Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Struggle For Education In Chicago - After The Favorable People Have Taken Over

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This story was actually puzzling to me.
As a person who keeps an eye on the "Progressive Mission Accomplished Cities" I was puzzled as to how such individuals continue to have a struggle for the fundamental access to quality education.

I was made to wonder if they observed that despite their success in purging their ideological enemies from power that still they are apparently no closer to their goal despite having been caught up in the motions previously.

While I do not expect every single one of these protesters who took over the school building to have an MBA-level of management skills or the art of negotiation that a lawyer has, I can't accept that they are unable to see that the real problem is that they continue to "struggle" against outside threats rather than manage the resources that they have at their disposal toward a more favorable end.

The only solution is for them to manager their affairs toward introspection rather than (seemingly) aways making demands upon the greater system, fighting when they feel that they have been shorted.

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