Monday, October 04, 2010

Cicely Tyson - The Greatest Actress Of "The Struggle" Of All Time

I can think of no other actor in or time (actor/actress) who has captured the spirit of "the Struggle" better than Cicely Tyson.

I watched "Mama Flora's Family" over the weekend.  Ms Tyson started as the matriarch of a family that experienced various challenges from Jim Crow to the Vietnam Era and all of the points in between.  This was an excellent movie.  It added to my collection of observations that indicate that today's Black community should look to the past NOT to continue the grievances that these people in the past had due to the way they were treated but instead should note how much they no longer have to deal with today.

Ms Tyson has always played the strong, bed-rock female matriarch in nearly every character role she has played over time.

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