.

The grand flaw of a press operation is when it becomes so compromised in relation to the methodology that it is unwilling to speak out against the methodology upon seeing the flaws, corruption or shortfalls that it has racked up.   These press operatives are rendered as agents of obfuscation, directing the people's attention away from the sins of their favored ideologues over toward the ideological adversary who "sit in the mud just as they do".   We can see that the tactic of finding satisfaction by pointing out those who are similarly in he mud has no value add, distinguishing the supremacy of their given methodology over the next one.

The Unique Place For The Black Press

It bothers me less that the Black Press is outwardly biased on behalf of the Democrats and Progressives than they are active co-conspirators in the shell-game that is ensnared the operations of our community.   In the face of failed schools, violence on our streets not seen since the Jim Crow South, un-DEployed Black minds & talents and the erosion of our cultural base which will cause more confusion amongst our people - they are too often co-conspirators in these actions.  They are past even retaining the pretense that they are advocating for the best interests of the Black community.  To many of them a "feed Black community with a full stomach" is just as good as having an organically self sufficient Black community as they do reports on the Black farmers who produce fed the masses.   Instead today the best utility for the Black farmer to their cause is to show that he is to be "made right" in the way of a grievance payment from the government due to the racist discrimination that he has suffered.  This same farmer is not thought of as the producer of the organic vegetables that will fill the void in the "Food Deserts" that are often discussed in these same Black Press oracles.

The uniqueness of the Black press resides in the fact that it has historically been bound to the acquisition of the permanent interests of the Black community.  During its height there were enough blatant violations of these principles that each major city was able to retain a full staff of reporters to keep tabs on the efforts to "Speak Truth To Power".  

The present fall of the Black Press, in which it has folded its operations into the larger struggle with the Progressives and the Democratic Party is a function of the fact that the Black Establishment to which it his affixed has also done so.   Over the past few decades the NAACP has also removed its clothing and is now an unabashed member of the Progressive establishment.  One only need scan the list of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights to understand why so much of the NAACP's policies have been altered.

Again take a step back from the ideological partnerships and instead make measure of the Black community's Permanent Interests.  I have an outstanding challenge for anyone to show me a single big city school system with a majority Black population that has seen substantive improvement in its ability to deliver quality education since "favorable people" have taken over the reigns.

Then ask yourself:
  • Why doesn't the NAACP march against these school systems today?
  • Then ask a more important question:  WHY doesn't the Black Press pick up their pens and write against the NAACP and these failing institutions that they are providing cover for?
The answer is clear:  They all are working in conjunction as they have been coopted.
In Washington DC on October 2, 2010 we saw the NAACP AND the Black Press standing along side the Teachers Unions and the School Administrators that preside over these school systems that are failing Black people.   The protests that used to be held in front of the local school administration building are now done for SHOW on the National Mall.

Few people noted that the words said by Marian Wright Edleman that day as she made an indictment against the NATION'S commitment to education of Black children had been made more locally against the city school boards as she questioned their commitment to educating Black children.

If you pay attention to what is really happening you will see as I do:  BLACK GRIEVANCES are used as the carrot upon which the progressive powerbase rides to national power.   Their goal is not to fix our community's problems.  Their goal is to INTEND TO FIX our community's problem.  What better way to keep the masses of Black people united than to tell them of the threats to the crumbs that we are already fighting over if the ideological adversary is to gain power?    The Black Press' job is to be the voice that spreads this to the masses.

If you do a quick browse of the so called "Black Blogger" web sites and the new crop of "Black Opinion" sites (ie: The Root or The Grio) you will see that they all deal in TRANSACTIONS.   Their job is to "self-chum" the masses of Black readers with the latest indictment against their ideological enemies or the latest talking points of their friends.

IF you are looking for muckraking activities in which the present establishment that presides over the Black community is called to prove their effectiveness in delivering - your best bet is to instead tune into the local television newscast.  They do a far better job at muckraking.  They, unlike their Black Press counterparts have more of a commitment to holding the person occupying the seat of power accountable than they do protecting the Black person in the seat.

In my view the FUNCTIONAL role of the "Black Press" is today held by these local beat reporters from the local news.   In the past the Black press was formed because they ignored the Black community.   Today since the barriers to entry into these seats of institutional power have been removed - it is the Mainstream Local Press that does more to protect the actual interests of the Black Community than does the "Black Press" who's role is to provide cover for this same establishment.

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