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Dr Thomas Sowell Comments On Multi-Culturalism; Field-Negro Rebuts - CF Provides Analysis Of Both

Earlier this week I posted the speech from German Chancellor Merkel and her comments that multiculturalism has failed in Germany. This debate triggered two commentaries worth noting:

  1. Economist Dr Thomas Sowell: The Multi-Cultural Cult
  2. AfroSpear Co-Founder Field-Negro Attempts To Rebut Dr Sowell's Critique Of Multi-Culturalism
Lets first get a jaw dropper out of the way before we start.
Field-Negro writes:

OK, fine. But madam Chancellor, A-merry-ca was built on principles of multiculturalism. It is what A-merry-cans will tell you makes this country great. People of different races, religions, cultures, belief systems and backgrounds, being able to live and work "side-by-side" while they pursue happiness. Did my conservative brothers and sisters forget that beautiful little sonnet by Emma Lazarus? I hope not.
This passage must be noted for the simple reason that it is an exceptional statement.  The Progressive-Fundamentalist is typically indicting America for having WHITE SUPREMACY at its foundation.  I am just happy to see that my friend Field-Negro, sensing that his adopted nation is under attack from a right-winger decides to protect her honor, even when HE is made guilty of sugar coating the past in order to make a positive point about America.  Something that Field-Negro's supreme threat Glenn Beck is routinely attacked for.

Analysis of Thomas Sowell's Argument
While I generally agree with Dr Sowell's argument he fails to highlight the important point that is at the foundation of this argument:  the dysfunctional eco-system in the nations that people emigrate out of as they seek out peace and prosperity in this nation that was built upon:

  • Stolen Land
  • Slavery
  • Labor Exploitation
  • The Prison Industrial Complex
In as much as America is the prime target for indictment by the "Anti-America Americans" and their Internationalist cohorts around the world - Dr Sowell fails to go to the lands from which they come and inspect the reasons for their exodus INTO a land of corporate capitalistic exploitation.  It indeed is a rare turn of events to see "free people" migrating toward "enslavement" as they come to America today.  (Pardon me - I watch "Democracy Now" every day)

I wish that Dr Sowell had spent more time focused on the generics of culture, government, religion and economics in his article.  With this as a baseline he would have had the microscope in his possession by which to understand why the framework that is in place in the USA and Germany is attractive while the aggregation of these systems in these countries of origin are not so.   I know of no poor Americans seeking to exit this nation for some foreign destination.  Instead most Americans that exit for any length of time go out into the world for their own edification of their academic pursuits, high level employment, vacation travel or charitable exchange with the outside world.

Had Dr Sowell made such a comparison this would have allowed him to raise the question:  "Are the people in these 'least of these nations' able to learn from the American model, apply it upon their own land and express the same results?

The debate that we need to have is about "nature or nurture".   Are the United States and Germany great nations with a net positive flow of immigration merely because they enjoy natural resources (favorable climate, raw materials, centralized location) or is their favor based upon the what has been nurtured?  This nurturing takes the form of the thoughtful construction of the foundations of culture, government, religion and economic systems.  More importantly the effective management of that which appears on paper from the planning process so that it has the key attributes of:
  • Endurance - Able to survive the challenges that threatens to destroy it
  • Comprehensiveness - Able to scale as it makes slight but necessary changes
  • Organicism - Able to remain a net producer of its own way without fundamental external dependencies but instead equal trade of value
Analysis of Field Negro's Arguments
Once we get past the name calling against Dr Sowell, Field-Negro's attempts to cherry pick away at Sowell's commentary.   

After reading Field-Negro's points it appears that there remains some "magical force of bonding" that goes unmentioned.  Different people gathered on a piece of land and now they are not killing each other as they divide into gangs of warring factions.
  • People of different races, religions, cultures, belief systems and backgrounds, being able to live and work "side-by-side" while they pursue happiness. 
  • Whatever happened to individual liberties and freedom? 
  • He blames multiculturalism for the atrocities that took place in places like Rwanda and the Balkans; forgetting , of course, that the people who were at war with each other were natives of those very same countries. 
  • So what exactly is it about multiculturalism that scares the right and their gatekeepers like Sowell so much? It's simple. The fear of losing political power and influence. 
  • They know that people who might look and act differently than they do will not embrace their politics of division and fear, so they must be marginalized and kept at a minimum

In his effort to attack Dr Sowell, my friend Field-Negro fails to make the distinction between CULTURE and GOVERNANCE.   For example while an extremist who has his cultural norms based upon the strict interpretation of Sharia law has his PERSONAL viewpoint on how women should be treated in relation to a male.......the controlling legal authority would sanction him if he were to express the most extreme elements of this religiously inspired but culturally based set of actions upon her, a fellow American.

Ultimately what my friend Field-Negro fails to see is that the same system that has been pushed to be more culturally tolerant by him, Obama and various left-wing activist groups is also required retain its integrity in GOVERNANCE lest there be no more of a functional system through which governance can be used to implement the tolerance in the first place.

America's system of governance at its founding allowed my people to be treated as property as they were deployed for some other private human being's exclusive benefit.  Thought it took a civil war to express this nation's will that we should move in a new direction regarding slavery - the fundamental governing constructs of the nation were left intact through this transition.  In my assessment Field-Negro in his lust to attack the "conservative" Dr Sowell fails to discuss the framework within which the diversity that he is celebrating is kept alive despite the periodic tenuousness of its survival.  (I believe that we are living in one of those times today).

Look at how differently the modern day "lynchings" of Mexicans are treated as a luxury of debate in the context of the American system that we live in.  The lynchings of countless Black man and women throughout the history of this nation is seen as the presence of some ORGANIC evil in this nation and the people who committed these acts.  More than 70 years hence a band of African-Americans meet up at Moore's Ford Bridge in Walton County - a exurban extension of Atlanta to call for JUSTICE for the 4 young Black people that were lynched in the 1940's.

Yet as we talk today about "decapitated Mexicans" in the area of the US/Mexican border - defined by theft from the European settler and a bloody war that killed brown skinned people - the focus by the enlightened progressives was shifted from the question of "Are there Mexicans being lynched though beheadings in the context of the present struggles along the border" over to "The Republican governor LIED because she could not show any instances of headless Mexican corpses in the desert area inside of the political boundaries of Arizona". The fact that news of decapitation lynchings in the Sanora Desert that crosses the political border, several recent decapitations closer to Texas and man more inside of the heart of Mexico was not enough for those who live in the comfort of America and have the luxury of such theoretical debates to continue on.
Their argument has the same spirit of hate-laced taunting as a good-ole-boy in Philadelphia Mississippi 1963 rejecting the claim that the 3 murdered Civil Rights workers were encased in an "earthen dam" because the hole that they were buried in was more than 10 feet away from the water and thus had no WATER RETENTION PROPERTIES.   The label that I coined for them is "the Activists of Leisure", able to cherry pick their fights because they don't LIVE them.

 My Previous Analysis Is Retained
My overall point is that these systems of governance, economics, religion and culture must be managed, regardless of the scale.  They are present in a nation as well as a well run zip code.  Those zip codes that appear on the "Top 25 Most Dangerous" have failed to properly implement such a foundation that can direct the innate trialist tendencies in all of us into a notion of managed respect.

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