Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Distinction Between "Competency Development" and "Pull Yourselves Up By Your Own Bootstraps"

Competency Development:
The state of consciousness among a community of people in which they are brought to the awareness that the only enduring and comprehensive pathway for the attainment of their desired "standard of living" is though the effort to express this end via the resources that they have proximate control over.  Having obtained clarity and having discarded ambiguity via the use of scientific principles they will develop the culture that perpetuates their actions toward this end.   The "fruit" of their struggle for governance control over these communities which will be the "standard of living" that is brought forth when the disciplines, talents and potential of the human resources within this eco-system as managed in line with their the new awareness of their potential.

They must govern the key civic institutions that they have available to them as the primary means of expressing these ends upon the "backs" of their own people.  Subsequent growth and a perpetual "flow" will be developed once these thoughts are inculcated.    By focusing their attentions on the people who will ultimately "eat the fruit", the necessary delineation of their scope of their management domain is defined, preventing their actions from being diluted over too broad of an area.  Their mission is to promote the culturally enforced social controls that edify this desired end and remove those thoughts, actions and tendencies to transfer what is their own mandate for development upon other entities who's interests are not rooted in this community's full development.  This same system needs also have elements of transparency and democracy which will remove elements of rote totalitarianism and instead allow the masses of people to consciously navigate their way forward.

In any event they should content themselves that they have done everything necessary to end in the condition where they find themselves over time for they have made the decisions along the pathway - both affirming their permanent interests as well as those that ran counter to them.

"Pull Yourselves Up By Your Own Bootstraps"
Though this phrase was no doubt originally intended to speak to the need for "self determination" few will deny that today the word has been hijacked into a phrase that is akin to "let them eat cake".  It shows only passing concern for the plight of the "voiceless" person in question.

The main failure of the bootstraps phrase is its lack of structure.  There is no particular evidence of a ladder handed over for the person to use his own muscles to climb out of the mud pit.  Instead they are to be motivated by mere words tell him to stand up.

Providing The Necessary Framework While Avoiding Inferiorizing Constructs

From my perspective there should be equal concern for popular phrases such as "The Least Of These" or "The Voice-less" just as is cast upon the "Bootstraps" phase.  Though many people make reference to their will to help out their brother in need when they make reference to "The Least Of These" their actions should be evaluated not by the edification that they get from THEIR God in helping these, the voiceless people, but instead they should be measured by how much they create the "UN-Least of these" people per their engagements over time.   My "Jesus" told his disciples to walk in his footsteps so that they may model themselves to be closer to God.  He had no plans to retain them in their substandard ways, thus allowing himself to stand tall over their hunched backs as they wallowed in inferiority.

There needs to be a reconnection between the effort at taking over institutions via the political process and the development of the competencies within the people of the community.  Our schools were the scene of great racial strife as those who had no interest in seeing Black people develop beyond their status as chattel derailed most attempts at providing quality educational services.  Today with the battle for control won politically to many of these schools are unfortunately still not producing the disciplined minds that are the byproduct of a fully refined and functional system.  All of the adults that interact with these children must accept the mandate to change this.

Since everyone does not have access to an MBA level certification in the science of resource management the goal of those who are indeed interested in "competency development" needs to be the propagation of "best practices" outward toward the periphery making use of the rich set of communications media that are available to us.

We must harvest these organic competencies in the community to a far greater extent than the present investment in the development of a loyal batch of "strugglers" in the political domain.

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